Friday, March 15, 2019

Whether Report

"The fog creeps in on little cat feet..." - Carl Sandburg

From Linda Fox, via Cold Fury, the following:
It's here. Now.
They hate us. They have contempt for us, and no hesitation about displaying it openly. They viciously attack us in public, in our homes, and use thug tactics to threaten our livelihoods, our safety, and our ability to function in a modern society.
When it's all over, there will be a putative victor (because a fight so infused with hatred must end in complete surrender for one side), but there will not be peace. It will end in bitterness, lasting distrust, and unwillingness to associate with the other side in any way. It will be the end of the United States, as we have known it.
Logic has not stopped their lies. Resort to the courts is a lost cause. They have taken over the legislative bodies, maligning and intimidating any opposition, threatening the established leadership, and using underhanded means in their climb to power.
I don't see an end that doesn't culminate in death - many of them.

While we agree with the observations, we must dispute the theme.

No, it's not "here now".

Because they aren't killing you on the streets, neither singly nor in batches, nor are you doing that to them.


And that, plainly, is the only way you'll know when we are "there now".

But we aren't far from it, though as yet it hides somewhere out amidst the fog.
Which is clearly the Fog Of War.

It's visible, but it hasn't yet rolled in, save in small wisps.
Know what it and its arrival portends, and make the most of the time left you, however much or little that may yet be.

Neither will the aftermath be the long twilight distrust you imagine.
When the civil conflict you imagine arises, it will be a war of survival, and extinction, and there will be but one victor left standing afterwards. There will be no Marshall Plan, no Appomattox kindness and conciliatory welcome of separated brothers.

This will be Rome vs. Carthage, for all time.

One side only shall leave the field triumphant, the other side shall cease to exist for all time.
So it must be, and so it shall.

One doesn't make peace with a cancer.

It will indeed be war to the knife, and knife to the hilt.
But afterwards will be cleansing the locus of the disease with fire, and salting the field that brought forth the error, lest anything ever live or grow there again.

It may prove to be a chainsaw amputation, but it will be equally permanent as any done with the finest medical laser.

Communism delenda est.


McChuck said...

Mountains of skulls, and rivers of blood.
No later than 2033.
The earlier it happens, the more advantage our side retains over those who would have us replaced, and the heathen barbarians they import to replace us.
And yet, we can't start it. But we will by God finish it.

Jim Scrummy said...

"Because they aren't killing you on the streets, neither singly nor in batches, nor are you doing that to them.


Key sentences there.

They still hate you, want you enslaved, and when that fails they want you dead. Never forget that, use it as extra motivation, I do.

Keep learning, training, PTing, and making the best use of that fleeting commodity known as time. Events can change quickly.

Anonymous said...

" ...make the most of the time left you, however much or little that may yet be "
As many of us have said and are so doing.
Range day today. Doping scopes and testing pistol repair before placing it back in active service.
PT yesterday; musta been good, I'm sore in a couple of new places.
Boat Guy


Starting up the PT (again). Got to get to the range soon, and start teaching the younglings.

Anonymous said...

Well If it doesn't start soon I won't be there. I was informed in the first week of March 2018 that I had terminal lung cancer with six weeks to live. We have been fighting with a new drug that is just off the experimental list and radiation. I am enjoying a remission now. How long that will last is anybody's guess. It isn't just gun use, tactics and PT that we need to stress. The old vets need to teach the logistic art, communications without radios and computers, supply transport, chain of care for the wounded. How to steal and use supporting arms Too much of this has turned into the latest gun or uniform fad. We need the basics much more, and we need to teach them NOW in the field. Good luck guys. ---Ray

Reltney McFee said...

Good luck, to you, Ray.

Cetera said...

Ray, when you get there, please petition the Lord on our behalf. We could use a squad, a platoon, heck, a LEGION of angels for assistance and support. Pester Him every day for us, please.

Also, please say hi to my kids there for me. I've never met them, but I will someday.



As I light the Shabbat candles tonight I will say a prayer for you. May He who made all things welcome you; may your trial be swift and the judgment gentle and laced with mercy.

B"H, godspeed to you.

John Wilder said...

Ray, God bless.

Aesop, perfect metaphor. Bring the salt.