Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sunday Music: Suite Judy Blue Eyes


Times two.
Like Fleetwood Mac, these three are orders of magnitude greater than the sum of their individual parts.
Original studio version:

And I'm rarely a fan of live performances, but this extended one from decades after the original version pays it off.
Stephen Stills crushes his solo at 4:44.

I started this because from time to time, the Universal jukebox, YouTube, would scratch an itch for a given piece of music. (Which is an internet blackhole worth the trouble.)  And with anything that's free, you're the product, and the ones I liked, I hit the "Like" button, and lo and behold, by the power of algorithms, I suddenly have my own mix generated based on my rather eclectic tastes.
Guardians Of The Galaxy mix, eat your heart out.


John Wilder said...

Are you SURE you don't want to join a record club instead???

Phil said...

Very nice Aesop. damn, that was from a long, long time ago.
I had forgotten how much I liked that tune and had never seen it played live. Gave it a whole new dimension.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Back when there was actual musical talent. It's really funny. Back then, most songs had 3-4 chords. Now, you're lucky to get 3-4 notes. How many groups today could keep you engaged with three voices and a guitar? I was surely blessed to grow up with an astonishing array or musicians playing amazing music. From Rock, to folk, and R&B, nothing is like it since. Most of the newer groups are nowhere near as innovative or talented. I asked my kids one time if anyone their age was able to sing without and auto-tuner.

As a guitar player and novice luthier, that guitar's sound on the live version is mesmerizing.
Players of that era (Stills, Clapton, etc) would use those classic pre-50s Martins.
Nothing sounds like them. To get anywhere close, you have to have your instrument custom built.

Weird fact: after ww2, Martin instituted a "lifetime Warranty". All good. Except, they had to make the wood thicker. Ergo, less resonance. The old ones sing. This is one of the reasons it's so hard to sound like them when you play.

stormsailor1981 said...

love some vintage csn, god we had the best music born in 59 the day the music died but we had chicago, eagles, csn, hendrix, clapton, paige, walsh, etc. etc. etc.

Pat H. said...

I love this video.

The Freeholder said...

One of my favorites. Haven't seen this live version for some reason. Thanks for pointing it out.

Anonymous said...


Here is one. I had the "marble" vinyl LP original back when vinyl was the only option.

Mason is an under-rated guitarist, and his solo toward the 2/3 mark on this song is entertaining on good sound equipment. If you listen closely you can hear Leon Russell on the piano. He had good people accompany him on this album.

Anonymous said...

I've been listening to Stephen Still's excellent guitar playing since his days with Buffalo Springfield. That man can play. On a side note David Crosby's lack of movement made me wonder if he was just to high to move around or if he just didn't want to jostle his new liver.

idahobob said...

Ah, memories. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Stills did some good work and perhaps still does. Did you ever hear him on "Super Session" with Al Kooper?
Nobody compares to Mark Knopfler for a "body of work" though I have a soft spot for 3-guitar southern of the day; Allman Brothers et al
Boat Guy