Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Au contraire, Mon Ami

 re: WRSA: The First Hundred Things That Go In A Collapse

Sorry CA, we beg to differ.

Allow us to provide you the correct list:


If you're keeping score at home, I just won the internet for the day.


1chota said...

Indeed you did!
And Amen!

June J said...

That first 100, also known as “a good start.”

Michael said...

Aesop maybe the other fellow was recycling 100 USEFUL things that disappear during a collapse?

Aside from perhaps Senator Paul of Kentucky and Manchen of West Virgina (Did I ever think I'd like an honest Democrat...) none of these are worth anything.

Sorry to say more than a few of these "Notables" have taxpayer paid for exit holes to hide in when the hammer falls. Like cockroaches Politicians are forever.

Anonymous said...

Yours wins for sure. Focus people focus.

Are there two politicians that have celebrated this past year more the Jimmie Carter and Dan Quayle ?


Sven said...

Touché dear sir. And bravo. Your thinking is leaps and bounds ahead of us.

Anonymous said...

Concur. BZ.


John Wilder said...

Huh, not a mask in the bunch. Think they know something that they're not telling?

idahobob said...

Amen,with nooses or firing squad!

Anonymous said...

It is time.
Long past time.
Nobody can get within 1,000 yards of any of these demons?

Unknown said...

A noose. Bullets are expensive and noose shows how well thought of they are plus cheap to buy like they were.

Marty said...

Take away the Senators who formerly objected to the fraudulent electoral votes and it's cut down to about a hundred.