Sunday, June 2, 2019


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 "If the president was brought down for whatever reason, it could lead to a civil war. There are millions of people out there that voted for President Trump that are behind him that are angry and they are mad." - Rev. Franklin Graham
"And they have 600M guns, 1T rounds of ammunition, a blistering case of chapped hindquarters, and a dearth of patience for this continued mountain of bullsh rose fertilizer." - Aesop
 I have not been shy nor obscure in posting multiple times on multiple blogs that impeaching the president for nothing but one party's bile and temper tantrum, absent any sound legal basis (much like any de facto repeal of the 1st or 2nd Amendments) would be tantamount to an open declaration that civil war was now authorized by all parties, and the body stacking would commence in earnest.

Color me not very shocked that Rev. Graham apparently sees things much the same way, from clear over on the other side of the country, and amidst a far different circle of acquaintances than any I inhabit most days.

We've seen how communist moonbats roll from Russia 1917 to Venezuela yesterday, and we won't be waiting for our boarding passes for the boxcars. Folks are more than likely going to simply go hunting for the would-be conductors of those trains, and punch their tickets before they even get up a head of steam.

And if TPTB are very, very fortunate, the next step won't be to nip things in the bud for the next 50 years by going after their families and children too, just because.

Historically speaking, once Madame Guillotine gets rolling, she has a fearsome appetite, and those tumbrel carts don't have any brakes.

More than one person has expressed the desire to hurry things along in that direction, just to get it over with.

Beyond this Rubicon, there be dragons.

Tread gently, Leftards.


Anonymous said...

As some guy in a movie once said:

"Go ahead. Skin that smoke wagon and see what happens."

...and the Dems won't just be suffering a publicly administered fat lip.


Glenda T Goode said...

Reverend Graham has a pretty clear vision of the current state of affairs. I believe that this awareness is a creeping one where more and more people start coming to this realization. Like an avalanche, once a certain critical mass is achieved, action begins and is unstoppable.

The left is playing 'chicken' with the conservative right and has been for many many years. They prod and poke and provoke but stop just shy of actually inciting violence from the right. In this I am describing the democratic political hacks in DC. Antifa is another matter.

Much like the bullfighter who goads the bull a little too far and gets gored in response the left has been winding the right's tail for a long time. 8 years of Obama did nothing but aggravate an already volatile situation. Now with the likes of AOC and Rashida Taliban and Evel Omar on congress and spouting anti American nonsense, the match is getting closer to the fuse all the time.

I am old enough to remember what patriotism was and what freedoms we had that have been infringed upon. I am also old enough to not give one crap about any liberal's feelings.

Rush Limbaugh pointed out that Impeachment is a political act and not one of law. Rebellions are born of politics that go awry.

As the author of the post said, Go Ahead. Try it. You may not like what you get.

Anonymous said...

It is my sincere hope that the spark ignites quickly, and is over just as quickly, but I'm not sure how many commies have to be killed before they get the message.
I fear the cleansing could take many years.

RandyGC said...
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RandyGC said...

One of the problems is that the left mistakes tolerance (real tolerance, not the approval and support they mean when they agitate for "tolerance") for weakness.

Borepatch said...

"Make no mistake, it's not revenge that he wants. It's a reckoning."

And yeah, the tumbrels do not come equipped with brakes.

Fayette County Texas said...

El Deguello. No quarter given. No mercy.

James M Dakin said...

I'll go ahead and call 99 out of a hundred that "are ready for the fight" mere blow hards. But once someone with actual balls starts this fight, you better be ready to join in, because the Blues will be going after the easy targets in retaliation. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

It is my sincere hope that it does not come to a physical fight. I think that anyone who does is underestimating the horror that accompanies an event of such magnitude.

The founders were wise when they said that we are more disposed to suffer evils "while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed".

Dan said...

Even the Rev. Franklin Graham can see the obvious....and I suspect he is NOT as in touch with the average middle class American as he could be. The problem however
is the commie left and specifically the vast teeming herd of brain dead sycophants from which they get their political clout. These people are put it mildly. SO stupid they think there are more than two genders, they can't figure out which bathroom to use, they believe you can SPEND YOUR WAY out of debt into prosperity and that communism....which has NEVER succeeded can and will work here
if only we let THEM run things. In short the left is too stupid, ignorant, selfish and power mad to even consider the reality that they are pushing the country over the brink. Add in the evil power hungry leadership of the left and you have a recipe for the inevitable.....violence.

