Thursday, June 24, 2021

Getting It, Good And Hard


The media anointed Gropey Dopey, even though it was obvious the people never elected him. The Useful Idiots decided that elections don't matter; what's important is getting the right result. As they see it. Legal ballots be damned.

Now, they can suck on his continued meltdown, and own it. They won't escape the reckoning to come, unless they literally defect to Cuba or Venezuela. Probably not even then.

The rest of us are just stocking up on popcorn and cool drinks, enjoying the show, and loading magazines. The next voting will take place with ballots travelling at about 3200fps, and every act of the current regime shows that they know this truth, and feel it in their bones.

And the worst part of this, is that parody is so close to reality, it's hard to find the humor.

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idahobob said...

That was great! I sent it to everyone I know.