Thursday, July 7, 2022

R.I.P. James Caan

Alan Badillion Trahern. Rookie actor going toe-to-toe with the Duke, and holding his own, the year before Wayne won the Oscar for Best Actor.

Epic, and prescient. Of course, we know that evil mega-corporations will never treat the world's population as pawns and resources, right?

About three scenes total in the whole movie, and steals the show in about a minute flat.

Even the Corleones have a line you don't cross.

Pacino, Duvall, and Caan. Absolute acting royalty, all together in one scene. Seventeen Oscar nominations, and two Oscars between the three of them, but never one for Caan, although he was nominated for this role.

And when you see his son Scott in Ocean's Eleven, you can still hear his old man's laugh.

The butcher's kid from Queens. Not a perfect guy, but one helluva great actor. Dead at 82, in Los Angeles, per family announcement, of undisclosed cause.

Mississippi. Jonathan E. Santino. Eddie Dolan.

What a ride. R.I.P.


Anonymous said...


He will be missed.


John Wilder said...

Excellent body of work. Rollerball will always be my favorite.

Plague Monk said...

The only movie I saw him in was El Dorado, one of my five favorite movies of all time. You're right; he held his own with regard to the Duke in that one. RIP, Mississippi.

Henry Cybulski said...

My favorite James Caan movie is Thief. (Added bonus: the Tangerine Dream soundtrack fits the different scenes perfectly IMO.)

Anonymous said...

Mississippi : [examining J.P.'s leg after he's been shot] I gotta cut this pant leg.

Sheriff J. P. Harrah : Well, go ahead and cut it! Have you got a kni...

[Mississippi pulls out his huge Bowie knife from its hiding place on his back]

Sheriff J. P. Harrah : A knife? Uh, I suppose I've asked this before, but just who...?

[looks at Cole instead]

Sheriff J. P. Harrah : Who is he?

Cole : Tell him your name, Mississippi.

Mississippi : [sighs and looks up] Alan Bourdillion Trehearne.

Sheriff J. P. Harrah : Well, no wonder he carries a knife.

El Dorado, Godfather, Rollerball, Thief. all memorable characters.


Skyler the Weird said...

Never knew Jonathan E had a last name. Loved him in Rollerball, the Original Killer Elite, Brian's Song, and as the Dad in Elf.

Anonymous said...

Since I was a kid and watched that movie for the first time, I still remember him saying his name....Allan Badillion was so rhythmic I remembered it my whole life, and have watched that movie at least twice a year as an adult. I liked watching him in the Vegas series as well as Gardens of Stone too.



Anonymous said...

Until I checked a fee years back I had no idea his take on politics...just as it should be

Anonymous said...

Freebie and the Bean. Thank me later.