Monday, March 25, 2019


Surprising exactly NO ONE, Special Witch Hunter Robert Mueller has found "no evidence of any collusion" on the part of neither candidate nor President Trump to conspire with a foreign power, and alter the outcome of the 2016 election.

Every word to the contrary has been Fake News.

This, despite vacuuming every bedbug from hundreds of rugs, the total abuse of the FISA secret courts system (which itself, in its entirety, is a putrid stench in the nostrils of liberty and the entire republic), after turning over every slimy stone, and burning up taxpayer money by the trainload.

This was all started when douchehag Shrillary and her crooked campaign paid a slimeball to make up, out of his ass, a phony dossier of imaginary events.

Crooked partisan Mueller knew this from the outset.

So did crooked then-FBI Director James Comey.

So did crooked James Clapper.
So did crooked William Brennan.
So did every Obozo senior appointee in the crooked DoJ.

So Obozo's crooked AG and crooked DoJ conspired with Madame Borgia's campaign to lie to a federal court multiple times to illegally surveil the campaign of the leading candidate of the opposition party, with the full co-operation of crooked FBI agents, a crooked FBI director, a crooked CIA director, a crooked National Intelligence director, and in all probability, the full knowledge of the crooked AG and the criminal poseur President of the United States, Barack Hussein Gay Muslim Not Born Here Obama, and his former Secretary of State, Lady Macbeth Shrillary Borgia Clinton, in order to prevent the election of the nominee of their political rival party's candidate, cover up eight years of undisguised and massive amounts of actual criminal conduct, and then, after the fact, effect a soft coup of a sitting president, when all of their plans went pear-shaped, and Trump won anyways.

Boo frickin' hoo.

Then, the serial liars at ABCNNBCBS covered themselves with MOAR! glory by spreading the lies of such known liars, not because they were true, but because they wanted their lies and fevered imaginings to be so, utterly destroying the country, the media's already lead-plated reputation, and creating havoc, dissension, acrimony, and multiple incidents of Trump Derangement Syndrome, including one deranged Leftard whackjob trying to blow away the entire Republican congressional softball team. The only saving grace is Leftards are as bad at marksmanship as they are at telling the truth. In neither case can they ever hit the bullseye.

And now, they're not happy the elected President of the US is demonstrably not a crook.
Instead, they're all wailing, gnashing their teeth, and trying to find new excuses to continue the pointless witch hunt, because they can't get over the fact that they ran a crooked hag with worse people skills than the love child of Jezebel and Attila the Hun, and got their political asses kicked from the day he became to nominee in 2016 to noon EST today, inclusive.

Literally the entire Democrat Party in both houses of Congress, and every media personality at the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABCNNBCBS, should go out into their back yards and slit their bellies open, or draw a warm bath and slit their wrists, in shock and shame at the treasonous coup they've attempted now for 26 months and counting.

They should be rounding people up in busses at FBI and DoJ for criminal conspiracy, and then take a convoy over to the DNC, and also round up every member of the Clinton campaign with knowledge of this monstrous conspiracy as well.

They should be tried in batches like Nazis at Nuremburg.

And everyone from Quisling Ryan to Joe Sixpack, trying to stab this administration and the president's policies in the back at every turn should be tarred, feathered, and run out of towns across this country, on rails.

Lets be crystal clear: President Trump was never my guy.
For reasons beyond counting.
But he was the nominee, he was light years better than Shrillary would have been on her best day (when she wasn't too drunk to stagger down the stairs from the residence to the Oval Office), and he's governed as more of an actual conservative than any president since Calvin Coolidge, even besting Reagan, and this with 500 out of 539 members of the House, Senate, and SCOTUS opposed to everything he's tried to do, to the point of actively sabotaging it 24/7/365.

And the only people cheering that are people like the hags on The Spew, Rachel Madcow, and the moronic minions of NeverTrumper psychosis, including such distinguished demonstrations of senility as George Will and William Kristol.

Walk tall, fucktards.
You found out today that you got your asses handed to you, by the only man who could ever have withstood such an undeserved and thoroughly malicious shitstorm of vitriol and batshit-crazy insanity.

And now the feeble-minded want to latch on to "obstruction" charges.
On the dubious theory that a man demonstrably and knowingly guilty of nothing would attempt to prevent a witch hunt with infinite funding resources and unlimited investigational reach from finding out that he didn't do anything. 

