Friday, July 16, 2021


We don't watch the daily hit counts, but the bigger things we usually notice. The blog hit 8,000,000 views end of January this year. We expected to pay it no more mind, but...

A couple hours ago, somewhere between 7 and 8AM EDT, the odometer rolled over to 9,000,000 visits. We are quietly amazed. To all those who drop by, once, time to time, or regular, and to the bloggers who link our efforts, we offer our humble and sincere thanks.

We have no plans to stop pissing on and pissing off TPTB anytime soon, most especially the illegitimate and fraudulent regime in power, and hope to amuse, inform, and entertain the readership as long as we may do so. Anyone unhappy with it will find their ticket price refunded at the door. Anyone pounding on the door had best bring friends, and leave the married men at home. We continue under the quaint but steadfast and enmarrowed notion that liberty is a birthright in these parts, and not table scraps to be dispensed at bureaucratic whimmage, and then only to the most obsequious toadies and minions.

Best Wishes, and may the years be as kind to you as they've been to us. We are presently healthy, happy, and have full bandoliers. We do not expect to go out that way. Make the most of your time, for all good purposes. And thank you again, one and all.


Karl said...

Congrats! But...

You'll have to discount all the hits from the FBI who are trying to get us to organize a governor kidnapping or some such BS.

On the bright side, half of their hits will be from woke quota hires. Needless to say, there is probably a lot of confusion within the Bureau as to what is actually being said on this site.

Robin Datta said...

The acceleration is an indication that times are a'cnanging! And with greater awareness.

roacher1 said...

Thank you for info
And good time

T-Rav said...


The Overgrown Hobbit said...

Congratulations and thank you for being my salty-but-not-SJW source for The Amazing Magical Cotton Spit Guard.

Honestly, I still disagree with you on the sheer self-destructive stalinist stupidity of fabric masks and "mask mandates" but you were always willing to help me sort out my ideas. You never substitute a comfortable lie for the truth*. Gotta love that.

Be back later for fun with VAERs and masking for the "vaxxed".

Until then: Bravo, Mr. Aesop!

*Yes, ankle-biters, I said he was wrong. It happens. Doesn't mean he's not telling the truth. I could be wrong, myself, right? And ditto. Grow up.

Aesop said...


I wasn't wrong. Masks work. Someone did the actual effectiveness test I wanted to see.
Spit masks are literally 1000 times better protection at stopping outbound virus than nothing. That's a 100,000% improvement, if we're keeping score. they were never designed nor intended to protect the wearer from anything, except from everyone else, when worn by everyone else. A face diaper is only there to keep your sh*t in your own space.

That doesn't mean I didn't expect TPTB to take a legitimate pandemic, and sensible precautions, and then go miles beyond Full Retard. (That pooch got screwed so hard it'll never walk straight again.) And they have, and continue to do so.
The two are not mutually exclusive.

But by all means, scroll back a year, and note that I told people that the actual pandemic consequences (sickness and deaths) would be the smallest part of the problems coming out of Kung Flu. Look at where you are now.
I'm biased, but I'm pretty sure I nailed that one out of the park.

They "never let a crisis go to waste".
And in the absence of one, they'll simply create one, out of thin air.
It's what they do.

Michael said...

Aesop asking again because I didn't see your reply what is YOUR Preferred COVID "Vaccine"?

I figure you've looked at the data and decided what was the lesser evil?

You danced around the question with a "They will never force a Jab on me because I'm medical and not replaceable". Seems some nursing staff recently found out THAT wasn't quite true. Jab or your fired was the Judges rulings.

Or like some medical self help incidents in the service, medics "wink" give each other their shots and fixed the shot records?

Asking as the sock puppets door to door salespeople are coming to "Save Us" from the Delta Variant or is it the Epsilon Variant or....

ODD how in a Most Dangerous Pandemic they are GOING DOOR TO DOOR and it's NOT going to be a Super Spreader incident? Like all those "Mostly Peaceful Riots" didn't seem to affect the COVID disaster much. eh?

With the facts it's STILL and Emergency USE ONLY not approved for pregnant nor children I am appalled that the COVID Disinformation Center is pushing for use on ALL.

That and the on again, off again BOOSTER SHOTS forever chatter.

