Saturday, June 12, 2021

Visible From Space

 h/t OddJob

"Bienvenidos a Guatemala, Senator Kneepads!"

This picture illustrates the difference between the United States on one hand, and a country that is a true ally of the United States, with freedom of speech and a free press, on the other.

Average Central Americans, having long firsthand experience with electoral shenanigans far less obvious than the farcical 2020 elections here, ain't buying the bullshit.

And if even they can see it, how much more obvious must it be to Europe, getting a close-up glimpse of Gropey Dopey, in all his senile senescent glory? If you thought Hopey Dopey's World Apology Tour in 2009 was bad, the 2021 Alzheimer's On Parade Tour from our new pretend-leader is going to leave that excremental display in the dust.

¡Viva la Verdad!

Or, you can switch over to the WaPo/NYSlimes/ ABCNNBCBS version:

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John said...

In English, she says, "don't come" while in Spanish she says, "we will take all immigrants in danger" with danger meaning, of course, a shortage of Ding Dongs in the local supermarket.