Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Note to ALL CONcerned about the current Ebola outbreak in Equatorial Africa:

Funny as it is from 8000 mi. away (for the moment) I am being absolutely serious.
It is not me being a knee-jerk iconoclast, but rather me just telling it like it is.

Remember that whenever you read about anyone in Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, etc. issuing statements about allocating resources to control this, or any other, epidemic thereabouts.

And before you get too culturally superior, ponder back and recall the proclamations from multi-degreed @$$tards at CDC and WHO about this, as well as government spokesholes, just a few years ago, or even five minutes ago.

When you start to view most of TPTB like you'd view health advice from an African witch-doctor, you'll be red-pilled as fuck, and then your education in Reality can begin in earnest.

If you cannot deal with that, take the blue pill, go back to your cubicle, and enjoy life in the Matrix.


Anonymous said...

However, the guy in the picture is about ten times more serious, concerned and competent to deal with Ebola than any elected or appointed member of the U.S. gov't. Compared to the District of the Capital the monkey cage of your local zoo is a top tier debating society; except when it comes to picking fleas of each others butts, in which the U.S. Congress has no peers.

Robert said...

Well, heck, at least he has a nice hat.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aesop.

Can't thank you enough for the deep info on ebola.

My family is prepared with years' worth of air-tight food; water (will be drilling for water, as well); 12 gauge, etc.; and lots of other survival gear.

Among many questions, what do you think of this gear?


Do you recommend other?

Thanks so much.


McChuck said...

Remember, people, this is the CDC who declared that gun violence is a communicable disease, and that homosexuality and transvestitism are normal.

Anonymous said...

So I've been reading the Ebola updates here since the 2014 outbreak, and decided to check some local sources regarding whether Aesop was blowing smoke and panic up our asses, or if he was spot on, or somewhere in between. I consulted a recently retired ER Doctor and an active Anesthesiologist, neither of whom I've discussed Ebola with previously. Both of them independently, without having read Aesop's work, said the EXACT SAME THING, almost to a tee. The impact of Ebola on this country would overwhelm our ability to contain it, destroy modern medicine and society is extremely likely to collapse as a result. They both said with the current trend of African immigrants from the hot zone heading to and crossing our borders, it is only a matter of time unless an unforseen miracle occurs. The Doctor is a prepper, the Anesthesiologist has traditionally not been, but Ebola has red pilled him. If any of Aesop's readers doubt the seriousness of Ebola, work your own sources and see what's really up. You might just find out that professionals in the health care industry who are honest with you are just as worried about Ebola hitting our nation as Aesop is.

Aesop said...


What do I think of that gear?
For use by whom?
For what?

I think this:
If you're inside your Happy Place, where you should be, you'll never need it.
If you need it, you already screwed up massively.
Spend that money on regular first aid supplies for yourself, and more food, or other usable preparations.

I think that gear is a total waste of time and money for anybody doing this right.
That would be everybody in North America except about 200 people working inside one of the six BL-IV ward.s
And if you ignore that, and then make any mistakes putting it on, taking it off, or tearing it while inside a Hot Zone, you're going to get a very nasty surprise in 3-21 days, and then you're totally f**ked.

What's worse is they show a hazed photo of an actual Ebola team in Africa, but they don't include the splash goggles worn by WHO/MSF, just a shitty mask with a cheap open-faced splash shield.
(And guaran-damn-teed, what they're selling is the thinnest, shoddiest, shittiest easy-tear plastic items known to man, when what you want is something you could play rugby in. In short, they're trying to kill you, and get you to pay for it.)
The first clue that it's all shit should have been the sentence "recommended by the CDC."

I don't know how to make this any plainer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question, Aesop. I will stock up on cheap bottles, gasoline, and 500 feet of concertina wire.


Loco Gato said...

Just thinking out of my ass, but if the big E does hit just how much will be like in the movie Contagion? My guess is TAHTB will try to smooth it over while folks are squirting.
Could/will you list other resources for the current outbreak? Something between F news n Alex would be ideal. Especially now the 500 or so Africans who just want a better life,are now somewhere in the U.S. leaching as a profession.

cen cal coast

Loco Gato said...

If you wish stokesla@earthlink.net
It's fully protected so I don't worry about spammers, if you do I'll let you in.

Anonymous said...

I agree this is the only completely effective solution for an Ebola pandemic

But it still leaves the question of how to deal with people that show up after the quarantine has started and you are not able/willing to turn away by talk or force. Mainly the kids / grand kids that are unwilling or unable to prep for them selves but will show up after all the warning and after there are local infections

my current thought that I would like input on is
for each person/group that arrives they are shown to a pile of gear containing
1. Tent
2. Air mattress + sleeping bag
3. Steel bucket
4. Water hose
5. Other?

They then enter there own separate quarantine for minimum of 6 weeks
Food delivered on paper plates twice daily with out contact
Trash and all bodily outputs to be burned(diesel) in steel bucket as needed

In the event that the worst happens tent is collapsed and covered with half cord of wood and a gallon of diesel

Of course all this depends on having gear and space to setup probably multiple groups while keeping each group separate.

Am i missing something major with this idea/plan?
I see entertainment and containing small children as being an issue

Thank you to all for your input

Anonymous said...

Aesop has repeatedly asserted that any attempt to deal with the infection on your own will only end up with you and your loved ones infected and dead. If you've got someone in your tent city who has it, then you will be de facto dealing with it. What do you do when they lay down on your threshold to sh!t their remaining life out? You try to hobble them or keep them in the tent and you are wrestling with the zombie and getting covered with their effluvia...

