Saturday, December 18, 2021

Sixth Circus Reasserts The Rule Of Decree By Fiat

h/t WRSA

It's not hard to find a couple of stupid people in Appalachia,
if you look in the right place.

Who needs the law when you've got an agenda? Certainly not the Sixth Circus.

For the most masterful deconstructionist rant of the recockulous overturn of the unconstitutional vaxx mandates I've seen, I direct you to bad cattitude, before whose efforts I stand awestruck, and deliver a richly deserved Slow Clap.

This is masterclass on fisking judicial activism, kids.


Possible silver lining? Other than the two braindead black-robed assclowns who overturned the stay on OSHA's mandate, the rest of the Sixth Circus has apparently voted to hear the case en banc, with a view to overturning it, and reinstating the original nationwide stay, by majority vote.

If that happens, Emperor Poopypants' judicial record will drop to 1-3, and he won't make the playoffs even as a wild card.


C said...

I'm still hoping to avoid the
Clot shot. Looking into another job just in case.

Anonymous said...

If the en banc ruling follows the three-fer, then it goes to SCOTUS.
Does that make me feel better?
Hell No.

Weisbrot said...

Fuck off, Cali asshole.

Weisbrot from E TN

idahobob said...

Myself and our entire famn damily will NOT take the jab, period!

Anonymous said...

Not sure how the Sixth Circuit decision leads to an attack on the intelligence of Appalachian folk. Thought we were past allowing them to divide us. E.

Aesop said...

Maybe looking at a map of what the Sixth Circus covers would help out there.
Then see if you can figure out how two judges making a stupid ruling from within Appalachia could be exactly what happened. I thought posting a picture of the Sixth Circus right above the caption in question might have been a clue about to whom I was precisely referring without needing additional clues.