Monday, June 3, 2019

Why Don't We Just Give Them What They Want?

War is horrible, nasty, brutal, senseless destruction, times millions.
But sometimes, you just can't stop that grizzly bear from coming in the tent.

And while sometimes you may get Carthage, you may also get Atlanta, Hiroshima, Dresden, or Cologne.
That's Cologne in 1945, above.
It's a wee bit different now.

And for all values except Carthage, what each of those places have now is unrecognizable to what they had five minutes after the peak of destruction.
No one in any of them now would bemoan what they are, or have become.

Should we blow everything up, just to see how we could fix it?
Don't be asinine; of course not.
But don't assume just because something is craptastic in the moment, it's going to be that way forever.
That's a four-year-old's view of time: "everything is about me, right this minute."
So grow up. And perhaps, take a longer-term view than just right this minute, or even until the day after tomorrow.

Don't take my word for it. Because while no one I know would like to go live at Florence and Normandie nearly 30 years after the L.A. riots, you won't find anyone in Normandy, France bitching too hard about the war that landed on their shores 75 years ago this coming Thursday. Go there and ask if you don't believe me.

From comments to an earlier post:

"Gentlemen, [I] understand your belief that once the leftards cross a line, the shooting will start. [I] Disagree that it will be short. Remember, Southern politicians at the beginning of the Civil War thought it would be short. They would whip the corrupt, money loving, Yankees and all the blood spilled "could be cleaned up with a handkerchief". 4 years and 620 000 lives latter... Do not underestimate the leftards ability to motivate and inspire their side. It will be fighting for women's reproductive rights, or transgender rights or the rights of illegal aliens etc. and it may be effective. The North's initial war aims were to preserve the Union. Didn't work as well until Lincoln hit on using freeing the slaves. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. What happens if the soy boys and SJW's don't take their toys and go home? Make ready for a long conflict."

It needn't be short.
Just decisive.

They also have no native bent towards defending anything.
They destroy, they don't preserve, and deep down, they know they're full of sh*t, or else they'd give up their iPhones to feed the poor.
That happens never, amongst a single one of them.
Because in their hearts, humans are capitalists.
Again, don't believe me just because I say that.
Just tell me the net worth of all those Silicon Valley tech CEOs who give Marx and Lenin a tongue bath every day.
And remind me how many homes Bernie Sanders owns.

And remember, no one dies for a lie.

Could they pull off a few rallies? An upset or two?
Sure. Briefly.

But they have no slavery issue to go long on, this time around.
They're offering everyone equal misery, and death to their enemies, and maybe, perhaps a few crumbs from the spoils of all the Evil people they want to whack.
(Which never pans out for their minions.)

We're offering freedom.

At barest essence, they've got nothing.

And being pragmatic, the odds are greater than even that their side gets wiped out to the last child, to preclude it every happening again.

Ask 100 people which world they'd rather live in:
One populated entirely by rifle-toting, bible-clinging rednecks having a barbeque.
Or one populated by Emo Antifa twinks and purple-haired lesbian land whales all shrieking and moaning about how evil white mankind is, and the contest is over in five seconds.

No one worldwide is swimming oceans and rivers to break into Communist China or to get to Venezuela.

But they'll brave Caribbean storms in rafts made of bloated corpses and used baby diapers to get the hell out of Cuba, and take a wild chance they'll land in Miami Beach.

A conflict here is almost certainly an extinction-level event for the left, for generations yet unborn.
(Whereas their victory would be the continued genocide of the unborn.
So don't try to pretend there's any moral equivalency between baby killers, and those who'd rather kill baby killers.)

Tell me again why we don't just open the ball first, and prosecute that whole party now, to the hilt.

We're already the merest momentary pause from that question becoming purely academic, and the discussion getting overtaken by events as it is.

Let the dog catch the car.
Then watch what happens to him once he's got it, and doesn't know what to do next, with a mouthful of bumper.

"A man who picks a cat up by the tail learns something which he can learn in no other way." - Mark Twain


T-Rav said...

I've commented on posts like this before, and signaled that like the fellow you quoted, I'm much less optimistic about our side's ability (and/or willingness) to knock out the enemy than you are.

