Thursday, February 21, 2019

"Juliet" Smollett Headed For Joliet

h/t Borepatch

We saw the story break last night, but today's video is better than a mere news excerpt.

FakeNoose media ABCNNBCBS, the same ones who fell for the lies about the Covington kids, and Kavanaugh, infinitum wonders "How do we keep falling for this obvious bullsh*t Every.Single.Time?" Let me help them with that. All part of the service.

Dear Media,

You fall for obvious hoaxes like this because you're SJW morons who couldn't find two brain cells nationwide, between the lot of you. Any credibility you ever had is flushed down the sh*tter and lost forever, and you rank below Congress and used car salesmen for reliability with the public. That's why you're going bankrupt, being laid off in droves, and replaced by thousands of sites like this one: because we pass on information, and you pass on disinformation.
Do Svidaniya, comrades. You're over. - Aesop
Meanwhile Jussie, er, Juliet Smollett, is about to get fitted for a new girlfriend named Bubba, and a rectum about nine sizes looser, which should tickle his little pink heart (perhaps literally), and his C-list TV career is O.V.E.R.  
Lesson #10,069 in why Virtue Signalling never goes the way you think it should.

Bonus: the next ten times someone actually throws a noose around a gay black actor and tells him "This is MAGA Country", it's free, because that never happens in reality.
(Don Lemon, call your office.)
And it still won't, but even if it did, the imaginary victims will have a hill of doubt and suspicion twice as high to get over.

Just like the fraction of reported rape victims* who're actually telling the truth, because of all the Tawana Brawleys and Duke U. party hookers out there looking for a payday.

Nice move, jackhole. You've gone from lightning rod of fake hate, to one of actual hate, in only one b.s. story. You should've never passed up a good opportunity to STFU. So long, douche, and enjoy your next adventures.

*{FTR, the perpetrators of actual rapes should be horsewhipped. To death.
So should every woman who reports a fake one. Fair is fair.
If you're against the death penalty on principle, I'd settle for branding "RAPIST" or "RAPE LIAR", respectively, on their foreheads. Pour encourager les autres.}


Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Comedy gold

Anonymous said...

I'm all for the Death Penalty, but only when I can trust the cops to not invent evidence, or lie on search warrents, or to not beat physically or mentally disabled people into comas. When lawyers don't do favors for each other, when prosecutors can't indict ham sandwiches anymore, and when judges are worthy of the name and office. When the entire legal system (cuz there ain't no 'justice in it anywhere) is staffed by paragons of virtue, we can bring back the Death Penalty. The legal system has brought this shit-storm down on themselves.

Jim Scrummy said...

All of this was over his "low" pay of $400K a year on the teevee show I've never watched and never will.

Oh well, his redemption tour will begin shortly after he pleads guilty to a lesser charge. Remember it's Chicongo/Chiraq for a reason...

Ned2 said...

Jessie gets sent to jail.
On his first day, he's thrown in a cell with a huge guy called Bubba.
Lights out. Half hour goes by.
Bubba speaks. "Hey bitch, you wanna be the husband or the wife?"
J-dog thinks for a moment..well, if I'm the wife, i get fucked, but if I'm the husband I get to do the fuckin....sounds like an easy decision to me...."I'll be the husband", he says to Bubba.
Bubba speaks. "then come over here and suck your wifes dick".

Anonymous said...

Credit where credit is due, this Jussie scumbag wanted publicity to revive his fading "career", such as it was. He got lots of publicity so he should be happy now, "mission accomplished" as someone once said. Not sure how much it will help his career though, he caused his employer nothing but grief in the process of becoming a household name which is not a good strategy for anyone who wants any kind of a career.

$400K per annum and it wasn't enough? I bet he has nothing more than a couple of grand in savings to his name, if that.

Partisan80 said...

You're still thinking the justice shitstem has not been co opted by Bolshies. He'll get a fine and probation for failing so miserably at racist agitprop. He'll be punished because Chicongo isn't burning.

His ham handed hoax will be memoryholed in two weeks. The DNCCCP will direct its salaried MS-13 to dress in Dockers, deck shoes and Raybans to actually hang some black people in Floriduh. They'll be whiter than Ann Coulter by the end of that day's propaganda cycle.

Aesop said...


Exactly like they've never done.

Smollett's synthetic victimhood is proof that there isn't anything worth covering in this sort of story, ever.

If they had it without astroturfing it, they'd show it.

They've got nothing.

Anonymous said...

Is this the first case where Nigerians got scammed instead of the other way around?

NE Heretic

Partisan80 said...

Did the Left notice Smollet-Narrative's synthetic texture? Did the Left protest? Or did it just flog, ignore, then bury it because it did not work. Did Nancy The Tuna Magnate even understand what the word "astroturf" meant? Revisit the topic in two weeks.

A studied zampolit can easily instruct a rabid coyote to eruct any word on demand.

Song Dog Coylosi:

Anonymous said...

It was a hate crime against white Americans.