As a medical sort and looking at NH's hospital data our death rate-hospitalization rate (IGNORING the COVID Positive numbers) has been nearly identical to that of the FLU in any number of bad flu years.

YES Masks PROPERLY worn Work even for the FLU eh?

idahobob said...

No sir, do not thank us, Thank You! Bravo!

Aesop said...


1) That judge's ruling was the first inning. He was wrong about 37 different ways, and they will ultimately prevail, with interest, and damages. The line of pro bono lawyers taking the case on contingency is currently about 10 miles long.

2) There's no need to have medics "fix" shot records. You can do it yourself, as any number of state agencies helpfully put the pdf of the COVID Jab shot card online, for everyone to download. And a quick perusal of Gulag images will only yield a person about 2000 exemplars of what the lot numbers etc. should look like. Beyond that, you're on your own. I'm not advising, merely informing.

3) One is under no compulsion to even answer their door, for anyone, and in fact, it's best to simply ignore them completely. if one has unfriendly dogs loose in the yard, so much the better. But anyone trespassing may be instructed to leave on pain of further action. Starting with the threat of deadly force in the process of hogtying and roping them for a citizen's arrest. Resistance to such custodial safekeeping on their part, at that point, would likely entail a reasonable fear to the occupant of any property of great bodily harm, making deadly force in self defense completely justifiable. IANAL, but you should consult one. If it gets hard to recruit suckers, I mean, surveyors for door-to-door trespassing, and they end up missing a few more each day, the wind will go out of those sails right quick, I suspect.

4) All the preliminaries out of the way, an N95 and copious hand sanitizer got me through the entire pandemic, at halitosis range, with no ill effects. After looking at the safety and effectiveness of all possible vaccines, I see no reason to change that approach any time soon. Most particularly not for an experimental shot, that is not a vaccine, offers no guarantee of immunity, no known effective lifespan, has multitudinous adverse effects, including sudden death, and whose long-term effects won't be known fully for years to decades. I will decide what shots I get, and the COVID options to date are not among them, nor ever will be. Woe to the vaxxaholics who think to compel me lightly, and imagine such attempt will be consequence-free to themselves. And "certifying" the shot now is weak sauce, because one cannot sue if one is dead.

Aesop said...

5) Your death rate doesn't look ANYTHING like the death rate in any flu year you could imagine. We told people before covidiocy set in hard on both ends of the political spectrum, the death rate for coronaviruses since ever is 1-5%. We Solomonically stated that 3%, on average, would be the death rate, assuming no precautions. That would be 3% off those infected with the virus, for any Common Core science grads reading this.
a) The US population is speculated to be 332,915,073 this year.
b) New Hampster's pop is similarly estimated at 1,380,000 this year.
That makes New Hampster equal to 0.4145% of the US population, i.e. less than ½%.
Watch carefully, and note that in what follows, at no time do my fingers leave my hand.
c) in an average flu year, there are guesstimated to be 20,000 deaths in the entire US.
Multiplying that number by New Hampster's share of the US annual flu death toll would be 83 persons.
d) In a horrifically bad annual flu year, there are guesstimated to be 80,000 US deaths. That makes New Hampster's death toll 332.
e) New Hampster, per Johns Hopkins, had 99,907 cases of Kung Flu. That means it only ever got to 7.239% of the entire state's population. IOW, 92.761% of EVERYONE in New Hampster never got COVID. Consequently, exactly like people who never pointed a loaded gun at their heads and pulled the trigger, they all lived, unscathed.
f) Of those who did get COVID, 1,381 died. That means the CFR for COVID in New Hampster was 1.38%, which falls cleverly between the low-end and high-end death rates observed before politics made everyone on the topic stupid. Of the 26 states + DC I bothered to look at back in the early part of the year, Hawaii managed to get deaths down to 0.5%. (Being isolated islands certainly helped there.) NFY and NJ managed 2.8% and 2.9% death rates, mainly by keeping mass transit open for months with no disinfection, to really spread it around, and then by putting known infected people into convo homes with the most vulnerable citizens, which nearly collapsed health care for NYFC at the peak of their explosion.
My point being that my assumed CFR holds up pretty damn well, and that New Hampster ran about average for the outbreak, and deaths.
g) The contention that deaths there were comparable to any flu year is simply ridiculous. Annual flu, unlike coronavirus, has a CFR of about 0.1%, ever.
So your death rate in New Hampster from COVID was 13-14 times worse than the flu's CFR, and your number of deaths was over 4 times worse than the worst flu year since 1918, and more than 16 times worse than any average flu year, ever.