During the last outbreak I went back and forth on this, sometimes here with Aesop. I can't stand by and watch my kid die without trying something. (assuming the worst and that "treatment centers" are just somewhere to go die.) But, in all likelihood if your family member has it, so do you.

Anyone who "shows up" getting a tent and minimal rations is a great idea but unless you keep them "outside the wire" (and among all the other potential infected) they will end up killing you. They are mobile and MOTIVATED. The family in Uganda was 2 and 3 days from death and they still crossed a border in the bush. If they know where you are and can physically get there, expect them to do so. Your front door/porch/walkway/gate and tent city will all be part of the hot zone as soon as they realize their neighbor tent has it and they try desperately to get away....

It's a nightmare come to life with NO good answers. Start thinking about who you are willing to die for, or let kill your whole family, because that's what's at stake.


Ebola Risk said...

Regarding kids and grandkids arriving later:

You also have to consider that they will also probably bring their pets.

From CDC:
"Serologic studies show that Ebola virus has been detected in dogs and cats found in Ebola affected areas, but there are no reports of dogs or cats becoming sick with EVD, or spreading the Ebola virus to people or other animals. ... Pigs are the only species of livestock known to be at risk of infection by an Ebola virus."

It may be possible to spread Ebola from dogs and cats. We don't really know plus the CDC usually downplays risk so people don't panic.

Mike_C said...

The feckless incompetence combined with expedience and political correctness is not limited to CDC. The probability of an effective quarantine being applied is so close to zero that scientific notation is required to describe it. Here's a recent local anecdote involving the world-famous Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) [1].

So about two dozen high-schoolers from an affluent Boston suburb were returning from a field trip to the Galapagos Islands [2]. On the final Miami-BOS flight about half the kids became acutely ill with projectile vomiting. Upon landing at BOS (Logan airport) the entire group was whisked off to the MGH Emergency Room. There the group was examined by highly trained MGH Emergency specialists. The ones actively puking were retained for observation because "we don't know what this is and need to keep an eye on them, especially as this might be infectious", the remainder were sent home because "they are not ill". Needless to say, within hours of release from MGH the "not ill" kids all came down with the exact same symptoms.

[1] Man's Greatest Hospital
[2] A field trip to the Galapagos? In my day we went to Chicago on a bus once....

Now admittedly the kids had probably come down with some sort of food poisoning (based on vitals and other info I'm not going to get into here) either from stuff they ate at Quito, or on the Quito-Miami flight, and hence unlikely to be infectious, but if the active pukers were being observed due to "unknown illness" you'd be stupid to not expect their not-puking-at-that-moment cohorts were not similarly at risk. Now MGH is generally competent (even their idiots are high-IQ idiots, and believe me, I have worked with some of those), but the handling was a clown show if they had any suspicion of this being an infectious disease problem.

Most of the these kids were white, Jewish or Asian (this is a very wealthy suburb); imagine the PC problems any hospital would have enforcing quarantine if the people suspected of harboring a potentially dangerous and transmissible illness came from a dark-skinnned sacred victim class.

Aesop said...


bobbookworm said...

Money quote from a washington post article on 'resetting the response'... "Contacts of confirmed cases have traveled as far as Dubai and China before they have been tracked down."

horsewithnonick said...


Vinson said...

I've been following ebola for some time, since reading about it in 'The Hot Zone' (which has been blasted by many for over-sensationaizing the disease, amongst other things), and am currently reading 'Epidemic' by Reid Wilson.

All I can say is, Aesop, if anything, has been consistently UNDERstating the severity of the situation - and by that I mean, those few that have attacked him as "fear mongering" really aren't paying attention, or as A said, suffering from Dunning-Kruger, either way, those indviduals are dangerous and will get you & yours killed.

The incompetence/criminal negligence of the WHO, the CDC, the NIH, etc., not to mention the outright corruption of certain demographics on a certain continent who just can't seem to "get it" - even today, 5 years later, and there are still those who will turn to traditional healing (pic at the top of the post) rather than seek real treatment in a modern (if you can call what exists on the ground there modern) facility.

the Dallas outbreak could have easily been the kickoff, the contact tracing for Mr. Duncan showed him having contact with 177 people...primarily in the Dallas area...and the first nurse to get sick (Nina Pham) WASN'T even on that contact tracing list. The hospital involved had just undergone an "ebola drill" a couple weeks prior and was convinced they could "handle the situation"...that confidence disintegrated within 36 hours after confirmation. Think any other hospital will do any better?

Then, today, I discover there exists a significant blackmarket for bushmeat, which is being smuggled in and sold to immigrant populations, all so they can have a "taste of home" - so we have potentially infected carriers walking right across the border, not being tested and then having bleeding hearts buy them bus tickets to anywhere in the country AND the potential for raw meat containing the virus.

Yah, that just gives me the warm and fuzzies all over.

I advise everyone here to read everything Aesop says, take it to heart, and act on it as if it were field intelligence (it is) in an operational theater (sadly that's what we're becoming IMO) - I know I am.

Vinson said...

And let's not forget Patrick Sawyer who took it from Liberia to Nigeria and damn near sparked a worldwide pandemic...by lying and by abusing his position/authority.

Yeah, this ain't gonna end well.

RSR said...

In a story regarding migrants clearing out San Antonio Western Union locations' cash:
"The city [San Antonio] said the top destination so far for Congolese families is Portland, Maine, followed by New York City and Buffalo, New York."


A possible new vector?