Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Kleine Nazis: Grosse Nazis

h/t eatgrueldog

 Brooklyn Burger King calls NYFC cops on patrons who refuse to show COVID vaxx proof

Fair enough. You want to carry water for The Man, you can use it to put out the flames that follow.

As in:

Bluff: Called. Your move, chief.

If you like your jackbooted fascism, you can keep your jackbooted fascism.

Mind the third-degree burns.

Day Three story:

(NYFC) In a stunning development, the only burger joints left standing in the five boroughs after a day of 472 unexplained grease fires, are the 87 of them still open who never call the police about people who don't show their vaxx cards.

Authorities have no explanation for this puzzling coincidence. The business owners could not be reached for comment, as the lines of customers waiting to order food now wind around the block. 


Anonymous said...

It comes

They take
We take

Anonymous said...

Excellent post ... you have captured the essence of the fraud. It would seem that NYC will indeed be a place from which one must escape. Surely we need Snake Plissken. :)

Stealth Spaniel said...

The NYPD has destroyed, in one insane move, any and all sympathy, understanding, camaraderie, or pity that 9/11 ever engineered. The Deplorables really don't give a 💩 about any of them. Gestapo every single one.

John Wilder said...

Put the borders up, let them stew in it. Then we'll send in Snake Plissken.

Jonathan H said...

Did you hear the story where a business wouldn't let in a health department inspector because she couldn't prove she was vaccinated? Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Your Day 3 story was the ending that is ordained by thinking people.