Monday, July 5, 2021

Same-Same (Graphic Warning)

Pay attention. Or, suture self.

Based on last night in the ER, this is still news to some people.

Most of them will be nicknamed "Lefty" from here on out.


Robert said...

In the last pic, why isn't there more bleeding? Tourniquet so the doc can see what he or she is doing?

Aesop said...

"All bleeding stops eventually."

Arteries, veins, etc., self-clamp in small injuries.
Plus normal coagulation.
In larger ones, you tend to just bleed out.

Cederq said...

Man, seen and treated a few of those in past years, glad I don't have to do that anymore... unless the real fireworks goes hot.

Unknownsailor said...

Medical on USS Kitty Hawk had a "gore board" outside in the passage way. This was 1996-2000. On it was photos with various hand injuries specific to life on a ship. One shows a hand with a medium sized screwdriver plunged into the palm. Another showed a ring finger de-gloving, because the man was wearing his wedding ring, and while going down a ladder his ring finger caught on the safety chain and ripped all the meat off the finger.

None of those photos had any blood in them, either. I always found it unusual, because whenever I nick myself on the hand with a razor blade, I always bleed like a stuck pig...

Night driver said...


As long as you are fighting like hell to STOP the bleeding, this is a GOOD SIGN!!

At the point where you note that you are NO LONGER fighting like hell to STOP the bleeding, you have received your final indication that your problems have either INCREASED by 3-4 ORDERS of MAGNITUDE, or, conversely, you are no longer in trouble......because you just gave up a Grand Slam.

Been there. Both fought that battle and WON and LOST. The blood tastes like coppery shit either way.

T said...

"And that, nieces and nephews, is how Uncle Nub got his nickname..."

Jim Wetzel said...

A somewhat-serious comment on the fireworks: it only takes one second of stupidity, and you don't have to be generally stupid to have that one second. Case in point: self. A friend and I were putting on a fourth-of-July fireworks show for a bunch of people we worked with and their families, way out in the rural unincorporated county where there were no near neighbors. Long story short: I had lit the fuse on a single-shot mortar, and, after an unreasonable time, it hadn't gone off. I'd had a long day, I was tired, and probably not at my best. (There's my excuses, except for the one where my dog ate my homework.) So, I stupidly started to have a look down that tube. A hand grabs my shirt; my friend pulls me back, and, tenths of a second later, that mortar goes off. I was THAT close to getting a face-full of that which is not face-compatible.

So, even if you're not normally stupid, be a little extra-careful with those fireworks. My friend and I are still putting on those shows, annually. But that lesson from the past is always top-of-mind for me. I think I'd enjoy meeting Aesop, but would prefer not to do so professionally.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

While I enjoy a fireworks program as much as the next person, this is why they frighten me. Explosions are terrible things.

Reltney McFee said...

Night before last, lotsa neighbor fireworks.

No pounding on Stretcher Ape's door.

All's well, that ends well.

This time n

Michael said...

Aesop this comment is not directly about fireworks and Darwin Events.

You are aware that Cyber Polygon 2021 is kicking off in the wee hours of Friday 9 July 2021 as in THIS Friday. A snip about this event as a refresher:

The Cyber Polygon 2021 agenda is out, and discussions will focus on ransomware, supply chain attacks, and digital currencies, with one of the desired outcomes being “international regulation on the net.”

Following up on last year’s cyber pandemic simulation, this year’s Cyber Polygon will hold live training exercises responding to “a targeted supply chain attack on a corporate ecosystem in real time.”

NOW If you happened to be Concerned that THIS event much like the 2020 Pandemic event *might* go live…

What are you going to do for this? You have less than 4 days.

Personally IF the Weather Channel told me we were going to have a Nasty Nor’easter, likely to disrupt my grid power, Grocery Stores resupply, and severely limit my ability to drive anywhere as Gas Stations cannot sell nor get resupplied IN 4 DAYS I’d get Busy.

Yes I have preps but as Graham’s Killhouse rule # 5 says Mostly, ALWAYS BE WORKING . There is always something you can be doing to improve your position. Always. Because nobody is coming to save you.

Might get spicy around here if the grid goes down and JIT supply gets Weird. Just saying.

Pigpen51 said...

And this is also why I leave the fireworks to the professionals. When I was a kid, I used to mess around with all kinds of explosive mixtures, from firecrackers in metal pipes, with stones on top of them, as projectiles, to .22 LR shells held with pliers lit with a Zippo, just to watch the shell sail over the Maple tree in the front yard. We were lucky that we didn't kill or severely damage something needed.

Robert said...

Jim Wetzel: On the starboard side of the USS Constellation CV-64 island there was a painted table of the "cook-off times" for various didn't-blow-up-when-it-shoulda munitions. IIRC, one was 20 friggin' minutes.

John said...

I have seen artsy photos of people holding smoke grenades to make pretty pictures. Looked fine, until one of them exploded bigger than any legal firework I'd ever set off.

Chemical reactions, even those that are limited to only 1.35km/sec, can ruin your day.