Sunday, December 26, 2021

The Plural Of Anecdotes Isn't Data, And Yet...


Got my first COVID patient since September today. So I guess that means that mini-vacation's over. (We've gotten maybe one or two a week overall, but it's been pretty sporadic, and our outside COVID isolation tents came down for good in early fall). This one came to me.

(Mind you, this is supposed to be at a time when "cases" are rampant all over So Cal, and rising like a rocket launch. Maybe they are, somewhere. In a galaxy far, far away. A year ago, we were carpeted wall to wall in those literally deathly ill, with COVID, and because of COVID. Now, no such thing is happening hereabouts.)

So was this pt. unvaccinated? Like the drumbeat the idiot media (but I repeat myself) has been beating endlessly and crying "Wolf!" about breathlessly for weeks, eleventy times an hour?

O Hell no.

Fully vaccinated. And boosted.

Did a rapid COVID test. Supposed to wait several minutes to read it. Except he/she/it* popped positive in about half a minute.

Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!

Probably will get hospitalized, for a host of reasons. But it's kicking his/her/its* ass too.

So maybe since the first three shots didn't work, he/she/it* should get a fourth one, if he/she/it* survives this?

Why stop at four? Why not just make auto-injectors, like COVID Epi-pens, and have everyone inclined just jab themselves 5-10 times a day, forever, right? Maybe make a COVID vaxx salt lick, or COVID Lifesavers, and people could pop them like Skittles 24/7/365.

Meanwhile, still among the hardcore refuseniks at work, I self-test 2x/week (apparently, until Hell freezes over), and remain completely uninfected after 2 solid years of working amidst the plague throng.

Including this guy/gal/thing*, who had been un-isolated and seen by several staff members for two hours before we did a routine test prior to admission. And it's a pretty safe bet his/her/its* spouse has got it too.

I have a suggestion about what TPTB can do with the Not-A-Vaxxes:

UPDATE 12/27:

And two more COVID patients last night, all fully vaxxed and boostered, including one patient in their twenties, who has now nonetheless gotten full-blown COVID twice. And who, btw, describes this bout, after three shots, as much worse than last year's round, acquired after just two vaxx shots. 

Clever readers may deduce a trend here.

*(HIPPA, bitchez. You can't identify any of these patients from anything I said. I may have made it all up. This blog may be a figment of your imagination too. At any rate, no actual patient information has been disclosed, because you don't know nothing about nobody.) 


Anonymous said...

11 more days of Christmas.

Biden stammering, "Wet's go Bwandon" was the greatest gift of all.

But let me speak a last word to the wise of these days: Of all
who give gifts, these two were the most wise. Of all who give and receive
gifts, such as they are the most wise. Everywhere they are the wise ones.
They are the magi.


John Wilder said...

Early data shows that the "jab" might make people *more* susceptible to the 'rona.

TechieDude said...

I know a few old dudes that got the coof a year ago, before vaccines and 'delta'. Some with hypertension, some with diabeetus. All of them said it was like the flu. With some, the missus got it and usually faired worse. They, almost to a one, were more out of shape than the husbands, who weren't in any great condition themselves.

I only know of a handful, and even then only anecdotally, that died. Most of them had bigger issues. Who knows? Like I said, I didn't know them.

Fast forward to now. I know dozens that have gotten it, all of them - to a one, were vaccinated. One friend joked back when it was worse that he had all the comorbitities other than being black - obese, COPD, smoker, hypertensive. He came through fine, as did his wife.

My daughter is a spaz about this. She was lining up the booster with her husband. I told her she was out of her mind. They are both under 30 and fit. At best, it's harmless and useless. At worst, it can cause far bigger problems.

She wouldn't hear of it. Got into a dumb fight over it. Said she trusted her own pediatrician over 'some random statistics'. Yeah. that VAERS database is 'random'

Fuggit..she is of age. Those with ears ought to hear.

Plague Monk said...

When I got the Kung Flu, my main problem was loss of appetite for a few weeks. I've been overweight for decades, but I managed to drop from @225 lbs down to @200 in a little over 4 weeks. I've been able to lose some more fat by setting up a gym in my garage, and I am down to just over 185. I went to see my doctor back in October, and my blood sugar level has dropped enough that I don't really need to be taking most of the meds. I'm still on Metformin, though, as it has other benefits.
I'm not getting the Needle; nor is my wife. She lost quite a bit of weight as well when she got the bug, and is keeping it off.
Overall, getting the bug was a net positive for my wife and I. There are a few minor concerns that have emerged from it: loss of my nightvision, sinus pressure, and more frequent diarrhea, but the doctor is pleased, and we're saving money on meds every month.

pyrrhus said...

I'm a Boomer, unvaxxed (and never will be), and never wear a mask..I'm in restaurants and other public places every day, and haven't even had a symptom of covid, and tested negative 3 times (wife's idea)..but I do take D3, C, zinc and other vitamins/ minerals every day...Starting to wonder how contagious this flu virus really is....

Mike Guenther said...

My late brother died with the Chinese Lung Aids a year and a half ago. He was 59. But he was morbidly obese...6'4", 400#, had double pneumonia two years previously that he evidently hadn't completely gotten over, plus he also had untreated AFib. ICU, intubated with medically induced coma.

I was his emergency contact and as his oldest living blood relative, had to make all his medical decisions. Of course, I consulted with our other brother and his fiance, but ultimately it was up to me. I said goodbye to my brother over a phone held to his ear by the nurse and they pulled the plug. It still bothers me to this day, but them I think about the life the doctor told me he would have on the off chance he survived. Hooked up to a dialysis machine for the rest of his life. Sitting in an assisted care facility. He wouldn't have wanted that. He was an outdoors guy. I guess I made the right decision, but still...

Ruth said...

Worked straight through this whole mess face to face with the dirty public, as little masking as I could get away with cause I hate things on my face and I sweat so much that when I do wear them they're soaked through in an hour. I'm overweight but no other at risk issues. No jabs. FINALLY caught it mid-Nov. Started just like a sinus infection from hell, but about 4 days in I realized I couldn't taste salt. Spent 3 days flu miserable. Biggest issue was lack of appetite (from lack of taste) and this dragging exhaustion for another week or so. My sense of smell is finally coming back. Still not getting jabbed.

Anonymous said...

Christmas morning I woke to a runny nose AND eyes (can't remember having runny eyes unless I was crying). I was supposed to go to a relatives home for Christmas dinner. Decided to stay home as I didn't want to spread what ever it was. Moving to Sunday evening, I developed severe diarrhea. Had to get up to that twice during the night and upon arising Monday. Severe chills, fever of 100.7F. My whole abdomen hurt. Chills were so bad I had to wear a coat to bed. Woke yesterday, Monday, feeling weak and achy. Struggled to get to the bathroom for another bout of the liquid poops. Weak, no appetite. Didn't eat anything all day. Kept pounding liquids, coffee, Vit C. Better today, still a little achy and abdomen is still pretty tender. Going to get a Kung Flu test later today.

Not jabbed and never will be. My nephew, "fully jabbed and boosted" tested positive last Thursday and probably exposed my brother and his girlfriend. Haven't heard how they're fairing. I should call them today.