Friday, July 8, 2022

Last Post For Cpl. Agarn: R.I.P. Larry Storch


Age 99 years. Of natural causes, at home in his apartment in NYFC.

Prolific character actor, WWII Navy veteran, and friend of navy radio operator Bernie Schwartz, who went on to become Tony Curtis.


CS said...

And he fought his shipmate - briefly - as the character Texas Jack in 'The Great Race' R.I.P.

Sherm said...

The recently deceased Gilbert Gottfried has a fairly recent interview with Larry Storch on his pod cast. Quite enjoyable.

Old NFO said...

RIP Sailor, we have the watch.

Nori said...

Give me some FIGHT’N ROOM!!
Bless you,Mr Storch. Thanks for the laughs.


John Wilder said...

Sorry to hear that - loved him in F-Troop. Perfect role for him.