Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Your Daily Black Pill



Sarthurk said...

When the shit goes down, I'll probably be found lying in a pile of hot spent brass. More fun than dying in Hospice.

Phil said...

I believe it's called a target rich environment.

Joe in PNG said...

If you really want a happy thought, consider that we are not going to get a Washington at the end of it all.
Chances are we'll either wind up with a Leftist tyrant who wants to kill us just because; or more likely a Rightist tyrant who wants to kill us because we foolishly cling to our principles instead of smooching his butt.
Or the most likely of all is we'll get one or more of each kind of tyrant, because nations that play the Revolution game usually don't stop at just one... or even two.

Anonymous said...

When or If it is all over?

Our best hope is for a Franco or even a Napoleon. The most likely result is another Lenin, Chavez, or Mao. Maybe a dozen Warlords fighting over the scraps?


John Wilder said...

Excellent meme.

Anonymous said...

Don’t forget Vietnam- those baby boomers volunteered to fight Communism and were slandered as baby-killers by the left.

Anonymous said...

For those brave men who fought in Vietnam for what they were told was a righteous cause, it was a Terrible injustice, for them. LBJ, And the MIC, almost destroyed our Nation as a result.
Now, look at Afghanistan, and our role in Ukraine? Why you ask?
I just gave you two of the reasons; for why: power and money.
Bear in Indy