Having seen a lot of these people up close and personal (because hooray for a decade of grad school), I would say without hesitation that these rejects are 100% convinced they are the true advocates of freedom. The vomit about abortion and tranny rights mentioned earlier? To them, that is freedom, and they see no contradiction in supporting Big Government. The welfare state can provide for them, free them from the pesky burdens and annoyances, financial and otherwise, of living in Real World USA, leaving them able to define reality however they want. The idiots who post on Twitter about "figuring out just how queer I am"? They are not joking. Those are the important issues to them--being allowed to let their freak flag fly, and having Daddy Government around to make sure they suffer no consequences. They care a heck of a lot more about that than what it says in the Constitution, or about why so many people in the world flee "real existing socialism," and some of them will fight to avoid having that taken away from them.

The one saving grace, I think, is that the overwhelming majority of them are not just totally incapable of handling a gun, or the rigors required of using it effectively on the battlefield, their whole attitude prevents them from becoming a disciplined army. That would mean facing and adjusting to consequences, which is what they're trying to escape from. But then I also worry how many on our side are really willing to put themselves on the line to put them in their place.

My feeling is if we do get to a shooting war, it will be between a handful of committed believers on both sides, and it will be short, because whoever wins will shock the other side into backing down and losing morale. But that's just guesswork on my part. Any thoughts?

Angantyr said...

Put another way, they kill us, they inherit a dead civilization, assuming they even live long enough to get to that point. A "civilization", if you will, that cannot even keep human feces off the sidewalk. Let alone build an iPhone, or simply maintain the infrastructure for one. Most likely, even if they "win", they get killed and eaten for either being too or not enough.


OTOH, if we win, we bring to the table:

- Freedom, as already noted, by getting rid of pinheaded "do-gooders" who delusionally believe their crap doesn't stink and only their ideas are good
- A crime free society, since ne'er do wells end up become Darwin Award winners, whether through poor victim selection skills or a justice system that simply gets rid of them
- Prosperity, by getting rid of 100+ years of socialistic and bureaucratic drivel
- Longer average lifespans, by virtue of not having commies run your healthcare or food production/distribution

There's more I'm forgetting, but that's a good start. It's amazing how far human achievement has been held back due to the moronic beliefs of the last ~150 years or so, and where we'd be right now if that Great Regression had never happened.

Anonymous said...

An old coach of mine used to say: “a sure-fire way to get your ass kicked is to think the game’s over before it begins.”

And it’s true. Overconfidence breeds poor execution and mistakes.

I think that’s all this comment is supposed to mean. And that is absolutely the right mindset.

Karl said...

Consider another outcome, one without the decisive victory that we crave and could easily pull off:

The commies blend, just like the Vietcong. They finally rise up to put us in shackles, boxcars and shallow graves only to realize they are outnumbered, out-gunned and out-marksman'd. Then they blend. The man buns, skinny jeans and smug smiles are replaced with 2-blade hair cuts, business casual, and personal responsibility.

"Me? A leftist? Absolutely not. Marx who? I would never vote for Hope and Change! I'm with you. Let's Make America Great Again!"

Aesop said...


Think HUAC returning, only with guillotines.

"Are you now, or have you ever been, a practicing Communist?"
"Well, I..."

Anonymous said...

I worry about the damage that leftists of various stripes could do during a serious civil conflict. There are huge numbers of them seeded throughout every institution in the nation, from the feds to the tiniest locality to every single cultural and business entity. Most of them may not openly fight, but they will be detroying anything they can reach and diverting resources to support their side.

Of course, they are doing this right now and have been for decades. As Angantyr said, the economic drag of leftism has been immense. Imagine where we might be today without the tends of trillions wasted on non-production (and outright anti-productive) leftist idiocy. But they would step it up during an open conflict, and the damage would be immense.

A.B. Prosper said...

Don't get cocky Aesop. The Left is astonishingly good at organized violence and managed to turn the entire twentieth century into an abattoir.

They didn't do half bad in the previous 2 centuries either.

And yes the current crop are divided and far from determined, we all know this. Just as patriots can get motivated and harden up so can they. The are also way easier to get motivated to a collective goal .

Say the word you need to do things in a collective manner for a common goal to a Leftist and they are like "Cool" say it to a Right Winger and its like saying Voldemort three times in a mirror if they don't soil themselves.

My personal take is that as much as I loathe Cultural Marxism and know the government is dumb and broken I also know things like the clean air act and even CAFE standards can be an unmitigated public good

Hell I think abortion up to the first trimester or so for some people is also excellent for society at large which is going to win me no friends here. and

These divides are pretty common on the Right as many of us do not subscribe to the Christian Minrachy that the militia/freedom movement does

Some of us are when needed outright authoritarian on a lot of economic and other issues . No Communists mind and sure as hell not Cultural Marxists but also not freaked out by the government owning a city power plant , banning foreign home ownership or setting environmental standards .