Sh'yeah, as if.

If any of this hits inside your perimeter, get a crowbar, break suction, and pop your heads out of your asses:
You're pathetic, sociopathic, and deranged, and the best use for anyone who wants this to continue is as a bullet sponge, or a suitable weight to test breaking strength on a sturdy hangman's noose, preferably from a scaffold in Lafayette Park, in front of the White House, for the entertainment of the residence's occupants, and an instructional lesson to the other residents of the nation's capital.

May it only be that guillotines go up, and the guilty are trundelled there in tumbrel carts, with all dispatch.

Your attempted coup is over, and you're not going to like the pendulum that's swinging back in your direction.

With any luck, it has spikes on it. If not hungry pitbulls with AIDS.

I may even need to put on a second pair of pants today, just to keep from laughing my ass off.


Anonymous said...

Those media giants probably don't give a damn that by egging on this investigation without any evidence to begin with, they bear a lot of responsibility for how bad the relationship between both parties is now.

Report the news and facts - leave the opinion making to others. Not so much any more. I think every newsperson who claimed Trump was guilty of collusion should tell their viewers their evidence of this happening. Otherwise - they just made it all up, or depended on others to be telling them the truth.

Libel - Slander. There are laws against them. And they are picking on an individual who has deep DEEP pockets to go after the MSM and take their lying asses to court.

Badger said...

Last meal: Schadenfreude Pie, 'cause they liked it so much for breakfast on 9 November 2016.

resborzage said...

Wow...what a ride! You are right, right, right in everything you write here in red hot letters of fire. I feel the same way - now it is our turn and the criminal bastards must get everything they have earned. The sooner the better. No Mercy.

Partisan80 said...

Permission to use parts of your missive, the ones that won't get me a visit from Big Brother, in a letter to my Congressman and Senators (except Cornyn, he's a cunt)?

Justice, the real kind not the commiefagg kind, demands A RECKONKING!

Wes said...

We know what we have seen so far. We can all see the crimes. It appears that the previous administration weaponized the FBI, shielded a favored candidate from criminal prosecution, abused the FISA court to spy on an opposition candidate, and deliberately worked to subvert the 2016 Presidential election.

What if Nothing Happens? What if Crimes go unpunished? And the Elites and Oligarchs and the political class prove once again that they are just too big to jail?


Asking for a Friend

Anonymous said...

Anybody out there remember when, during the Starr/Whitewater investigation, Hitlery's billing records were subpoena'd and for MONTHS she denied their existence and then they magically APPEARED on a SIDE TABLE in a hallway of THE WHITE HOUSE? Then Hitlery denied having placed them there when anyone with two brain cells to rub together KNEW she had to have done it despite her denial and with the media's blessing of "she says she didn't do it, therefore she didn't do it". Remember the aftermath when NOTHING HAPPENED to her?

The same thing is going to happen here. No one is going to be investigated, tried or do time in jail. Get that? NO ONE. Despite our fervent wishes to the contrary to see some these treasonous bastards either spend the rest of their lives in jail or hang, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO ANY OF THEM.

There's only one solution to this dilemma.

Henry, Henry Bauman, calling Henry Bauman, you're Lahti is waiting at the checkout counter!


A Texan said...

"Henry, Henry Bauman, calling Henry Bauman, you're Lahti is waiting at the checkout counter!"
Bowman...and, yes, we could use someone like that if TPTB who tried to rig the election and, having failed at that, engaged in a soft coup, get off scot-free.

Anonymous said...

M uellers
A ss
G ot
A nnihilated

Anonymous said...

There will never be any accountability. Hillary and the Dems will remain untouchable.

The R's lack the spine for a fight, and if they try the Dems will burn the cities and assassinate Republicans. And right on-schedule, the R's will show their belly like they did during the L.A. riots, with the R President on TV promising (and so doing) to sic the feds on those evil LAPD bastiges.

15Fixer said...

Yeah, buddy......

Thud said...

Nicely put! says it all.

Anonymous said...

11C1P/13F1P Says . . . ,

At least there were some witches in Salem in 1692 when TPTB went nuts like this, until the Crown put an end to it. Mr. President now needs to go balls out against the Democrats and their pals on CNN, MSNBC, cuckservative Republicans (%99 of them), the FBI, CIA and all the scumbags in 'bidness' like Google, Apple, Twitter etc. Drop the anti-trust hammer on their heads from 100 feet up, see how they like it.


