Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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Warning: Level Three Beverage Alert. Swallow all liquids before reading. Not responsible for ruined keyboards.



Dear Entitled Whiny Crybabies from any generation:

Crapping their diapers and crying about it is what babies do. It's how you know they're babies.

Adults do their business quietly, wipe themselves off, pull up their big boy pants, and get on with life. It's how you know they're grown-ups.

Note for Common Core grads:

The only thing all Boomers have in common is all being born from 1945-1965. That's IT.

Still butthurt?

Bonus: Three. Daily Pundit piles on.

The offending anti-Boomer bilge represent either people so bereft of a life they must throw lit dynamite in the outhouse, just to watch the shit fly; or those most accurately diagnosed by Goose in Top Gun:

They obviously are not to be taken seriously in either event.


RandyGC said...

I was born in 1960 but do not consider myself a "boomer". My parents were still children after WWII and I was not part of the wave of kids that came when returning GIs got home to there wives and sweethearts (may they never meet).

I was only 15 when Saigon fell, long after the draft, and never had anything in common with the hippies and self styled "rebels" of those that embrace the boomer stereotype.

The same "rebels" that want to speak truth to power and stick to the man that don't want to admit that since 1993 they have been "the man" and are the establishment.

The fact that lazy statisticians wanted a neat cut off for their studies and reports is not relevant to me. But then social "scientists" have never understood that people are not interchangeable widgets.

millerized said...

The unnamed website is the 'vox' one, in case anyone didn't know.

Charlie said...

Yeah, those folks wrap themselves in their Christianity, then turn around and talk about the "day of the pillow".

I poke them once in a while, but other than the humor there is really no point.

VD has a real chip on his shoulder I am guessing because his daddy choose crime and a prison sentence. He seems to have done fairly well for himself, other than running off to europe and playing soccer.

His 'publishing' empire with the comic book thing would be funny but they take it seriously.

I find it hard to justify visiting his site for the occasional tidbit of insight.

John said...

I don't blame the Boomers. I blame the Federal government legislatures in the 1950s who vilified Tail Gunner Joe and passed the Great Society and immigration reform acts and the Supreme Court that colluded with them.

We are still paying for those actions today. And will pay for them for the next 50 years, at least.

Unknownsailor said...

He has said, numerous times, that he is describing an attitude, not an entire generation.

I am Gen X, born in '71, and I have been lectured by Boomers (Capital B) as described by Vox. My parents are boomers (lower case B), who were not that sort of Boomer. My mom didn't work growing up, and I was not a latch key kid. My father was of the VN war era military, and served until 1979.

That there is a large swath of the boomer demographic that is selfish, narcissistic, clueless, and sensitive about being called out about it. If that isn't you, Vox isn't talking about you.

Beans said...


Butthurt whiners. "Ooooh, school's so expensive, I'll be in debt for the rest of my life" is something that I hear a lot. Of course, they're going for some esoteric degree in advanced heat applications to vegetable-starched structures or something like that.

When presented with "You do know that the local welding school is open and looking for someone just like you because the welding industry needs small flexible people for pipe fitting and welding?" they just cringe and continue to whine abou.t how much their Masters in Opera is costing (true story, post-boomer being a cashier in Joanne's (fabric store) who's working for spending money because her boomer parents are only paying for tuition. Lots of woe and wahhh involved in her life.)

Seriously 'Boomers' tend not to vote socialist, while post-boomers tend to vote socialist so they only have themselves to friggin complain about.


We 'boomers' grew up with the actual threat of imminent thermonuclear warfare. Grew up when cars didn't have A/C, or traction control, and our used cars often didn't have power steering or power brakes. Our toys were all manual or some battery-powered, and our battery technology sucked rocks (in comparison to modern batteries) so even our battery powered noisemakers would eventually become manual. We grew up with 3-12 channels of TV unless we were fortunate to live in an area that had cable and our parents were rich enough to have said cable. And so forth and so on. Yet the post-boomers have it so friggin hard?

Like medical stuff. My older sister died because she was born with a heart defect that we now can, thanks to her and many others, can be fixed in utero. We knew people who had survived polio and tuberculosis (back before TB was mostly passed amongst prisoners and drug users). Hell, the fear of the iron lung was still there in the mid '60s due to Polio PTSD. We also knew people who lost loved ones from polio and tb and all the childhood diseases that are now normally vaccinated against (unless their parents are idiots.)

Waaaah. That's all I hear from these... children.

Subtle clue. Want to be treated like an adult? Then act like one. Quit whining and suck it up, buttercup.

I mean, I know lotsa boomers with some serious head issues that just had to work through it and came out the other side as mostly-normal. Post-boomers? They have a semi-load of pharmaceuticals and homeopathic treatments to allow them to be functionally butt-hurt losers.

Seriously, I survived injuries by washing them off with the outside water hose and basic common sense that I see people go into the damned ER for now. Another subtle hint: Hydrogen Peroxide, Epsom Salts and dish detergent are your friends, learn to use them!


Aesop said...