Many of us want tot take the government over to use it, not dismantle it and try and run an 80% urban society from the country side like some Right Wing Kymer Rouge.

Resolving this may not be pleasant

Upside as both sides are some flavor of conservative on many issues, are not ends justify the means Reds , can at least be assured the other guys aren't utopian morons and will keep their word, peace is possible

Anonymous said...

Studied too much history to make any predictions. I'd prefer the other side to start it. I have no illusions of a quick or easy victory, but I am confident that we can prevail. Will we? Again, no predictions.
Just doin more PT, more range time and building family. I do believe it will go hot shortly, but I'm grateful for every additional day to prepare.
Boat Guy

cyrus83 said...

In a shooting war, I wouldn't be concerned much with the soy boys and purple-haired harridans. They're convenient as useful idiots against people who aren't fighting back, but if and when people start shooting back, I expect most to run crying home to mommy. The need for safe spaces isn't feigned, and if they can't handle ideas and people they disagree with, I don't expect them to handle getting their asses shot at any better.

I would be concerned with the gangs operating in the cities, MS-13, the drug cartels, and other more professional outfits that stand to lose a lot of money and power with the downfall of the left. The protest crowd is the part of the left's iceberg above the waterline, the unknown is how extensive is what's out of sight below the waterline, and how much and how fast it's growing with those giant open doors on the border.

Will said...

A B Prosper:

abortion (and the Pill) is why Western Civilization is slowly headed for the dumpster. Approx 70M just in the US since Roe, which is about what we have had cross the border since then. That's not counting succeeding generations of their missing descendants. Japan is dying the same way, and Europe is fast following. Might not be a big deal, except the low IQ groups are all outbreeding us hugely. All hail the coming Endarkenment!

Dan said...

In the coming festivities the left won't win for a simple reason. They
aren't willing to sacrifice themselves to do so. The hallmark of the
commie left is their willingness to sacrifice OTHER peoples lives and money.
NOT THEIR OWN. When it becomes obvious that persisting in their aggressions
will cost THEM at the personal level they will quit. They will surrender.
They will RUN AND HIDE. They will in short fade away into obscurity so that
they can return in the future to TRY AGAIN. The left NEVER actually fights.
They get OTHERS to fight for them. Wasting the blood and wealth of OTHER
people is the hallmark of the left. And when (not if) the battle is joined
if we do not totally root out and exterminate ALL the people who currently
tout the joys and benefits of whatever form of leftism they subscribe to
the victory over them will be temporary and hollow. For they WILL regroup
and they WILL start over trying yet again to destroy freedom. IT'S WHAT THEY DO.

Anonymous said...

Women over the age of 30 are useless and create autistic children. Basically, you shuold never date a woman over the age of 25. Old women are stupid.

Aesop said...

Do tell.

My mother was 37 when I was born, and 39 when she bore my younger brother.
He tests far beyond the norms for intelligence, and I'm multiple standard deviations beyond him, in the top fraction of a percent. (That and $5 gets me coffee at Starbuck's, if I drank coffee at Starbuck's.)

Our older brother, born when she was 23, is a lifelong meathead.

Don't get so wrapped up in statistics that you lose sight of common sense realities.

Anonymous said...

"We're offering freedom.

At barest essence, they've got nothing."

I think that right there may be the problem and/or our side's blind spot.

Freedom scares the sh*t out of many, probably most people. They don't WANT to be free, they can't HANDLE being free in any real sense. They want to be taken care of like overgrown children who can legally drink (and not bear the responsibility for what they do, drunk or not). They'll fight to their last breath NOT to be free.

As Loki said, most people are fit only to be ruled.

We work under the assumption that people want to be free, want to be independent, WANT self-determination. People even say they do and think they do. Until they're told "Well, when (not if) things go sideways in a big way you're on your own". Or "You screwed up by the numbers, now these are the consequences of those screw ups". Or "You borrowed $80K to get a BA degree in Medieval French Poetry and can't get a job, you still need to pay back the loan you agreed to."

So sorry, they don't "have nothing", they have a very compelling offer of eternal childhood, all they have to do is defeat those nasty people over there who insist they be adults.

Mark D

Aesop said...

Perpetual children don't defeat anyone.
The internal inconsistencies of your own argument are exactly why they haven't a hope in hell.

Glen Filthie said...

Aesop has the right of these guys. Most of them are bullies and underneath their bluster, all bullies are essentially cowards. They are pretty good at brawling in the streets as a mob. Or maybe striking like terrorists at defenseless targets. Given the right circumstances... yeah, they can throw a punch.