McChuck said...

This all ends in mountains of skulls and rivers of blood, one way or another. The only choice is whose shall they be, ours or theirs?

Your options are Sarajevo '93 or Auschwitz '44. Choose wisely.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem with the Socialists is that they live in their own little world of fellow Socialists and have no idea what the culture is outside NYC/Boston/SanFran/Chicago/etc.

I see it myself, a month ago I moved from NJ to PA. I was considered a far-right-wing conservative gun nut in NJ (I can't tell you how many people asked me how many people I've shot with my guns. Not whether I had, that was just assumed, just how high the body count was). Then I get to PA and find that the local volunteer fire-and-rescue squad (basically a combination fire department, and ambulance squad) has, as a fund raiser, a gun raffle which included one (gasp) AR-pattern rifle. Back in NJ the squad would be accused of trying to drum up more business for itself by putting such deadly weapons on the streets where they'd no doubt be used to shoot up the local schools.

I also think that, if it ever comes down to Civil War 2.0, we'll end up with a new nation that neither side will recognize OR want. While most folks who'd be involved on our side may have the highest motives, it's the leadership you need to be careful of. I don't see a George Washington out there, and experience tells me it's much more likely for the turds to float to the top than the cream. So once our side wins, to we have to turn the rifles on our own leadership to keep THEM from becoming totalitarian assholes? Likely, and on the next bunch, and the next. Until we're so worn down and weakened by war that we're ripe for a takeover by someone even worse.

Whatever happens, we're not gonna return to some Utopian nation following the founders original principals. We're more likely to split up into a number of nations each of which is too weak to fight off anyone who wants to come in and take over.

Mark D

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

When the system breaks most of them are near the major grocery store areas which average a 3 day supply of food. They will mostly be dispensed by the locals. As many a wise man says stay away from crowds and the big city. Those few that get out will find us. Still not a desirable option though.

kurt9 said...

Yes, no one right in the head wants a civil war. Once these things get going things get out of control very rapidly and are very difficult to stop (like Balkans in early 90's). The hatred and violence goes on and on. The economy goes to shit, the power and water go out, and people start slaughtering each other.

The liberal/left types really do not realize what they are playing with here.

Anonymous said...

1) Given that my wife and I are in the population cohort the dies first (old, need meds, disabled to some degree) in SHTF, the country going all Mad Max holds little appeal. There's nothing I can do about it happening. I will not climb aboard the cattle car.
2) No conflict ever has or will go the way it was predicted at the outset. The outcome of CW 2.0 will be different from and uglier than anyone expects.
3) The popularity of long distance shooting comes at a most auspicious time.
4) The architects of impeachment have no idea what they're f'king with and they believe their own propaganda that Pres. Trump is hated by all.
5) The worst thing that can happen to an armed person is death. This is not the case for the unarmed. The armed choose between freedom and death. The unarmed choose between slavery and death. Better to fall resisting than survive to see defeat.
6) El Deguello was a bugle call. Bugles do not have valves like a trumpet, so the elegant valve work from the Rio Bravo version would not have been possible @ the Alamo. For what it really sounded like: Sample this song. Learn to play it on a bugle.

Rich said...

Globalist preacher Graham is a gun grabber

Unknown said...

Gentlemen, understand your belief that once the leftards cross a line, the shooting will start. Disagree that it will be short. Remember, Southern politicians at the beginning of the Civil War thought it would be short. They would whip the corrupt, money loving, Yankees and all the blood spilled "could be cleaned up with a handkerchief". 4 years and 620 000 lives latter... Do not underestimate the leftards ability to motivate and inspire their side. It will be fighting for women's reproductive rights, or transgender rights or the rights of illegal aliens etc. and it may be effective. The North's initial war aims were to preserve the Union. Didn't work as well until Lincoln hit on using freeing the slaves. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. What happens if the soy boys and SJW's don't take their toys and go home? Make ready for a long conflict.

Aesop said...


Your thoughts triggered today's post.

Anonymous said...

