Tuesday, December 28, 2021


 h/t 100% Effed Up

100% Vaxxed US Navy warships suffer 25-33% COVID infection rates

I thought Bob Denver was dead, but obviously the squids have resurrected him and made him either the Chief of Naval Operations, the Secretary of the Navy, or the head of the Bureau of Naval Medicine. Most Likely: All of the above.

I think they were getting jealous of how big an assclown Gen. Milley is, and decided they needed bigger jackasses running their shop to stay in the running.

And which, once again, makes the SEALs who refused the jab the only ones in the whole lash-up who don't have sh*t for brains.


Anonymous said...

Team Guys have been well-known for non-conformity. Since they're the part of the Navy who are taking the war to the enemy, I'd say being unjabbed is vital.
Wait till brown shoes start having cardiac "events" during traps and shots; it'll get noticed - too late. And the dipshits responsible for it will pay nothings. As usual.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

Hell, I'm not showing no fucking vaxx card or even standing in line to get a bag full of greaseburgers! By the way, they're suppose to be fast food joints.

John Wilder said...

Hahahahaha! A "jab" that protects no one! And it's mandated! Alice in Wonderland makes more sense.

Anonymous said...

Yet they’ll piss test them for illicit drugs.

Anonymous said...

The family is in Hawaii, where the vacation is slowed down because staff shortages due to the vid.
Wait, WHAT?
Anybody visiting has to show a negative test or have the blahblah shot!
How did it possibly get in??

Anonymous said...

Golly, Jerry... it's an airborne virus... thousands of miles of ocean are no problem... wait! It's an 'Airborne' virus... so, a few platoons of Covid got on a C-130... and parachuted into Hawaii.
...yep, that's how it happened.
Original Grandpa

Jonathan H said...

You make more sense than Fauci or CNN!

Anonymous said...

@Jerry 6:56AM Just like Oz. Even citizens can't get back in, if they've traveled abroad, without a jab card or a negative test. Yet, within a week of Omicron being identified as a new strain in SA, 3200 miles and a BIG ocean away, it shows up in OZ. Ooooops.

As to the Navy, you dock in some second or third world shit hole port and let the crew have rotating twelve hour liberty, what did they think was going to happen. I guess the CNO and area Admirals don't read the newspaper accounts of breakthrough Covid every morning like they were taught to do at Annapolis.

Today's Navy and all service branches seem to be a far cry from what I remember serving in 50 years ago.