The groups of people that caused most of the problems were the ones born prior to 1911, who elected FDR, the ones born from then through 1923, who kept electing him, and the ones born prior to 1880, who elected the Progressives that passed the four Constitutional amendments (XVI, XVII, XVIII, and XIX) that thoroughly, deliberately, and with surgical precision dismantled the entire republic bequeathed them by the Founders.
Most of the troublemakers the whiny retards associate with Boomers turn out to be the ones born before 1945 (you could look it up), but yet again, why let reality stand in the way of a good narrative, right?
And as I said, the only thing Boomers have in common is all being born in the US from 1945-1965. Nothing else. They're both the biggest and most utterly diverse demographic you could find, and someone born in 1946 has about as much in common with someone born in 1964 as they have in common with someone born in Timbuktu in 400 B.C.
But what happened before I was born or after has as much to do with what happens in my life as astrology does in controlling my future.

The whole pussified crybaby phenom has more to do with whiny entitlement, and kids raised to try and find a scapegoat anywhere but the bathroom mirror for the source of their failure and discontent.

Anybody voicing such a self-indulgent whine self-identifies as the true source of their own problems, every single time. Anybody who does it, seriously, or more than once, needs nothing in life so much as a daily crotch-kick until they finally grow out of it and starts striving for adulthood.

Babies shit their diapers and cry.
It's how you know they're babies.

Adults quietly take care of their business, wipe their behinds, flush, pull up their big boy pants, and get on with life.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Its not the group. Aesop, John and Unknown sailor are correct. It was the sociopathic few like clinton who ran our government and voted in or created the protections of their retirement wealth as in social security, the GFC bailout, and others of their savings and investments. Unfortunately when repeating history reaches its peak the whole group will suffer.

Aesop said...

By that logic, only Hitler need be punished for the Holocaust, and only Tojo should have been bombed for Pearl Harbor.

"Your circus, your monkeys." is the rule since the dawn of history.

5stonegames said...

Aesop. I have to disagree, the Boomers are the among the most monolithic groups I've every interacted with.

Blacks have more of a common culture but the Boomers come damn close to a hive mind even compared to Gen Y . They also are basically all White as a race unlike the Gen Y which is very diverse ethnically.

There are "hard" boomers who've been through some shit like many veterans of course but on the whole, they are products of the media culture they grew up in, of exceptional prosperity and far too many seem to be self absorbed and have terrible normalacy bias.

Also no one and that includes Vox Day blames the Boomers for starting it. They blame them for not making some effort to undo it. He's wrong on the anti abortion front, They anti abortion people put up a hell of a fight but on the rest?

Most of them made little effort to save the culture, barely bothered to have or raise kids , remember latchkey kids? Below replacement fertility started in 1972 when they hit 21.

On the aggregate they failed to step up and we are all paying for it.

And Charlie, Vox Day has done more to fight for Western Civ than most anyone out there. Politics is down stream from culture after all.

Unknown said...

I don't buy to much into Boomer hate. However most are a little out of touch with the current times. Especially with jobs and housing. SO's parents wondered why I didn't I just give up on renovating my house and get an apartment or in the city up the road. Said I could easily rent a two bedroom for 4-500 a month.... Twenty years ago. They also believed in going up with your paper resume and asking to speak with the boss about a job. Just walk right off the street into a job into a good paying job. Even if it's sweeping up dog shit just be there every day and give 110%. You'll be in management in less than a decade with a pension! Nevermind diversity hiring, immigration, and plug n play hiring*. Also they are the ones that said go to college for anything. As long as you've got a degree in something it'll prove you're willing to work and it'll get you a good job. Thought I'm wasting my time in construction too. Computers is where the money is at. Either go into computers or do thirty years at a factory. It's not their fault though. Some people just can't see things change until it's too late. I'm never going to get rich. I don't have the smarts or the mindset for it. I just enjoy what I do. Fixing things or making things is way more satisfying than breaking things.

*Plug in play being that XYZ degree is better than X# of years experience. Got a decade or more in the field? Tough shit. No degree. No job or even interview.

Aesop said...


Show all work. Please.
Gainsaying doesn't cut it.

Donald Trump and Bill Clinton are both Boomers. Explain the supposed monolithic culture present in both of them. The idea that any group of 76M Americans is monolithic in any way is prima facie simply recockulous, unless we're talking about monlithically omnivorous oxygen-breathing bipedal mammals.

And below-replacement fertility may have started in 1972, but that had more to do with the sudden and widespread availability of birth control pills, and the immediately following availability of nationwide abortion-on-demand than with all other causes combined.

Which Boomers ruled in favor of Roe v. Wade?

Please, then tell the class which Boomers invented birth control pills, being that the eldest were in their twenties at that time, and which of them were performing and advocating those abortions?
I'll wait.

Then tell us how many birth control pills and abortions were available to any prior generation, going back to 1776, for an apples-to-apples honest factual comparison.

Then tell us which Boomers legislated no-fault divorce and the Welfare State into existence, being as none of the Boomers could even vote until 1966, and discuss the implications of the total destruction of the nuclear family as an explanation for a Pandora's box of societal ills those two culture bombs have wrought, to the present day, and years ahead beyond numbering.

