Thursday, December 2, 2021

Fair Dinkum, I'd Say

 h/t  Gun Free Zone

Blood will prove itself.

(Ozschwitz Konzentrationslager) Teenagers from remote NT community arrested after escape from Howard Springs COVID concentration camp

Good on ya, mates. And f**k the Ozschwitz fascist authorities, and the joey they rode into town on.

I'm wondering how long this goes on before decent 'Strines start slitting the right throats.

Two things to always remember:

1) Never give up your guns.

2) If they come for you anyways, kill all they send.


Matt Bracken said...

When they come for you guns, give them all your bullets first.

dissidentpreacher said...

Kill all they send and then go find their progeny and kill them all .

John Wilder said...

Never get on the train, never get on the bus. There's a reason they always have empty seats on the return trip.

BILL said...

On another site as they were talking about the Escape The Jump was playing in the background.

The Great Escape,best movie, ( The Jump ) As a kid you had Nobbie tires, drag your foot for faster controlled turns and always had your baseball mit for the cell block ( grounded again ).

LSWCHP said...

The Austrians are making us Aussies look like amateurs at the repression game. Vaccine mandates in legislation etc.

Meanwhile, I have lots and lots of guns, and no hesitation about using them.

Tucanae Services said...

"Kill all they send and then go find their progeny and kill them all."

Not opposed to the need and action, but would it not be more effective to ventilate the head of the snake?

The Duke of New York said...

'...the teenagers, aged 15, 16 and 17, tested negative for the virus yesterday.

He said all three were from the Binjari community near Katherine and had been sent into quarantine as close contacts of positive cases.'

Locked up in a concentration camp for contact with someone who only "tested positive".

Basically they can use that line of reasoning to lock up anyone they want to.

David said...

U.of Hawaii Democide Project

Jonathan H said...

Sounds like yet another good reason to avoid testing and contact tracing and to spend time with friends who won't report you...

Anonymous said...

Gotta wonder when this is gonna go hot. The state obviously feels no remorse at wholesale imprisonment (see the statements from the oligarchs). The question is do you wait for them to come to you or do you come for them?
If nothing else it's time to start operational planning. Fact it's long past time.
Will the folks be hearing "The chair is against the door" anytime soon?
Boat Guy

Thomas said...

"Kill all they send and then go find their progeny and kill them all."

I prefer, instead, to kill their progeny FIRST- and preferably, while THEY are forced to watch, THEN kill them. And witnessed by GoPro.

Also, nothing quite like a good snuff film sent to all the right people to convince them that there are, indeed, consequences for their actions.