Friday, March 3, 2023

Painful Realities


The pain some will feel over this in their delicate bits will cease the moment they cease squatting on their own spurs.


Pat H. said...

You have those entities exactly backwards, Aesop.

I'm curious about your obvious bias against Russia, are you Ukrainian by ancestry? Or something else?

Based on your evaluations, I know a lot more about Russia than you do. In addition to my overseas "ground passive electronic surveillance" spying on the Soviet Union (1968-69), I had coursework in Russian geography while in graduate school (1982-85).

So, yes, I'd really like to know the origins of your hatred, I can't call it any other, of the Russian Federation, a government who ousted most if not all of the Rothschild bankers from their systems.

For me, the fact that Putin is a Christian while Zelinskii is a Rothschild jew is deciding.

Rollory said...

I don't like what you're saying. JEW! JEW! You're a JEW! Also, everyone I don't like is Hitler. I WIN!

Anonymous said...

Recommended reading:

Might put Putin's "Christian" pose in context - it is a very old line of propaganda indeed.....Also explains why Europe dislikes Russia so much - the Russians have been invading them since the beginning of the 18th century!

Grey Fox

Rollory said...

Yes, exactly.

It is amazing how so many Americans take what someone *says*, paying no attention to what they *do*, and just implicitly assume that because they *said* it, it must be true.

Divide and conquer, saying whatever needs to be said to get the targets for division to act as desired, is THE Russian strategy, since forever.

Also, random comment I came across somewhere

"Dictators do not feed you propaganda to convince you to do something. They feed you propaganda to convince you to do nothing. This lets them do what they want."

In light of that, the alt right has one of the highest concentration of useful idiots ever measured by medical science.

Joe in PNG said...

"Putin's a Christian"? So's Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama.

Anonymous said...

As a Marine, 1st ANGLICO class of 71’, I’m ashamed of the extremely slow reaction of the Marine, I suspect recruiter. My Grandmother could whip his ass. No Semper Fi in his vocabulary. Poor excuse for a supposed Jarhead. I wouldn’t want him in my foxhole. He deserves a “blanket party” asap.

streamfortyseven said...

Here's some more recommended reading, especially for Tucker Carlson - and note the date of publication: