Monday, June 28, 2021

Re: Wilder, Wealthy, and Wise


I have no more idea than anyone else what happened to JW's blog. Possibly a Pez overdose. Perhaps critical mass from pun accumulation. Or maybe just kulaked by the Wordpress PTB.

I sent an e-mail query, and if I hear anything, I'll post it. But probably not until late this afternoon. (Something about needing to sleep a bit between night shifts in the ER.)

Feel free to do the same in comments if you know anything.

Apparently his "critical error" was to tell Biden "F**k you." 

We hope Wordpress is just having a temporary hiccup, and not some Woke Weenie there nuking sites because they can.

UPDATE - From JW: 

"Probably someone just took the data files and gently stirred. It was all there. But inaccessible. Plus all of the links were obliterated.

Had to (via machine, thankfully) reconstruct the structure. I think it's all fixed.

There had been no software updates for 25 days.

Guessing I rubbed someone the wrong way. The Mrs., to me as I was getting the problem fixed, "I'm glad I'm not planning to fly anywhere with you, since you're probably on the no-fly list."

Dunno. It could always be a coincidence, right?

(Nipsy Russell voice) riiiiiiight." - from e-mail today.

FTR, kids: There are no coincidences.

(Hey, if you want to think that of all the Wordpress sites out there, only JW's happened to have "critical errors", after having exactly zero problems for years, right after his most popular post ever, which happened to be a magnificent rantastic send-up of Gropey Dopey, culminating in "F**k You! Strong message follows.", and you want to believe that coincidentally "just happened", well you go right on thinking that. ROWYBS. And I have a bridge for sale, cheap, right next to some oceanfront property in Kansas.)

But if anyone out there isn't on a list or three, you're not trying hard enough. ;)


Phil said...

Someone told the woke weenie to nuke it would be my guess.

T-Rav said...

The site still works for me. I checked just now.

KDKong said...

Looks like WWW is up.

Divemedic said...

What post did I miss? The site is up, but I don't see anything all that controversial. At least not more than usual.

Karl said...

I was just there. All looks ok. (6pm EST)

1chota said...

Wilder is up now.

pyrrhus said...

Un-nuked now apparently...

RandyGC said...

As of 20:00 EST 28Jun21 looks like he's back up

(If this is just the latest of 1,000 posts pointing this out feel free to delete without posting.)

John said...

Yup, I'm back. It took three go-rounds. The first just republished the page. Zero of the links worked. The second republished the (bogus) links that Wordpress software uses to identify a post while you're writing it. None of my external links (i.e., if you linked to a particular post) worked. This included me linking to previous posts.

Finally, the "external" links got reformed via computers doing what they do, computing.

I'll skip the technobabble but this took hours. I mean, hours while I was sipping coffee, but hours.

It's really odd that this happened when I had posted my most popular post ever, and it was getting thousands of hits an hour. I assure you the servers were fine for that amount of data - most of the hits were less than what a normal broadband connection could keep up with.

I own my own domain, and I have the entire site backed up.

"They can't stop the signal, Mal. They can never stop the signal." - Serenity

CPL Antero Rokka said...

Well--dunno whya possible WP nuke, but for the 'mere words' of "Fook Sniffy!"


At the Trumpster's Rally last week here in O-HI-O, there was a sweet, kindly 80+ y/o Granny who parked her huge van bedecked with a "F*** Biden!" sign on the fairground parking lot. The sign and its message was very popular there.

"F*** Biden!" is about the only thing one can say or think when considering the demo-team of "Sniffy & Giggles," eh?

Tucanae Services said...

Ole techie offers the advise I offer to anyone -- If you are going to digitally ruffle feathers your assets need to be old school:

* Host your own site on your own hardware.
* Do not use WP, AWS, Google to do your hosting.
* Install the software on your hardware, no cloud software services.
* Arrange your own ISP, & DNS records. At least then you have title to them.
* Backup like a fiend, or better duplicate records real time using proper RAID.
* If you get big enough arrange your own transport and have it under contract and have your lawyer review it.
* The newest wrinkle, go global. Place your site out of the reach of US law. Estonia is particularly favorable these days.

A hacker still might inconvenience you, but you have reduced your expose the best you can.

Unknownsailor said...

Tucanae Services speaks the truth.

Basically, dissident speech is right back to where internet speech was circa 2002, back in the heyday of the blogosphere. Buy domain name from a social pressure resistant registrar, and point that domain name towards a physical web server you control, using software you installed.