Tuesday, July 27, 2021

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet



John in Indy said...

Bosnia times Kansas/Missouri border war plus Northern Ireland, with a side of the food production / logistics breakdown that is Zimbabwe.
Maybe with a peaceful population exchange like the India / Pakistan separation.
John in Indy

John said...

Very much closer. A lockdown #2 and/or mandatory "jabs" will take us pretty far down the road. Thought: use of mandatory mRNA treatment as a mechanism to eliminate people on the Right from employment with .gov??

Aesop said...


I refer you to my comments over at Bayou Renaissance Man's recent thread:


1st1shot said...

I don’t know. I lost a lot of faith when we allowed them to blatantly steal the presidential election.

John said...

(slow clap) Excellent comment.

I think you're gonna like Friday's post.