But so can we. For the first time in my life The Swamp has been recognized for what it is. A president was voted in to confront it and he has them all chitting bricks in fright. Even left of centre people are starting to see the rot and decay. The media is in a panic - they can't sell a paper or subscription for love or money. The NYT went through two rounds of layoffs and more are on the way. Denizens of the Deep State are looking at jail time. Politically, the Donks only speak for degenerates and exotic ethnic weirdos from over the rainbow. The fact is these guys will probably destroy themselves long before they ever get to us.

Anonymous said...

Scene 1:
I can see the Emperor, he is gazing down at a hologram Of the man who controls the left. He reaches out his boney hand over the Sith Lord and says:”patience my young apprentice, many have come before you”. “We will wait them out, for in ten short years most of these bloating patriots (said with spittled distain) will be dead and buried”. “Then our path to harvest this lands buried riches will be clear”. But Master are you not afraid they will rise up to fight for their freedom? The Emperor leans back and laughs with delight, “Go, become more agreeable and lull them to thinking they’ve won”. “The ones who could have prevented my rise,I corrupted long ago”. “These remnants of their feckless children are no match for me”.
Scene 2:


Unidentified Victim said...

I suspect the period of Primary Combat will, indeed be short, I doubt it'll go past 30 days and maybe only half to two-thirds that, before Unofficial Capitulation. A lull, probably a few weeks, and Secondary Combat will occur as the opposition's Tier 2s (local gangs, MS-13, Antifa hard cores, etc.) seek to achive gains however they can. Another 20-30 days.

Then comes the long slog, aka the "root them out and deal with them" phase, probably at least a year: college professors, leftist editorial writers and think tankers, corporate toadies, etc. Here's where the economy begins to get dodgy; there are a surprising number of businesses engaged in or dependent upon leftist philosophy, economy and practice. Think a death rate approximating Chicago Saturday night for a year, in every metropolitan area.

There's now Starbucks and a few small local coffee shops, Home Depot and Lowes, Ford and Chrysler, Walgreens and CVS, McDonald's and Burger King, Florida State University and University of Florida, ad infinitum. A substantiallyy constricted economy can fully support maybe half of those, so there will be economic fallout, severe in some places.

That retrenchment will be gradual, occuring over many months, probably a few years, with a number of failing competitors merging into one moderately successful enterprise. Will dedicated SJWs learn to hang drywall and install pipe? Some will, a few will actually become good at it all the while resenting it to the extreme.

We didn't arrive at our present circumstance overnight, we bred our way into it over a few generations; it'll take a few years to reverse course and about those same number of generations to achieve productive motion in a new direction.

Anonymous said...

As it has been said before...
The soldier who has seen war is the most opposed/terrified/reluctant/ and predisposed to not want another war.

But the soldier is also the first to recognize when war is upon him.
The soldier is the first to understand his duty and responsibilities in war so that his family/tribe/city/state/nation may survive even though he may not.
The soldier remembers and stands to his oath no matter how long ago that oath was given.

My oath has no expiration date, though my time on this world does.
I will give true faith and allegiance to the same,
even if the world around me chooses not to do so.

The soldier does not hope for war,
but he also does not shy away from such terrible responsibilities.
We have but few who are active,
but the number that will be called,
And the number who answer the call,
will not be limited to such arbitrary definitions.

Those who do not dread what will happen when the call sounds forth,
will be the first to fall away.
The soldier will not fail,
The soldier will not turn away
The soldier will persevere even while it fills him with dread
and the horrors of war gives him no rest,
He will proclaim for the world to hear.
The time has come to let slip the dogs of war.

MSG Grumpy

McChuck said...

Blockade and besiege every major Democrat city. Cut off the power, water, sewer, and food deliveries. Nobody goes in, nobody comes out, enforced ruthlessly.

Wait 90 days while the cities burn and they eat each other.

Anonymous said...

1) My wife gave birth @ 35. Our son is an intelligent, kind, and honorable man.
2) No wonder the author of the article isn't married if he already knows he will find his wife unattractive when she hits 25. Marriage is for " long as you both shall live." My wife looked better 50 years ago. So did I. After 50 years she is the person whose company I enjoy and whose love I cherish, and the person I still want to look at every day.
3) Whatever happens when SHTF will be different from what we expect. AR/AK is the defensive survival tool of choice for nearly all scenarios.
4) The Deep State has been exposed. You can't deny having cockroaches when you turn the light on and see them scurry for cover. The full court Putsch for gun control is evidence of their fear.
5) The nation's salient secret police agency has been suborned by the Democrats and the worst part of that is the Peons' loss of faith in the Sipos.
6) Better to fall defending freedom than survive to see defeat.
7) Freiheit uber Alles!

