Saturday, March 18, 2023

A Modest Proposal

h/t Wilder


Let's admit the obvious: Scott Adams is still too laissez-faire on the underlying problem.

Implement Lincoln's Solution.

We tried to assimilate them, but there are some things that cannot be accomplished solely with good intentions.

If populating the Joint Chiefs, Congress, SCOTUS, and the White House aren't enough for them, admit defeat, and end the experiment forever. Cut the bullsh*t, and end White Guilt.

Ship the entire race back to Africa. Lock, stock, and barrel. Not voluntary: 100% mandatory. Eliminate the entire category in the U.S. Ban any further immigration of same, in perpetuity. (It isn't like they could hide anywhere in plain sight, is it?)

If you're Black, You Go Back.

And the halves, quatroons, eighths, and sixteenths left behind can worry about either flying right once and for all, or seeing the bar for permanent deportation lowered until the problem resolves.

No more prison. Just a boat ride out, for good. First class, all travel expenses paid, no returns ever, with whatever they could carry off in their baggage. Don't harm a hair on their heads, just shuffle them up the gangplank, and shove off with the lot. Same way they got here, albeit under better accommodations for the long-overdue return journey. 

Convicts and jailbirds too. Free at last! Over there. Reparations: Paid in full. Game Over, man.

Imagine waking up in a country without Whoopi Goldberg, Stacy Abrams, or Maxine Waters. Ever again.

Move them back to a continent where every single day is Black History Month, and they can wallow in their cultural heritage until they die. They should all be properly ecstatic at the news. Encourage the rest of the hemisphere to do the same too. From the Great White North to Tierra Del Fuego. Let their people go! It's the only decent approach.

The mean IQ of all continents involved would go up 30 points overnight, and the crime rate in America the following year would give San Marino, Liechtenstein, and Monaco a run for lowest on the planet. Traffic jams get 13% better in a week - except at the docks - and the murder rate in Chicongo, Philtydelphia, Detroit, Newark, Altanta, and among the Baltimorons drop by 90% by the end of the year. All of D.C. looks like Georgetown by a week from Friday. The bottom would drop out of the welfare market too. Boo frickin' hoo.

Revisit in 20 years, and see how real Wakanda is. And in the meantime, we can focus on things that matter, instead of listening to the unceasing whiny tantrums of the world's pre-eminent millennially problem children, for whom nothing enacted is ever good enough.

Even odds if we made one step in that direction, the sane 20% of that population would start whacking the crazies and criminals in droves, until the problem self-corrected short of anything as simple as continental repatriation, but either way, it's a win for the nation.

Change my mind.

And furthermore, Diversitas delenda est.


Anonymous said...

Love this.
Someone had to say it.

Aesop said...

Lincoln did.
160 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Aesop. Well said. Can you just imagine our country without a single negro in it?


FeralFerret said...

If only it was done, but it will never happen.

Aesop said...

I having more fun imagining the Leftards trying to play high-stakes poker without the Race Card to play.

Wilde Goose Gossage said...

African blacks consider them defective and don't want them.
No rubbing shit in their hair in a mud hut under the sun of the glorious motherland for our Mondays.
I wonder how many think that Africa is one nation and not 57 in the honk department.

Anonymous said...

We missed a great opportunity while all the cruise lines were shut down for the plannedemic.

Tucanae Services said...

Well I know how we do it, if we ever develop the will to do it.

Congress declares Letters of Marque. (Its in the USC, look it up.) Bail Bondsmen and assorted bounty hunters are authorized. Captured live-on-the-hoof, delivered to the nearest border patrol facility pays out $2000 a head. While we are at it, extend this feature to anyone in the country illegally, same terms and price.

As an observation this morning while doing some shopping I stop at an intersection. There is this black dude doing the 5th street jive, arms and legs a flailing. No music, no advert sign, no sign asking for donations, just shucking the limbs. Should have recorded it but I did not have my cell with me.

Letfreedomring said...

What do we do with all the whiggers and morbidly obese white women that like to mingle in that particular subset? I know I wouldn't miss all the above myself, but I'm a bit of a richard.

Anonymous said...

Don't hold back - tell us what you really think... For a long time now I've given people of a certain color the benefit of the doubt... no longer... with the exception of some I could not agree more

Russell G. said...

They never took the Liberia deal.
That fell into warlord status, as well.

Jim said...

@ Letfreedoomring... make them go with-- and they can have the whole bunch of queens o' spades as a parting gift.

Stealth Spaniel said...

Oh be still, my beating heart! You boys are just trifling with me!
Yep, send every single one. I will include The Dutchess of Sussex, her 2 whiter than white kids, and the Royal Whiner. (Or should it be Royal Weiner?) That ALL of the Wakanda Elite and the Wakanda Others go home to Africa thrills me no end. They can enhance South Africa with all of their work ethic and knowledge; once again there will be trains running and the lights will be on in Pretoria. In addition, places like Rwanda, Swaziland, and Egypt will relearn civilization. imagine that places like Botswana · Burkina Faso becoming great tourist traps! It's time to go home to Africa!

June J said...

As a friend of mine who is Native American (Choctaw) used to say…the white man was bad enough but why’d you have to bring your dogs with you?

SteveP said...

Give white men a pile of bricks and they'll build a city. Give black men a city and they'll make a pile of bricks.

Jess said...

Liberia comes to mind. The best of intentions yielded a country that makes Detroit look like Disneyland.

elysianfield said...

How about a real, humane, and workable solution? One that Politicians can accept and one that would pass Supreme Court muster?

Why not monetize citizenship? The law allows one to renounce their US citizenship, and with little effort. Offer ANYONE who wants to renounce his or her citizenship, and be deported by government expense $50,000...$100,000 if married and or with children. Unhappy here? In jail or with criminal records? NO Problem! Pick a country on the list, sign on the line which is dotted, board the aircraft and receive your check.

Call it a second chance at the good life.

raymondpbeaudin said...

Amen and Hallelujah brother.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

That picture is why my first cruise will be my last or second to last. I would like to do the Alaskan cruise.

Anonymous said...

Actually freedmen went to Liberia, set up their regime, and treated its citizens as slaves.