Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Weimar Inflation Template

 h/t Odd Job

Much like inflation, this pic embiggens.

Nota bene the time span from Bad to Disaster:

Year One: High inflation (60% bracket).

Year Two: Hyper-inflation (5300% bracket).

Year Three: Societal collapse inflation (16M % bracket).


Michael said...

Perhaps the German people being a monolithic (or nearly so) society with law abiding habits kept the collapse off for an extra year.

That said given our vibrant diversity that already shoot up family parties I suspect once the EBT Cards fail to pay for their preferred foods all hell will break out.

For everybody including that reasonable family down the street once "Daddy I'm HUNGRY" becomes the song of America all hell will break out.

What did Cisero say about the Traitors within?

Anonymous said...

Already well into your first year model, the "good" news, never gonna see that third year. The looting, burning, and slaughter will have started and little will remain or even be recognizable of most of fusa before that 2nd year is half over. EBT, pensions, SS etc. stops OR becomes worthless and the fun starts right then. Add some worldwide biblical level famine to the mix and the field events and menu gets interesting. CS&A

Anonymous said...

".... and 5 US gold pieces could buy you a large townhome in Berlin." -- Alasdair Macleod

Fact is our troubles started long ago on this front. If the Feds plan was always to have 2% inflation per annum then in 50 years the money is worthless. That was a choice and it seems to be arriving right on cue. No politics, simple math.

As to "All Hell ...", well it is most likely. What held the country together during the depression was that the majority of the population was still on the farms. They could feed themselves. Not this time. Reality is most of the farms are so specialized that even the farmers wife goes to the grocery store for the daily ration. Be not surprised if the EBT card becomes the national ration card. At that point, its all over folks, guns won't matter.

“Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”
— Henry Kissinger

John Wilder said...

We're in a baaad place.

Anonymous said...

Would it be safe to say that this country is moments, meaning days, weeks or months away from "The Great Reset?"
I can't help but think so.
And I don't believe for one second that what is happening now is an accident.
Not with all of the financial issues, health issues, political rhettoric that we hear about courtesy of the liberal media every single day.
Which I can't help but believe that this is also being done for a specific reason.
It keeps people of this country on edge emotionally, uneasy about what is going to happen in and to this nation.
We are being told/ fed, what they want us to know.
We're kept dancing to the music they choose to broadcast to us through the media.
We are puppets .
The formula for what is coming to this country and the rest of the world is:
The Great Reset + Anarchy= Opportunity to profit and gain more control over the masses on this planet.
"The people that really control what goes on in the world, will have to step in and take control of the monetary system, food production and distribution, where you work, how much money you earn, and on and on.
They'll be rescuing us from ourselves and control whatever they deem necessary because the world is out of control and they want to restore order.
I sincerely hope I'm wrong about everything I've said here, I really do.

vanderleun said...

Know your local nomenklatura. Know what they look like. Know where they live and shop. Know when they walk to their mailbox.