Friday, March 31, 2023

A Salute to the Manhattan D.A., and the republic for which he stands:

 Its flag:

Its national anthem:

Its currency:

Its military:

Its Press Secretary:

Its future:

Weather forecast: Rivers of blood, mountains of skulls, and oceans of tears. (Serendipitous bonus: Those three things are also red, white, and blue!)

Do your part to make sure its theirs.

For the Usual Suspects who can't help telling us that their diapers are wet in the traditional manner, a thought exercise (if you can even pass that physical):

If the problem in your reddened crybaby eyes is that no one else wants to go first, including you (!), how else do you bunch of bitchy little whiners propose red-pilling enough Normies to get to where a lot of people are okay with "going first"?

Everything that rubs Norm's nose in How It Really Is creates better conditions for your team, and if that has to be explained to you like a three-year old, you really aren't tall enough yet for the Internet, let alone anything sportier.


Anonymous said...

It can't come soon enough.

Delta Mike said...

I thoroughly enjoyed perusing the photos and captions while listening to some classical clown music; well done Sir!

Anonymous said...


ghostsniper said...

It'll be like yanking a thorn out of your ass - instant relief after a long period of pain.

Anonymous said...

Russia has two weeks of fuel left.

Anonymous said...

Can't come soon enough. My days for a long march are nearing their nadir.

Anonymous said...

Well, way past time for the remaining Americans (40 percent of the current population, I feel optimistic today) to get out of the urban cores. Could get harsh in D strongholds if food, water, and electricity are disrupted.



Anonymous said...

Just working back up after a debilitating injury; I'd like a few more weeks to get back up to speed.

Saber 7 said...

Keep your list of local collaborators current, to include the family members. You did call for rivers of blood. Waiting for the Green Star Cluster. This is not going to be fun contrary to what most think. I spent 5 years in BiH while in the Army, this rivers of blood shit is ugly, I have seen it first hand.

David said...

Let's all make woke jokes. (A woke guy walked into a bar...) We can repurpose old jokes, such as blonde jokes.

John Wilder said...

And then there's Ricky Vaughn getting 10 years, for a joke so old I heard it on the radio in the 1980s.