Monday, July 11, 2022

Monday Fun


Run the dumbasses ragged.

Divemedic reports that some Leftard whackdoodle website is aiming to dox conservative SCOTUS justices in real time, trolling for a lucky sniper.

Challenge accepted:

Dunning-Kruger that nonsense.

Send them 5000 sightings a day, and let them spend $10K/day to hire new people to sift the wheat from the chaff.

And don't be shy about sending locations that include the homes, offices, and dining locations of Leftard congressweasels, lobbyists, media, and assorted pet causes. Including local Planned Parenthood clinics. Have like-minded friends "confirm" with follow-up sightings at the same location(s).

The mob they're angling for will scare people wherever it shows up, so spread the love.

Like a firehose, any tactic they think is worth doing should be turned back in their faces tenfold.

I would also not overlook the opportunity to send stupid white college-kid agitators into some of the more "diverse" DC neighborhoods. Also, district police and federal LEO buildings and events should prove highly entertaining as well. 

E.g: "Justice Clarence Thomas is making an unscheduled appearance at the DC police academy graduation right now."

Bonus points if you kick over an unpublished fusion center, CIA front, Fibbie operation, etc., unbeknownst. Random karma.

FBI, Secret Service, and po-po always have favorite watering holes. These should feature prominently as well.

Send 'em to Georgetown lectures, and foreign embassies, just for the comedy.

Doubtless there are several prominent Leftardian religious organizations, churches, etc., in the spendier 'burbs. I'm sure the news that Amy Barrett was spotted in the congregation Sunday morning, followed by the dutiful Dems greeted by an irate Antifa flashmob in the parking lot would irritate their pew-fillers greatly.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Need more help picking locations? Get ahold of the local voting rosters and contributor lists (it's a public record). It would be amusing to have it known that a SCOTUS justice was enjoying a backyard party or poker night at one of their homes. Especially when it becomes a weekly occurrence somewhere in Libtardia.

And don't forget military bases throughout the greater DC area. What could possibly go wrong with a mob showing up to protest at the HQ of the 69th Intersectional Dildo Diversity Brigade LGBTEIEIO Annual Pride Prom? What's that you say? It's the hangar for Air Farce One, or Looking Glass, or "special weapons"-armed craft, or the alert fighters for DC airspace? Somewhere where "Use Of Deadly Force Is Authorized"...? Bummer, dude.

You want to live beyond the law, Leftards? Your wish is granted. Beyond your wildest dreams.

Hilarity ensues.


Anonymous said...

Disposable phones FTW.
Do they still have payphones in DC or NOVA?

Old NFO said...

Love it! Too bad I'm not up there anymore... sigh That could be fun!

T said...

Hey Aesop,

You know that sooper-secret squirrel article you published once on how to have fun & games at a far left protest march, with drones and 10/22s?

Maybe you should re-publish it. 😎

Jonathan H said...

Google Voice will let you pick a number from anywhere and is known for being understanding responsive to LE inquiries. Do it from a clean browser on free public WiFi with a dummy account and you're anonymous as possible.

Landroll said...

Anonymous: Pay cash for your phone. Better yet get a libtard friend to get one for you.

Charlie said...

I like the way you think

John Wilder said...

Excellent . . .

Jonathan H said...

it would be more interesting, but more difficult, to find out where the Liberal justices are and post those locations...