Thursday, March 28, 2019

Lexicon Update

As noted everywhere, most recently by Peter over at Bayou Renaissance Man, Rep. Adam Schiff (D - Coprophilia) has a credibility and sanity problem, a paraphilia that's rather unpleasant to behold, and a certification of his obvious and undeniable psychosis.

This deserves suitable recognition, which we henceforth grant, with full authority.

Pray note: henceforth, that word will be added to the lexicon in lieu of the former expletive, until further notice. e.g.:

"While out walking, I stepped in some dog Schiff."

As a long time aficionado with frequent flier miles on that term, expect to see it with some regularity.
As National Prank Day approaches, I must also observe that appropriately flagging restrooms on their doors as "Schiff Rooms", whilst including a picture of the Founder of The Frolic appended, would be wholly appropriate.

Let's take a little rhetorical heat off the inventor of the modern water closet
appliance, Mr. J.D. Crapper, shall we?

This is in the exact vein as noting that Europeans have been merkeled by the policies of a certain European leader, in the exact same manner as Mohammedans do to goats and young boys.

Vidkun Quisling and Benedict Arnold mustn't hog all the glory.


Anonymous said...

When you have to deal with a delusional co-worker on a project -

"Screw it. This is a goddam schiff-show"

Anonymous said...

So, what airline would he use when the Shiff flies?

I've had enough of this Shiff.

Anonymous said...

For a delightful mental picture, imagine The Iceman Randy Couture punching Adam Schiff in the face. mmmmm

Eskyman said...

"River of Schiff, river of Schiff, the wide, wide river of Schiff."- The Fugs

Anonymous said...

Now I'm not calling for violence...
If we combined this with the "Remember" post...

Anonymous said...

I understand why it's not been done previously but there's plenty of cause to revoke shiff-head's clearance. Ought to be expeditiously.
Boat Guy

Angantyr said...

I'm the man, in the Box
Buried in, my SCHIFF

- Alice in Chains

Yeah, that works!