Thursday, March 2, 2023

The Fat Lady Would Like A Word

This for all those tres concerned that the largesse we've bestowed on Ukraine will suddenly sink the US economy.

The U.S. economy, make no mistake, is in dire straits.

And the concern itself is touching, albeit misguided.

But the bit you and anyone of similar bent is panties atwitter about, is (provided you embiggen the pic to even see it) the tiny white speck in the upper left corner of the right hand side of that graphic. That's a precise measure, using actual numbers.

Worrying about our contributions to Ukraine's defense (including the graft funneled back to Emperor Stumblefuck Poopypants and his cronies) is about as monumental a problem in the grand scheme as the weight of the crackers in some kid's pocket when he boards a lifeboat trying to escape the Titanic.

A fart in a hurricane is a greater concern.

So we present the header graphic as a carefully constructed, dead-on balls accurate representation of exactly how meaningless everything we've sent to Ukraine is, in the bigger picture of the U.S. budget problem.

Get a better argument. And learn to do math. Spazzing over this is as silly as a woman leaving off toenail polish to lose weight. If the woman was Rosie O'Donnell.

Another lady (who's not fat, but definitely hilarious) would like to offer some perspective on high finance. Cue it up to 1:42ff to 2:30, and you'll see what I mean:


Michael said...

I guess that proverb "The straw that broke the camel's back" is unknown to you?

Also, even in your comments pre-Ukraine you often slammed "Bookkeeping". I suspect just like our "Mild Inflation" numbers that this accounting is at least as poorly done.

The USA by any real accounting is BROKE.

Also, I wonder IF that precious math has any real accounting of military supplies that we have to replace as so, you know be able to do our ah, National Defense?

But then again didn't California pay their employees with IOU's a few years ago. Noting speaks so well of that economy, eh?

Maybe California will again lead the way as we the people get our social security and such.

And good times were had by all, especially the invading illegals.

Aesop said...

1) This isn't a straw. It's not even a hair.
It's not even a hair on a mosquito on the straw on the camel.
2) We passed "broke" nearly 32 Trillion dollars back.
3) Wait, you mean you're concerned that we'll have to spend another fragment of a molecule of what we haven't had on hand in some generations?!? How did we pay for last year? The year before that? And before that? And...? And...???
4) The ship's already dragging along the bottom, and you're trying to bail out the ashtrays.
5) Like I said, get a better argument.
6) Going broke is what toppled the Soviet Union. Hopefully communism here, both in Califrutopia, and the entire nation, dies the same way.
It's also what toppled Louis XVI. Like I said at Wilder's site, start getting ready for Bastille Day. To Ukraine or not to Ukraine isn't the question.

Joe in PNG said...

I'm amused by those who think that the money would go to something actually useful and helpful to the People of the United States of America. Like infrastructure.

Silly rabbit! They'd just take it and blow it on more stupid or harmful stuff, like hiring more elementary school gender transition counselors or Covid shot advertisements.

kurt9 said...

I agree the amount of money spent on the Ukraine thing is a drop in the bucket compared to the total debt. In any case, very little of that money is actually going to Ukraine. Most of it (like 90%) is flowing straight into our military contractors. Shades of the Reagan defense buildup of the 1980's.

Of course it was the Reagan people who said "deficits don't matter" sometime in the late 80'a.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Newsom might be facing a slight California budget crisis again this year?

I wonder if the tech company lay-offs will exacerbate it much?

John Wilder said...

True enough, as I noted, it's a symptom, not the cause. The cause is just giving up, which accounts for the big number. And I sure would take 1/3 of a percent of 35 trillion and change. Might buy a coffee after we go full Zimbabwe.

(never go full Zimbabwe)

Tucanae Services said...

The sooner we get to a hard money economy the sooner the BS stops. When you can't buy a vote or a ballot for lack of free money the political insanity will stop too.

Pat H. said...

The lamebrain who holds forth from the White House has presented $32 billion to the most corrupt government in Europe to do the bidding of the Rothschilds and their figleaf, Israel.

Israel, one of Senator Lindsissy Grahamnesty's major funding sources, is a cause de jour of Graham's undying support for Ukraine.

