Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Promises, Promises

h/t WRSA

Oh Noes!!!

How's that Russian energy dominance doing?

Via Yon: Russia Defaults On Supply Of At Least 5 LNG Cargoes To India

Butbutbut!!! Russia and India are supposed to be bestest butt buddies now?!?

Guess allying with Russia isn't turning out like India thought.

Almost like the Himalayas are a natural geographic barrier or something.

India's choices: 

1) Sue Russia. (Pass the popcorn. Wish in one hand, crap in the other; see which one fills up first.)

2) Beg and plead. (Pass the popcorn. Wish in one hand, crap in the other; see which one fills up first.)

Excuses in comments. Gainsaying to ether.

For Slow Learners: Remedial grammar word of the year - pyrrhic.



Anonymous said...


Russia is sanctioning Gazprom Subsidiary Companies that Supply Russian Gas to Countries that have sanctions against Russian Companies? And the Gazprom Subsidiary in Singapore that was supplying Russian Gas to India cannot supply Russian Gas to India because it is run by a German based Gazprom Subsidiary?

Did I get this right?
Cue Nelson Muntz.


Michael said...

Remind me how important this is when our country is ablaze.

Sri Lanka but with well-armed people shooting each other in frantic search for food and shelter.

Bosnia ethnic cleansing and worse. Welcome to the destruction of our Republic at the hands of our "Leadership".

So, please remind me how important this was then :-)

sykes.1 said...

The story indicates that it is US/EU sanctions against Russia that is preventing the shipments.

Aesop said...

Unpossible, sykes.

We've been assured by The Usual Suspects that Russia is marching from victory unto victory, and playing 47D world chess.

Aesop said...


If one is going to continue rootin' for Putin, one must choke down the same shit sandwich he's snacking on when Reality delivers a stinging slap to the back of his head.

This is important because it may hamstring Russia enough to hasten the end of this pointless war; also because it may equally well hasten Vlad to start nukes flying.
If neither eventuality is interesting enough to keep one's attention, they haven't been paying any.

Michael said...

Your circus your monkeys, carry on.

Bread and Circuses all around until the plain brick wall shows up and your hungry.

Rollory said...

Peter Zeihan pointed out a couple months back that the Russian oil wells are pretty much all in the permafrost zone, and between the shutdown of operations by Western contractors pulling out, and the decreased flow due to assorted conditions (sanctions etc) it is fairly likely that the wells/pipes could freeze. After which, they CAN'T be just restarted up again. And Russia doesn't have the technical ability to maintain or restart them - that's why the Western companies were there in the first place.

The consequences of all this are going to play out for a long time to come.

T said...

It would be interesting to see India stop shipping pharmaceuticals, organic chemicals, machinery, electronic equipment, rice, coffee, tobacco, and fertilizers to Russia.

McChuck said...

So Russia is imposing sanctions against countries that have imposed sanctions against them. And this is somehow unfair. (The acts of war by NATO countries seizing Russia's merchant shipping and civilian yachts is another story that we are supposed to forget.)

It's sad when third parties are affected, of course.

Anonymous said...

Be me, internet dummy:
Notice that LNG is usually measured in m^3
Wonder why they are talking tons
Look up m^3 to tons conversion
Look at Wikipedia "In recent years, the size and capacity of LNG carriers has increased greatly. Since 2005, Qatargas has pioneered the development of two new classes of LNG carriers, referred to as Q-Flex and Q-Max. Each ship has a cargo capacity of between 210,000 and 266,000 cubic metres (7,400,000 and 9,400,000 cu ft) and is equipped with a re-liquefaction plant."
Take lower range of large modern vessel.
Plug in numbers here: https://www.energy-sea.gov.il/English-Site/Pages/Data%20and%20Maps/calc.aspx
Come up with 189 tons of oil equivalent (TOE) for large, modern vessel
Multiply by 5 = 945 TOE
Look at overall contract = 2,850,000 tons
Do some division.
See this is .03% of the contract.
Am I missing something? Did I get some number wrong?

Aesop said...


It's not unfair, it's hilarious. Russia is shooting its own feet, again. When you hose one of the four countries that took your side, you're running out of people left to fuck over. But it's Russia, so they'll always be able to fuck over themselves. Again, and again.


The number you're missing is 5 shipments.
Tell the class how many dollars you let the clerk at the burger drive-thru short you in change before you speak up.
Now extrapolate that response to nations.
I'll be over here waiting for epiphany to strike...

Anonymous said...

Aesop, please,
Germany government has "reorganized" (read - stole) Germany-located Gazprom branch, so it does not belong to Russia any more, that's why any contracts signed by Gazprom Germany or it's branches are not binding for Russia, and India does know it. And media knows it too, just some people want it sound like it's Russia who has problems.

Aesop said...

India has problems.

Being Putin's friend isn't paying off as they'd hoped.

Anonymous said...

Yea, being America's friend pays off big time, though