Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Trump v. DeSantis sideshow

The Chairman has a few thoughts:


ghostsniper said...

Today I held a private election.
My left side wanted to tell my wife that I just bought another 2000 rds of 5.56. My right side wanted me to not tell her. As usual, the right side won. YAY!

Anonymous said...

The News Media needs something new to report every single day. The latest "we need to report something" story is Trump .vs. DeSantis.

Also known as the Left-wing media demanding, "You and Him Fight!"


Anonymous said...

I've also noticed that MSM is putting a lot of attention on the Republican possible candidates and push them all forward at once. Because a BIG playground of candidates divides the party as much as possible. Same reason why in 2016 Trump was getting a lot of attention in a large field of candidates. Both MSM and the Republican Party did not realize they chose their Destructor until too late.

So MSM wants the top two Republican candidates to fight each other in a vat of Jello while the Left tries to find a Democratic candidate who can follow orders and not embarrass themselves in front of a camera for five un-interrupted minutes. That is what I'm reading so far.

Ghostsniper - good call. Too much information shared will just create too many details. Be the Guy and take charge of handling the details.