Friday, June 18, 2021

Fire And Sword


Turns out that not only did the DNC-CCCP steal the election, the FBI was the instigator of the Reichstag Fire Capitol riot insurrection panty raid on January 6th, designed to discredit all opposition to the rigged results. (Moscow Rules: There are no coincidences.And now the same Fibbies who pimped a known fake dossier to damage Trump, ginned up investigations to hamstring his adminstration for years, and lied, serially, to FISA courts in order to get illegal wiretaps, are being all shy and secretive about their latest KGB-esque-apades. 

Faking Bullshit Incidents. AGAIN.

They ginned up a farcical imaginary "coup" where the only execution was by the police themselves, of an unarmed woman and military veteran named Ashli Babbitt, while ten heavily armed Capitol Police SWAT cops stood unconcerned about her "threat" less than 10 feet away behind her, immediately prior to her execution. 

Re-read the JFK quote above. He wasn't just whistling "Dixie".

The People will grow weary of the constant lies and machinations of the kakistocracy, and when they go back to the Capitol (as they certainly will), they won't just be bringing bullhorns the next time. No one can build a wall big enough to stop that, and there aren't enough troops in the world to prevent it. But whatever rump troops and lapdog stasi are brought will be a handy re-supply point for what follows, once they're stripped to rotting carcasses and bleached bones.

The whole bunch of Banana Republicans in both parties is rotten, and they're going to get peeled.

That's where we are. And that's where we're headed, like a freight train.

We're talking a freight train where we end up stringing up most of institutional and elected Washington by the necks, in batches, in Lafayette Park, and any handy light posts. Not only for crimes already committed, but pour encourager les autres. That's a feature, not a bug.

And both sides of the Uniparty not only thirst for that train, they're actually stoking the fires under its boiler with racing fuel to bring it about, to the tune of "MOAR! Faster! Harder!"

So don't nobody get all butthurt nor surprised when TPTB get their wish, in spades.

You can only push a pendulum (or a population) so far, then it comes all the way back, and wallops you coming and going if you try to stop it.

Pardon me for showing some unrestrained enthusiasm for that day.

TPTB had best leave their married men at home, and make sure their posse is well-mounted.

"Blessed be the Lord my strength which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight"

For your listening pleasure, a cautionary tale about f**king with the wrong people...

A lot of people are going to be singing along.



Sean said...

+10 Boss. I've seen this before. Cracks me up how many on our side that think nothing will happen. The only thing holding back the deluge is imagination.

John in Indy said...

Agree. I have read several good takes on attitudes towards political violence on the Left vs conservaiives, looking at the Left seeing it as a dial vs the conservatives seeing it as a switch, andbwhy that matters.
The Left has already accepted political violence as acceptable, varying in intensity as may be necessary at the time, as a change in degree. "The dial."
Conservatives (small"c"), see themselves as people of order and of a civilization of law and standards of behavior.
For a conservative, direct political violence would require them to change their nature and beliefs, and to abandon a belief that we are a civilized nation. Conservatives will hate such a change.
Those changes would be a permanent change in the nature of the people who are willing to defend our civilization. This would be "the switch".
The current actions of the FICUS administration, its' controllers, and the permanent administrative state actors to encourage a set of American STASI informers to target conservatives may be one of the triggering events, but the .gov is so stupid now that it is hard to guess which fuse they will light.
John in Indy

Greg said...

"... whatever rump troops and lapdog stasi are brought will be a handy re-supply point for what follows, once they're stripped to rotting carcasses and bleached bones." Therein lies the single best argument for going with 9mil as a preferred caliber. Scavenging is NOT Looting, though they may appear similar. Just sayin'.
Thanks for the Jim Croce link. I saw him live in around 1972 when he was just starting to move up from the roadhouse/bar circuit to the college circuit on his way to big time. When he and his accompaniment guitarist took the stage, we were disgusted: "What is this acoustic shit? We came to see some ROCK-N-ROLL!" He proceeded to do one of the best concerts I've ever seen.

Roadscholar said...

Makes me think of the song "Lunatic fringe" by Red Rider.

Nick Flandrey said...

His son AJ is a pretty good musician in his own right. Did a bunch of stuff with AJ in San Diego back in the day.