Angantyr said...

@McChuck said...
"Blockade and besiege every major Democrat city. Cut off the power, water, sewer, and food deliveries. Nobody goes in, nobody comes out, enforced ruthlessly.

Wait 90 days while the cities burn and they eat each other."


The key Achilles Heel to the leftard movement is that, primarily, it is based in large cities, all of which depend on external sources for supply of essentials. While some cities are easier to cut off than others, all are very sensitive to having their supplies cut. Even partial losses/diminishment of food, water, electricity, etc. would cause the Vibrant to, well, be vibrant.

Los Angeles is an interesting case study in this regard. On the one hand, it is a major port and can in theory easily be supplied by sea. But in every other respect it would be almost trivial to cut off access. Rough terrain and mountains severely restrict travel outside of the Greater LA Basin, primarily restricting one to the 101, 91, 5, 10, and 15 highways/freeways and any train tracks running parallel to these main access routes, which are constrained by geography to a few directions (along the coast, the Tejon and Cajon passes, etc.). It would not be a great feat to cut or at least severely restrict motorized travel through these areas.

Water primarily comes from the California and Los Angeles aqueducts, which use pumping stations to get water over mountains and into LA, which would be easy to disrupt. While there are some reservoirs in the San Gabriel mountains, there is not nearly enough for the enormous population of LA, which exceeds the actual carrying capacity of the land by a few orders of magnitude.

Finally, most (all?) of the electricity for LA is generated outside of the city. Again, disruption would be fairly easy.

My only point of disagreement is that it would take 90 days. I submit in this case that within 2 weeks or so we would see casualties on par with a low yield tactical nuke being detonated in downtown LA...

horsewithnonick said...

Haircuts are easy; hiding incriminating tats and body piercings is a bit more challenging.

horsewithnonick said...

Disrupt the EBT network; within days the gimmedats will attempt to meet their needs through rioting and looting, forcing the suppliers of groceries, etc to suspend shipping into non-secure areas. They'll blockade themselves.

A.B. Prosper said...

Blockading a port city with light infantry against resistance is done exactly how ?

Its als easier for the Blue hives to starve out many of the Red cities which are landlocked, mountainous and so on. And trust me, city folk will reply with everything they have since if it goes right to starve everyone , they are all going to die. As is often said the other side gets a vote too

A US civil war like this could take decades and will be multifaceted and be anything from "The Struggles" with unlimited guns and ammo to Bosnia X Rwanda and that a few miles apart.

To any armchair strategists, if god forfend it ever happens Leave the strategy to people who know what they are doing which doesn't include you or me.

Aesop said...

The greater point is this:
Once it starts (and I believe it will, inexorably) things will never go back to the status quo ante.

These are the Good Old Days.
Make the most of the time given you.

Jimmy the Saint said...

"And remember, no one dies for a lie."

The problem is that oodles of people will kill for one, and they may be willing to die for some other thing that underlies the lie. Look at the Eastern Front in WWII: how many actually fought and died for Hitler/Stalin or Nazism/Communism? Not that many, relative to those who fought and died for the idea of Volk und Vaterland/the Rodina.

lineman said...

Finally, most (all?) of the electricity for LA is generated outside of the city. Again, disruption would be fairly easy.

Just most but if the Mayor gets his way then it will be all...

lineman said...

You wouldn't have to do much to blockade a city if you were able to just cause enough panic that the city does it to themselves by trying to flee...I would have your escape routes planned and not be relying on it can never happen...I know you have been in traffic jams now add in the elements of fear, panic, and everyman for himself mentality...

Aesop said...


Kill for one, yes.

But the Leftards aren't joining for the guys on either side.
They're joining for an idea.

One they either know is F.O.S., but it gets them a shot at getting what they want (other people's stuff, easier than working for it, because they suck at that);
or one they think is true, because they're psychotic and delusional.

Either way, liars and lunatics make poor fighting forces, comprising nothing but a rabble of bullet sponges.

And once they've sponged those bullets, in the zero-sum game of causes, there won't be anyone pushing up to the front to replace them, and discipline in their ranks before, during, and after, will be non-existent.

All of this combined bodes poorly for their long-term chances.