Stalin set up the borders of Ukraine as it was prior to 2014, anyone supporting Ukraine's pre-2014 borders which were wholly illegitimate, are supporters of Stalin by association. Ukraine is not now and never has been a western style democracy, it is a kleptocracy.

Aesop said...

The borders of independent Ukraine were agreed to by Russia in 1991.
They've gone back on the deal three times, prior to last February.
They thought they could slow-roll re-absorbing it back into Russia, but this last time, the Ukes weren't having any of it.

Any border gripe is with the Russian government of 1991 who signed those accords 32 years ago, and which Russia pledged to respect and defend in perpetuity. They've made liars of themselves on that promise/
Once they signed, it was carved in stone. They don't get a do-over at the muzzle of tank cannon. (They seem to be running shorter on those lately, too.)

What form of government Ukraine has, including a kleptocracy, is entirely their own affair.
Which independent choice is the root of Putin's ire. He's just a pimp, upset because one of his bitches decided to go freelance, and then they bitchslapped him in the face for trying to drag them back. Zhestkiy sis'ka.
Kleptocracy seems to have worked for Russia for the last 500 years, regardless of how it was dressed up for public consumption.

Pat H. said...

"The borders of independent Ukraine were agreed to by Russia in 1991."

No, that isn't correct. The Soviet Union was officially kaput in December of 1991, therefore that agreement was meaningless.

The Russian Federation, which abandoned the Bolshevik (i.e. Stalinist) position and canceled a number of forced agreement, those agreed to by the drunk buffoon Yeltsin.

Perhaps you should view how Ukraine was pieced together, paying particular attention to those Stalinist arrangement post 1945. You may wish to familiarize yourself with the Kievan Rus, which was right next to Crimean Khanate, and other medieval land controllers.

You see, Aesop, that whole area's history is extraordinarily complex, solving it by shouting about claims post the collapse of the 1991 Soviet Union just ignores real history.

Aesop, I respect you and your positions most of the time, you may have saved lives by your position on the experimental chemicals called Covid-19 vaccines, but on the Ukraine situation, you are wrong.

Aesop said...

Napoleon fell in 1815. France does not get the Louisiana Purchase refunded.
The Czar fell in 1917. Alaska does not therefore revert to Russia.
All sales are final.
Ukraine declared its independence from everyone in 1991.
Russia agreed to the terms of that by treaty.
Done deal.

You might as well claim that everything in the Western Hemisphere belongs to the Mayans, or demand that Manhattan be given back to the Indians.

The Ukraine was a sovereign nation, and recognized as such by Russia.
If we were to play the game you're attempting, then by rights, Poland can lay claim to Kaliningrad, stripping Russia of its last Baltic port, and Putin couldn't say a thing about it.
To deny that claim would enshrine the concept that that which is Russia's is Russia's forever, and that which is not Russia's is Russia's forever.
"Heads we win, tails you lose" is a concept recognized nowhere in law or human behavior, since ever.

Crawfisher said...

Don't forget the Fed has $8T in debt as sweel
The value of the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve increased significantly overall since 2007, when it stood at roughly 0.9 trillion U.S. dollars. As of February 7, 2023, the Federal Reserve had 8.44 trillion U.S. dollars of assets on its balance sheet.

So really as of now, the US debt is $40T DOLLARS. Far worse than I ever predicted (I predicted 32T by the end of 2024. So I was totally wrong.
No One Cares, cuz when the dollar fails, the rich will be rich. I on the other hand will be broke.

Mike Wallens said...

ukraine is being ground into burger meat regardless of tour obsession with a place that doesnt pertain to you

Aesop said...

So is the Russian Army, with the whole world watching their ongoing humiliation and exposure as a paper bear, despite the counter-obsession to give a daily tongue bath to a dictatorial thug, starting at his rectum.

Every Russian soldier killed, and every tank destroyed in Ukraine, is another one that won't have to be opposed trying to take back the Baltic States, Poland, Scandinavia, the Balkans, etc.

Putin wants to rule an empire by force, including lands beyond his own borders.
That always pertains to everyone, as shown by history countless times, and doubly so when we're talking about a Turd world shithole country that still possesses nuclear weapons.

Anything that sticks a thumb in his eye or kicks him in the dick, amuses me no end. Historical ignorance and geopolitical myopia is its own problem. Isolationism died a happy death in 1941, except for slow learners.