Wednesday, June 9, 2021

New Link - Badlands Fieldcraft

 h/t WRSA

Heads up: New link added to the Meatspace Training Opportunities gadget over there --->

Badlands Fieldcraft

Evidently located in the Dakota/Montana Badlands, or thereabouts.

Marine AFAICT. Just hit the blogosphere end of April this year.

Good info; great pdf links. (I found three worth grabbing in the first ten minutes. The WRSA-linked night fighting syllabus alone is a literal gold mine of lessons learned and prep tips!)

Check it out. If you can spare the time and ducats, and he's nearby to you, throw a bone his way, and take a meatspace class.

If not, take the time to thank the guy for putting in the links to good study material.

Highly recommended.


Old NFO said...

Thanks! Never too old to learn!

John said...

*Lots* to dig into there.