The jig will be up, and they'll respond like Saddam's Army: you'll find neat military formations of boots and fatigues in parking lots, and then have large populations of military-aged males wandering about barefoot in their underpants, claiming total ignorance of any such cause.

And probably be hung anyways, on general (correct) suspicion.

Drumhead courts are notoriously sort on jurisprudence and Marquess of Queensbury sensibilities, but their utility and perspicacity frequently approaches 100%.

Anonymous said...

The term is "hanged" brother. Whether it not they are "hung" is immaterial. Hang, they will.
sorry to be a word-dick.
Boat Guy

A.B. Prosper said...

Aesop, I'm not so sure.

Maybe the Left will crumple, maybe not. I don't have much fear of the John Brown gun club now but things can change and Commies can make good troops. More than a few of them were quite willing to die for the cause and ideas.

The Right broadly has no cause, BFYTW and leave me alone do not count, and a culture opposed to group action for the most, things like militias and the Cajun Navy exempted

In a big fight, individuals and individualists are speed bumps.

Its not insurmountable but its a huge disadvantage at the start.

Also if things go to hell, its not privileged kids or Antifa that are your main threat. Its the millions of gang members, terrorists, fanatics and possibly government renegades as well out there, the first three categories well organized and interested in violence

If Team Right doesn't have a plan to deal with real opposition and isn't organized, systematic and disciplined, even though they hit above weight class, they die.

lineman said...

If Team Right doesn't have a plan to deal with real opposition and isn't organized, systematic and disciplined, even though they hit above weight class, they die.
I concur with that... Without that the right will just hunker down to be eaten last...

Anonymous said...

I have no appetite for any sort of social meltdown/civil war/call it what you will. Saw enough of that to never want to see it again. I think anyone who wants it is insane.


If "the other side" is determined to start something, then so be it. Drag me into fighting and my philosophy will be "nits make lice". I will not see my grandkids having to go through this again.

stormsailor1981 said...

no slavery issue? they have been riding the racist pony to ever greater success for the last 50 years, just look at what the head of new york public schools is spewing forth. absolute insanity, but sanity is racist

Aesop said...

Explain how they turn that into the equivalent, in any sense, of freeing the slaves.
Show your work.

Anonymous said...

one other factor to consider if there is a warm or hot civil conflict - external forces. china may 'assist' even if not get directly involved. same for numerous other countries that wouldn't mind seeing a perpetual mess. external forces may also include mass illegal migration up from the southern border, like millions, who have no other objective than to conquer, probably funded by the deep left or some ahole billionaires.

i think it's most likely that if tshtf the eventual end result will be a regionally distinct nation. states may well still exist but be demographically and politically grouped into regions.


Y. said...


Today's China isn't Mao's China. People are, actually, illegally moving in there.

Of course, for the Chinese, throwing them out is child's play; they think nothing of sending in a police squad into an expat-patronized bar, testing everyone therein for cannabis and expelling everyone who tests positive, without even a chance to pack their stuff.

What they do do enterprising blacks doesn't bear thinking about.

Anonymous said...


Been reading your stuff for a few years and I would love to just agree with you. Problem is, I can't help but wonder what the rest of the world would do if the freedom loving people of this nation started to win that war, should it take place. There are so many other countries in the world that would just love to lay down some smack on the good ole US of A... then there's people like Soros, who would love to fund some mercenaries to come in and fight... china, russia, iran... nobody would want to see us succeed in once again becoming a truly free nation again.

I've been trying to process that for a while and apparently haven't made much progress...

Aesop said...

If things get sporty, Soros will be in hiding, because there's a neck-stretching party with his name at the head of the list, and mercenaries aren't going to die for him when things get serious.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

It's funny how similar condemnations of the Left and Right are getting. (Prone to violence! Irrational! Hates the Truth! Shit Tigers don't change their Shit stripes!)

I could hold a "Damn the Enemy" rally in a convention center with an even split Left/Right attendance (on the condition that everyone wear a full body animal mascot costume so no one could tell each other apart and just for the fun of it) and no one would have any goddamn clue which side I support and which side needs their eyeballs pulled out through their assholes because it's all sound bytes and they're all the same. Guaran-fucking-tee it.

Anonymous said...

Many say the civil war would be short. I'm not so sure. The left could draw upon the millions of illegal aliens that are here and would pour over the border during a civil war. It could be just as bad as the last civil war on our soil and as long. Just my two cents.

Love the site. Referred here a long time ago by Remus.

Kirk said...

I am not so sure that things will go so well for us. David Hines brings up several points that are troubling.