Once again, Boomers were simply the largest arbitrarily-constructed demographic first exposed to all society's toxic stew of Progressivist ills, not the authors of any of them.

I've posted it before, but go look up, do you please, the dates of birth of Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman, Dr. Timothy Leary, Dr. Benjamin Spock, Hugh Hefner, Betty Friedan, Helen Gurley Brown, Charles Manson, Malcolm X, Jesse Jackson, Dan Rather, Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein, etc., et al, among the list of notorious icons of the era, and see where the problem lies, before you start telling me anything is Boomers' fault - other than all being born in the same arbitrarily chosen 20-year span.

Tell me which Boomers passed the XVIth, XVIIth, XVIIIth, and XIXth Amendments?
Founded the Federal Reserve Bank?
Took America off the gold standard?
Started the Vietnam War?

Which Boomer wrote Mein Kampf? Or Das Kapital? Or Psychoanalysis?
Or On The Origin Of Species? Or Schedules Of Reinforcement? Or A People's History Of The United States?

Boomers are canaries in the coal mine.
They are not, however, the guy who dug the mine, nor the guys who own it.
They are simply a demographic accident courtesy of spectacularly stupid people from the three to four prior generations, at a minimum, making deliberate and serially jackassical choices, with cataclysmic consequences.

There are douchebags in every generation, some spectacularly so, but the self indulgence and other ills people want to associate with any group were rampant decades before the first Boomer was a gleam in his daddy's eye.

I've only got all of recorded history on my side.

Trying to scapegoat Boomers, per se, is simply intellectually lazy rhetorical hogwash, and anyone promoting it is dishonest, and frankly, utterly and completely full of shit.

The only thing Boomers are guilty of is not killing their parents en masse, and then working backwards through previous shitheads until the rot was completely burnt out. Just like no generation has ever done, going back to Cain.

Buster Kilrain's quote stands the acid test.
Change my mind.

Aesop said...


I haven't met all 76M Boomers, and some of those are dead - a lot of them in a place called Vietnam - so I'm not willing to castigate an entire generation based on my own limited subset of experience.

But there's a guy whose works and current efforts you should look up.
He's a Boomer, unfortunately for the peawit class of thinkers.
Name of Mike Rowe.
Maybe you've heard of him.

Make Mine Texas said...

Thank you. Used to read that site a lot, but now all I see is more division we don't need.

Balam said...

Ah yes Mike Rowe, the television host who's never worked a blue collar day in his life who castigates others for not taking the path he himself avoided. Absolute hypocrisy in the same vein as telling people to give firm handshakes and pull themselves up by the bootstraps while ignoring how easy their parents set it up to be for them. Sounds about right for a Boomer.

Aesop said...

"And Balam's ass spake."

Let's save your comment, in case you try and sneak in here and self-edit yourself later on:
"Ah yes Mike Rowe, the television host who's never worked a blue collar day in his life who castigates others for not taking the path he himself avoided. Absolute hypocrisy in the same vein as telling people to give firm handshakes and pull themselves up by the bootstraps while ignoring how easy their parents set it up to be for them. Sounds about right for a Boomer."

A few things you evidently missed:

Mike actually worked over 300 days' of blue collar jobs in his life (evidently they didn't cover that for you in Common Core, nor on Playstation), and they weren't blue collar, so much as brown collar: the shitiest jobs on the planet.

And he doesn't castigate anyone for not taking that path, he castigates those idiots irresponsibly telling everyone "go to college", as if a sheepskin is a panacea whose one size fits all, when there are jobs you can get with a high school diploma and some skills training going begging, that pay $100K/yr, rather than leaving one $100K or more in debt.

As Casey Stengel used to say, "You could look it up."

Holy shit! It's amazing what you could have learned if your eyes and ears (let alone your mind) worked as quick as your mouth and fingers, i'n'it?

Take a chance, and try it the other way around, so at least next time you'll know WTF you're talking about, before you pull your own pants down and spank yourself on the internet in perpetuity, for God and everyone to point and laugh at. Trust me on that one.

So you can't count, nor read either, evidently, let alone check your "facts".
Well played, sir. Perhaps it's news, but in your case, mere possession of a keyboard and an internet connection is not proof of your intelligence. Rather the opposite. But we thank you, sincerely and profusely, for the comedy relief.

Thanks also for living up to all our expectations of someone eminently qualified to be the poster child for the Dunning-Kruger Effect*, if not quite for a barrista at Starbuck's. Perhaps something in the janitorial or food service industry might be in your line. Failing that, there's only medical trials, and blood donation. Heavy sigh.

*(I'll let you google that one yourself, presuming you can figure out the mysteries of how cut-and-paste works.)

And maybe get a handkerchief, to wipe away the fecal material from your massive brain fart. Cleat marks in your dick will be slow healing up as well.

And thanks for making my point, and underlining it with your own blood.
I could have paid someone to teach the lesson, and here you are showing up for free.


Anonymous said...

That smackdown was painful to read. Mainly because of the cola that came out of my nose.