I’m 84 and in pretty good shape for my age, or so I’m told. I have recently gotten back to the local wellness center to exercise. It’s slow going but I hope to get into better shape for many reasons, the possible coming civil war just one of them. I have 4 children, 6 grandchildren and 5 great grand children, so I have many reasons to want to end the current slide into socialism, marxism being pushed by the insane left. For quite some time, I believed the only way to really achieve that goal was thru a new civil war that would ‘remove’ the extreme leftists trying to destroy our Republic. But after thinking about what that could bring, I’m not so sure. A new civil war could result in not thousands, not even hundreds of thousands, but possibly tens of millions of dead Americans, not all of them the leftists we want to get rid of. The devastation might be so terrible that our Republic could be crippled for years, maybe generations. I’m not saying our Republic is not worth fighting and dying for. Like many, I’m ready to do that if necessary. It’s just that there could be better way. The greatest power in the universe is available and right at our fingertips. Of course I talking about our Lord, thru him all things are possible. Would it not be worth the time and effort to organize millions of our patriotic citizens to pray to the Lord that he might intervene and change the hearts of the people on the left.
Just saying.

Anonymous said...

How did that approach work on Pharoah?

And afterwards, did the Israelites only pray for the Promised Land?
Or did they walk in and re-conquer it, with swords and shields, armpit deep in the blood of their enemies, after wholesale slaughtering them, not just to the last man, but to the last baby?

Just curious.

And where does "Put not the Lord thy God to a foolish test" kick in there...?

Now, if someone is Jonah, called specifically to preach repentance to Nineveh, go ahead on. Doing the opposite apparently has some unwanted side effects for the disobedient.

But as a rule throughout the ages, you get what you do the work for, rather than being granted your fondest wishes whilst seated on a velvet cushion by a benevolent SkyDaddy. As millions of people who play the Powerball lottery can attest.

That's why we're given a brain, a strong back, and two arms and legs.
"Less martyrs and more warriors" is my fervent prayer.

a follower said...

Anonymous 2
Why did He not kill us all?

It is because we are sinners, and because God so often showers us with grace, that we lose sight of the justice of God, and the blackness of sin. When we read about the execution of the Canaanites we ought not to ask, “How could God do this?” but “Why does He not kill us all?” The shocking part of the story of the conquest of Canaan is God’s love for His rebellious people, not His just wrath toward other rebels. From the moment of our conception we are all under God’s just death sentence. Every moment of every day is a momentary stay of execution. When we forget this truth we show ourselves to be the sinners we are. But praise His name, Christ came into the world to save sinners. He who knew no sin became sin for us, and died a sinner’s death that we might live. May we who are called by His name never lose either the amazing, or the grace, in amazing grace.

Perhaps we should Pray as in John 17 with a larger helping of Daniel 9:3-

Aesop said...

I will happily read people sermons from the book.
Someone who breaks into my house at night will get a lesson from Remington 8:70,
and anyone thinking to take my freedom will get a lesson from Armalite 5:56.
They're welcome to come to Jesus.
I'm just the travel agent for that journey.

Don Parker said...

My wife, who is quite a bit smarter than I am, with the exception of one July day back in 1979, has asked the question: Which will get us first? the Ebola or the War?
My rather feeble answer is: Embrace the power of the word "and".
That was also the response of a good friend, now terminally ill, who spent many days playing with heavy metal toys and fireworks over in the Tragic Kingdom. He's also been a believer for many years, and he thinks that we are on our own for the foreseeable future. He thinks that we are going to have multiple plagues, lots of wars. and various other events, such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and so forth. He doesn't see the Rapture coming for least a generation, although he would like to be wrong on this, as he's concerned about his wife and their kids, who are dispersed around the country.
Prayer is great; my wife is a real prayer warrior, while I'm more of the "Lord, please smite my enemies ASAP!" school. But we're stockpiling what we can, and we have an impressive arsenal of bang sticks and ammo for them. Just in case my friend is right...

Aesop said...

Despite a foray through Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, and a passing familiarity with biblical Hebrew and Greek, I cannot find the word "rapture" anywhere in the Bible. I do not think this a coincidence.
Total number of times God whisked His people out of trouble: none.
Total number of times He left them amidst the thick of things, on purpose: all of them.

"Let him who has ears to hear....

"Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight" Ps. 144:1