Sunday, March 5, 2023

Sunday Music: Turn The Page


Seger's quintessential road tour rock classic, 50 years old now, which peaked at Number 1 on the Classic Rock charts, and just as timely and awesome as it was the day it was first laid down on a tape track.


Anonymous said...

Great song. Bob Seeger is one of the great American rock artists. His songs will never die.

Old NFO said...

Sigh, I remember listening to it when it came out...

Anonymous said...

What year? Seems as if he had such great songs and then disappeared. He sang his life there, didn't he? And that voice! Thanks for bringing him to life again....the sound track of my youth.

Aesop said...

Recorded in '71, first released in '73. The version here is a live track from touring released in '76. American classic, all the way.

He toured until 2018, at age 72, and he's still kicking.

LSWCHP said...

We have different musical tastes, so a lot of your song choices don't do much for me, but anything by Bob Seger will get a thumbs up from my AO.

RandyGC said...

There are two long and lonesome highways East of Omaha, I-80 and US34 AFAIC.

Being from SE Iowa and having spent time stationed at Offutt AFB, I've spent more time that I like to remember on both. OF the two, I think US34 is the more likely to fit the bill.

Just a tidbit that adds a bit of connection for me to an already great song.

Christopher Hunt said...

I've always thought it odd that part of the song is the pushback they get for going out of their way to appear out of the ordinary.

idahobob said...

Seger is timeless. Quite un like that no talent springsteen.

Night driver said...

That song WAS my Summer of 71 and Spring of 72. Spent them hitching around the Lower 48, as well as running Non-violent Action Trainings for A Quaker Action Group and other actually Center-Right fringe New Mobilization groups.

LOTS of memories.
Lots of walking to get out of specific jurisdictions.
Lots of VERY sketchy rides.
LOTS of nights spent in "Interesting" surroundings.
and a WHOLE PASSLE of AWESOME sunsets and sunrises.

"Turn the Page"

Terrapod said...

A thought experiment.

Gov. gets their willing cohorts in DC to go with the Executive declaration of war on Mexican cartels as terrorist orgs.
The (P)Resident then authorizes pentagon to figure out how to "decapitate" the cartels.
Probably will use special forces in an environment they are not really trained to work in with restrictive ROE due to heavy civilian presence.
Initial incursions take place and maybe there is some success with one or two top dogs being killed which can be touted just before the 2024 elections.
Cartels counter attack using their assets already present in major U.S. cities (or maybe hire the MS13/Mara Salvatrucha guys as proxy, they are well entrenched).
Panic ensues in those major D cities, with cries for the national guard or other federal assistance.
Localized martial law gets declared and NG is tasked to begin disarming every legal gun owner in those cities while doing not much against the gangs, zero expertise within the NG and state government for actual effective gang eradication under MOUT conditions.
The constitution is formally suspended and moves made to use Army for CONUS action.
CW II under way.

What was tinfoil hat 2 years ago no longer seems such, does it?

Aesop said...

Any number of scenarios could be used to bring that about.
And the entire US military, including the reserves, would be hard-pressed to maintain control over an area the size of MA, CT, and RI. Starting with the fact that they depend on safe rear areas, and in the scenario you outline, they would forfeit even their own bases in a matter of days, and their families would be sacrificed in hours.

All such scenarios end in rivers of blood, starting with our would-be overlords.

A cartel war would devolve in a couple of days to a war of white vs. brown, and be over as fast as every hispanic north of the Rio Grande could be killed, captured, or driven back to Mama. Which would also necessarily lead to military mutinies, and probably military coups, plural, before it was over, followed by the permanent removal of everyone who looked the wrong color to beyond a twenty mile buffer south of the US, inside which would live nothing larger than rattlesnakes for centuries to come. Whether we would start doing ethnic cleansing by atomic means is an open question, but not beyond possibility.

Wars where your uniform is your meatsuit are always the most brutal. Consult the records of the WWII campaign in the Pacific for reference, or the current ongoing struggles of whites in the southern countries of Africa.

Anonymous said...

I never heard this song before the mid-nineties. Crap radio stations where I grew up. But when I first heard it, it spoke to me. As a Harley riding biker with long hair, I could relate to the theme. Long days in the saddle followed by disrespect. I remember riding to a small rally with some friends one time, with our ladies and we stopped in a small town and found the only cafe in town for breakfast. They seated us but refused to serve us even coffee. They didn't say they were refusing us. The waitress wouldn't even come to our table. Sad for her we were good tippers. That was in the mid-eighties. Things have improved some since then for bikers, but not everywhere. I love that song. It touches my soul.