Thursday, March 28, 2019

Teach Your Children Well


Anonymous said...

That's 3 rounds to accomplish what could be accomplished with one gut shot. Ammo will be scarce.

Anonymous said...

As Matt says, I train up my children. "Hips and heads, kiddos, hips and heads.
Steve in KY

Aesop said...


No, it's not.
You don't teach all three lessons at once.
That would be silly.

Mike_C said...

The lesson isn't being taught to the one getting shot in the gut.

The gut shooting is pour encourager les autres or, if you want to be all folksy about it, the rooster and monkey principle.

AB.Prosper said...

There are around 12 billion rounds ammo sold per year, most of it in calibers team freedom would be using

Figure that 80% of it useful calibers, 80% of that shot off and a twenty year hording margin , lets round this to 2 billion rounds per year without resupplying from OpFor or using handloads

Over a twenty year storage period this should leave 40 billion rounds.

There are at most 100 million worthy targets, probably less so this leaves 400 rounds per target roughly assuming no new supplies of any kind and no use of exotic or oddball rounds

Since this would be a shoot and scoot guerilla style war, figure 100 rounds per target leaving 3/4 of the supply untouched

McChuck said...

Correction - There are 200 million worthy targets, and only 120 million potential shooters on our side.

AB.Prosper said...

I think that's an exaggeration as a lot of people on OpFor are kids , non combatants and people who can if made to, live in a reasonable manner and leave well enough alone. If things go hot, the goal is not genocide which is too costly not to mention immoral but gaining political power.

Truth is there leader core of OpFor is pretty small and most people even those who ascribe to some of their views are regular folks who aren't a threat.

Even if you numbers were true , that still leaves plenty of ammo left at the end and my numbers don't account for people fleeing to anywhere else , dying of disease or anything else