The Covidiots will find a way to ignore the math.
You, hopefully, will not.

And none of that means the government, at every level, hasn't massively over-reached and gone well beyond Full retard for the last year, because they have.

But this isn't the flu, it isn't a scam, and it isn't the flu being blamed on Kung Flu.
Anecdotally, every hospital I worked at or had information about throughout the depths of the crisis ran side-by-side influenza tests along with COVID tests.

There was virtually no flu in the country last year up to now.
Almost as if spit masks, distancing, hand washing, millions of gallons of alcohol hand sanitizer, and a host of other things might have had some wee effect on ordinary influenza outbreaks, not least of which was keeping the juvenile plague carriers of society out of school, thus not free to stick their fingers up each others' noses, in their mouths, and then give Mommy and Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa wet sloppy kisses, like they did for the last century of annual flu.

When someone starts barfing up COVIDiocy conspiracy theories to you, tell them to try shaving with Occam's Razor, and then get back to us.

BONUS: Remind them that contrails are nothing but water vapor freezing at altitude, as a normal by-product of hydrocarbon combustion. Watch their heads explode.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Congratulations Aesop. Woo Hoo or not, that is a pretty significant milestone.

Michael said...

Aesop while I generally agree I have one point that we disagree.

e) New Hampster, per Johns Hopkins, had 99,907 cases of Kung Flu. That means it only ever got to 7.239% of the entire state's population. IOW, 92.761% of EVERYONE in New Hampster never got COVID. Consequently, exactly like people who never pointed a loaded gun at their heads and pulled the trigger, they all lived, unscathed.

We both know about statistics. Here's one for you.

WHERE do you get off thinking some 92% of New Hampshire SOMEHOW escaped FROM the Dread COVID Plague? I seriously DOUBT that, given the infection rates of any similar respiratory diseases that EVRYBODY in NH was EXPOSED. No honest Hermits hiding on Mt. Tops around here.

ODDLY Enough most had NO DIS-Ease. All had no doubt SOME response from their IMMUNE SYSTEM that in most cases kicked COVID's ass. Most of us NEVER Chose to "Get the Test" as they didn't want to lose work hours.

We agree that masks properly worn (DAMN FEW OF THOSE I noticed BTW) and washing hands did reduce the Flu and likely the COVID. But then again What % of Americans DON'T wash their hands after the toileting? BLECH.

I TOO Was Face to Face at my hospital with Mr. COVID. I followed protocols and the only way I knew I GOT COVID was a required work testing. Seems IF I took the JAB I'd NOT have to be Tested again, odd that eh? No tests NO Evidence IF the Shot Works OR NOT?

BTW Somehow being ALSO the Primary Caregiver for a 95 year old demented old man WHO ODDLY Enough hasn't fallen to COVID is also curious for such a dread disease. That old man is not isolated and gets out to restaurants.

Does YOUR Hospital do weekly testing for COVID? Such a disease for some 97% of us that we NEED testing to find out we HAD it. The sickly, the druggies and the very aged were the prime movers of our hospitalization and deaths.

So Aesop how does a 100% exposure rate change your statistics friend?

BTW we are on the same side here, I'm just pissed off that FEAR, FEAR, FEAR is drowning my Republic. COVID was a Bioweapon and I am unsure if it was the Chinese OR OUR OWN Government (MAYBE BOTH?) that USED it to emplace a Sockpuppet as President.

Robin Datta said...

The 90+% of humans with innate immunity to SARS-Cov-2 likely will not show antibodies. Viruses mandatorily invade cells and usurp the molecular machinery therein to produce more virus particles. Nature's way to defeat viruses is by cellular immunity: training specialized cells to recognize the virus and then to go looking for infected cells and kill them. Most of that immunity is innate: myriads of infections over millions of years of evolution have left pattern recognition for invasions by various groups of of organisms. Acquired immunity is to a particular organism, and is more efficient. Cellular immunity is also important for those non-viruses that mostly invade and live inside cells. Some laboratories are working on skin tests for COVID-19 immunity and skin-administered (like smallpox) vaccine also.