Lord of the Fleas said...

"The R's lack the spine for a fight, and if they try the Dems will burn the cities and assassinate Republicans."

Point 1: Trump isn't your standard-issue Pub. He loves a fight and, even more, absolutely believes in revenge. Believe it - that revenge is coming. (And some of Trump's spine is in fact rubbing off on the GOP rank-and-file.)

Point 2: If the Dems want to burn down their own strongholds, let them. They'll get SFA for assistance from the red areas when they do. And as for assassination, well, our host has spelled out more than once the end result of the Dems and their orcs choosing to go down that little road.

The Gray Man said...

I love seeing the coup crumble. But I can not bring myself to believe that there is a pendulum swinging back at them. If there is, it’s loaded with carebears and cupcakes. The right, to this point, has brought nothing to this gun fight but a flimsy dildo.

brinster said...

Richard Goodstein (sp) on Tucker last night said that the Mueller report said that no collusion was established, and that's not the same thing as saying there was no collusion. Apparently, English is his second language. The coup attempt isn't going to stop. It's as if Mueller's investigation over the last 2 1/2 years didn't happen to these humans. The more this goes on, the more my support for DJT strengthens.

Jim Scrummy said...

Trump was my guy from October 2015 on. I've endured the hate from both people on the right and left. Lost friends and neighbors who now don't talk to me or my wife. Both of my kids were ridiculed and bullied at school when it was found out that their father supported Trump. My in-laws and I did not talk for a few weeks after the 2016 election because of my and my wife's support of Trump. I was brought up in a political household, my father at one time ran a political action committee, and he was a lobbyist. I was an evil corporate lobbyist for 3.75 years (never again). I knew that politics could be a nasty business, but after an election, it was suppose to be shake hands and move on. At least in theory. So, I have an answer to all those people, my neighbors, former friends, Never Trumpers/Rinos/Loser Conservatives (by the way what have supposed "Conservatives" ever won? EVER?), and especially those baby-killing communist DEMONKKKRATS....EFFF YOU every which way with your nanopenises! I was always a live and let live kind of guy. Never again. You can thank the Gay Mullato prezzy 2009-17 for ruining that way of life for me. The Wussy "Conservatives" and RINOs ruined it too, by not fighting back. The only two Presidents in my lifetime (born during that KKK member LBJ's administration), that have actually done anything to improve my life and my family's life have been Reagan (who I voted for in '84) and Trump. All the rest sucked donkey penises (the Gay Mullato probably liked it too, when he's not with Reggie). All of them.

So yeah, I am going to gloat. Yep, I am going to rub any and all the S-heads (who gave me and my family crap about Trump) noses in my dog's crap and I wish figuratively. By the by, I am way to the right of Attila the Hun, Augusto Pinochet, Genghis Khan, and George S. Patton.

Oh, and those who think nothing will happen, don't understand Trump. He is one of the most vindictive men on this planet, especially when it comes to people harming his family. Lynchings on the National Mall are too nice for these coupsters in my estimation. But that's how I roll.

Aesop said...

If we're splitting hairs, the correct phrase ends:
"...sideways, with a rusty chainsaw."

Anonymous said...

" ... guillotines? ... tarred, feathered, and run out of towns? ... shot?"

WTF?!? What a waste! They can't suffer when they're dead!

They should be introduced to the World Made By Hand, and the virtues of organic gardening, seeding, fertilizing, weeding, scarecrowing and harvesting by hand with stone age tools. Hot bunking 32 of them to every 8 man (old, surplus) canvas military tent.

If they like warm weather, put 'em in the land of the NoDaks. If they like cold - set 'em up on a cotton pickin plantation next to Parchman. Get 'em healthy, feed them all the BAD coffee they can drink, and no distractions whatsoever. Any SHTF disruptions, they can help solve the slave labor shortage. Kinda like in the "Dies The Fire" books.

And once the real traitors start farming, it's time to offer this nature opportunity to BLM's, SJW's, all college snowflakes, and in general anyone the media has Pavlov trained to hate 'Murika. Especially the hidden masters pulling the $trings behind the scenes. Then gather up all the Antifa, issue them bike locks and spike sticks - they can be the guards. :D Of course, everyone knows I jest! :)