Thursday, March 21, 2019

DNC 2020 Platform


AB.Prosper said...

I'm fine with felons voting, owning guns as it was before 1937 and all that. Once time is served, its served.

That said we need to limit the franchise to 21+ landowners , paid off fully who have maintained residency in a State for ten year continuous period (to prevent carpetbagging) and return the Senate selection to the States if we want to reform the system

I suspect we'll need an interregnum with a dictator for a few decades first though . You need boot to make sure the Left and Globalists power networks are broken up and subversives don't undo what you worked so hard for.

The trick is though even if you can make it happen to have said dictator have enough character to resign and have fair open elections. Good luck finding another Washington

Anonymous said...

Yep, the Dims have GREAT platform lined up for 2020. Full Term Abortion (i.e. baby killing), Save the Planet Agenda while eliminating ALL means of inter and intra continent travel and logistics except by shank's mare or swimming, switch ALL electric power generation to renewables leaving MAJOR swaths of the USA without power on cloudy days or when the wind doesn't blow while watching China, India and every other Third World Shithole on the planet spew countless MEGA-FUCK-TONS of carbon, in the form of CO2 and smoke particles, into the atmosphere AND FORCING the average electric consumer to pay double? triple? your GUESS is as good as mine or theirs? cost for said luxury of not living back in the 1800's, Venezuela style socialism for all, Oh AND turn in ALL of your guns and ammo (and I won't mention no compensation for said surrender under penalty of incarceration or death by orc for non-compliance). Yep GREAT platform. I'm feeling the Bern because of my occasional cortex. But, I digress.

Voting for any of these idiots is the same as putting a loaded gun to your head and pulling the trigger.


Anonymous said...

Good summary of the platform, Aesop.
I was among the first 18 year old cohort to vote. The thought then was "Old enough for conscription, old enough to vote" and that still resonates with me. It also means these laws disarming 18-21 year olds are wrong as well.
We got a gift in 2016, hope folks have used the time well so far.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

There is a cartoon floating around with a picture of Chuckie Schumer with the caption:
Why would we build a wall to keep our voters south of the border?

Anonymous said...

Boy howdy.....

John Wilder said...

So, AOC was questioning someone from the FAA about the Boeing jet crashes. She exceeded her alloted time while yelling, "And who was responsible? Boeing, Boeing, Boeing!"

The chairman said, "Be silent!"

AOC continued, "Oeing, Oeing, Oeing!"

(I'm sorry)