Phil said...

Congrats on the milestone and it is much deserved IMO.
I am closing in on 5 million page views myself and I am just as mystified and honored as you are.

Aesop said...


Bring me data, not unsubstantiated suspicions and UnSWAGs.
Trying to pull numbers of exposure out of one's ass to get to a 0.1% death rate for COVID is simply contrary to all the laws of biology, let alone statistics.
If you're going to throw fantasy into the mix, bring your Dungeon Master Handbook, and some twenty-sided dice, and let's make this fair.

An imaginary 100% exposure rate, nationwide, would have resulted in multiple millions of COVID deaths, not mere hundreds of thousands. Even germ warfare planners know they'll never get 100% dissemination of anything, since ever, and anyone who could provide such would have a seven- or eight-figure annual salary working for the .gov in any country on the planet, surrounded by bikini-clad 20-year-old female assistants waiting on him hand and foot like a pasha until the end of days. You have better chances of dreaming up the winning Powerball numbers, every time.

The states with the highest infection rates were both uniformly
a) demonstrably stupid until far too late to matter (open subways forever, Mardi Gras, street festivals, etc.)
b) blessed/cursed with a large expat Chinese community (Seattle, Boston, Frisco, LA, NYFC, etc) to provide a landing pad and dissemination locii for the virus to arrive and get around initially. That the first US death was across the border from Hongcouver was no wild coincidence.

New Hampster, last I looked, doesn't have a Chinatown anywhere within its confines, does it?
Neither does North Dakota.
Or Wyoming.
Or 30 other states and territories, all with small populations, no major cities, and all happily lightly affected by COVID. Almost like disease travels where people do, like it has at all times since ever.

On Day One, or even Day Fifty, you can be justifiably skeptical of data distribution and accuracy.

By Day Four Hundred Plus, you're arguing against reality, and pissing directly into the wind.

The states most lightly hit by COVID weren't miraculously populated by people with magical immunity. They simply never got a good COVID dose, running wild and free. This is about as surprising as staying dry when you never go out in the rain.

Most of New Hampster, by both direct and indirect observation, qualifies nationally as Bumfuckistan. That's a good thing. It's why it's beautiful, pastoral, and peaceful, instead of looking like the Bronx, or Jersey. The biggest city there wouldn't even make a good two-stoplight town in Califrutopia (FFS, Manchester practically requires jetliners to use an arresting hook and crash barrier to stop planes going into the trees on the runways), and the fact that the entire state only comprises 0.4% of the entire US population should be a pretty good clue that it's a backwater in pretty much every way possible (except every four years, briefly, during presidential primary season. Which was over there before COVID was much of a thing anywhere).

Aesop said...

For which good fortune, your entire state should rejoice.

But the fact that NH got such a small exposure is a blessing, not a medical mystery only explainable by hand-waving, goat sacrifice, and imprecations to voodoo gods.

It simply never got there much, and despite that, you were hit 4-16 times worse than you ever have been by "just the flu, bro."

Step away from the chalkboard. Be happy you never got more than single-digit penetration of the population.

Be happy it didn't hit 100% of the population there (or anywhere), else you would be accounting your COVID dead at 19,000+ (which is still lower than just Los Angeles County, currently sitting at 24,000+ dead and counting, and going back into full indoor masking and partial capacity shutdowns as we speak), instead of a relatively paltry 1,381 dead in the entire state of NH spread over the year-plus this has gone on.

End of story.

I can lay out the obvious mathematical facts for anyone.
I can't make them comprehend them.
I only ask that anyone meet me halfway.

And maybe not be the guy standing on the Genoese docks in 1347 and telling people "it's no big deal, just the flu". The difference between ague and Plague is about 48 hours. This is why 40-day quarantines were the norm for most of recorded history, for peoples with IQs above room temperature. Had we (and any 50 nations) actually done that, we'd have been out of this 10-14 months ago.

Easy to be hard, hard to be smart.

John said...