Monday, February 18, 2019

From The Ministry Of Obviousness

Look, lets's be fair:

It's wrong to put a noose around a black man's neck, and since it's now obvious to everyone including Stevie Wonder who did this to Jussie Smollett, it's high time the Cook County D.A. and the Chicongo PD takes this seriously, and arrests the man responsible:

Jussie Smollett.

Get the smug little bastard indicted, arrest him, and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law, not for filing a false report, but for lynching a black man.

And when he's convicted of the crime in about an hour, throw the book at him.

That gives him what he deserves, while sending the right message about racial crimes.

He's already the Tawana Brawley of the 21st century, and a C-list Affirmative Action diversity bean hire actor on his best day (being associated with North isn't something even Rob Reiner puts on his resume), so maybe it's time he was leading drama classes at Joliet, in D block.

He should probably change his name to Juliet. He's going to be very popular.


Anonymous said...

Brutal Aesop, brutal but true.

Bozorg said...

Perhaps this moron was attempting auto eroticism and paid his butt buddies to assist. They hold the rope and get to ride the unicorn, get their pleasure and get paid. What a deal! !!

Tactless Wookie said...

I want to know at what point this became a 'good idea' in this fool's head?

What did he think this was going to lead to? 15 minutes of fame for a C-Lister?

Poor little Jussie. He's about to lose his job. Let's feel sorry for him....

Lastly, why are he and his two buddies not charged?

Tannhauser said...

Maybe Barack recommended that Jussie try the Nigerian spit roast!

Mike_C said...

Aw, come on. Poor Jussie is a trifecta of victimhood. The racist homophobic cossack Nazis are to blame for anything he MAY have done.

The horror. The racism. The homophobia. The mawginaliZAtion.

Anonymous said...

Mike Adams @ has a list of many similar phony "attacks".
Worth checking out.

Unknown said...

We need peaceful separation from these people; they hate us. There is a constant anti-white blood libel out there, and we can't continue to share a system of government with these people.

McChuck said...

Rusty - They won't go peacefully. This all ends in mountains of skulls. The only question remains: whose skulls shall they be, ours or theirs? Tick tock, the clock is running while you contemplate your answer.

snuffysmiff said...

CWBChicago has a post that spells out why the threatening letter might be the bigger worry for po' ol' Juicy. Apparently, the USPS investigators are some serious badasses when it comes to crime involving the mail, and/or post office. Seems like they always get their man, or sort of man. Ol' Juicy might be looking at Club Fed.

Anonymous said...

The MSM knew immediately this was a hoax but tried to play it up anyway. The police aren't stupid but had to tread lightly even though they also knew it was another fraud. The police are operating under a consent decree because of their rough dealings with black criminals who are destroying Chicago. The "community organizations" have stymied police efforts to keep order in Chicago and this scumbag thought he could get away with his fraud because of all the other racial hoaxes against white people.

Blood libel indeed. None of these hoaxes would get an inch of traction if the media weren't already our mortal enemy. They all want us dead, six feet under.

NE Heretic


Anonymous said...

I thought perhaps this was a hoax from the gitgo, when it was reported that he walked home from the attack and entered his appt. with the noose still around his neck.

What normal person would leave that on after the attackers had fled?


Papa said...

It goes higher up.
There was collusion with future Democrat presidential candidates to push an "anti-lynching" bill.
The bill includes more than literal lynching.
Question: who's footing the bill for his high cost legal and media team?
Yes, arrest him, and the collusion team, using the new anti-lynching guidelines.

Anonymous said...

Anti-lynching bill is another term for hate speech laws.

Anonymous said...

Where are the guidelines/laws regarding love speech? There can't be one without the other.

jaye said...

I want this guys career over, I want him in prison, and I want him charged with lying, a hate crime, filing a false report, and pay for restitution. As for the other two kneegrows involved, deport them and put them on the list to never be allowed back into this country. Make an example out of all of them. The perp will get his fill of gay love in prison. I can hear his sniveling now.

Papa said...

If he doesn't go to prison, and/or doesn't seem concerned, it's probably a sign he has direction from higher up the chain.
Do this, get our bill passed, make us presidential, get a pass from jail.
Stay tuned.

Night driver said...

Ref Postal Police.


It simply will not go well for you.

PLUS anything they tag you on is a Federal Offense.....

Crew said...

The Bleach Boys were caught on camera buying their hate-crime hoax kit!

Aesop said...