Monday, February 11, 2019

Hard At Work


Local, Local, Local.


Anonymous said...

Luckily, I live in a very small town in one of the most remote areas of the country.
BUT, even here we have the little groups of libtard fucks that I know will cause problems in the event of a crisis.
We have lists, know who they are, and they will be dealt with swiftly.
All should do the same in their area. Think sniping and general mayhem toward the usual suspects. Plan to drive them out or kill them.

If you live in an area that is highly populated, ask yourself why. You'll have to have a plan to leave; you're outnumbered. Your survival rate is now 10%. If you are already where you can survive more easily, you've probably increased your life expectancy 10 fold.

Communism is COMING TO AMERICA. We're already more than half way there.
Do you have a plan?

Pat H. said...

The ditch they'll have me dig so they can put me into it.

John Wilder said...

We had the same mood kicking when I did my most recent.

Good stuff. And the last one is really scary, because it's true.

Partisan 80 said...

They're pushing it with the comms denial of services. Now it's sporadic transportation, e.g. Uber. They're still doing it through banking and gun manufacturers and patriot retailers (see and Chase Bank).

Commies dox children, invade reporters' homes and computers, both experience endless death threats. Street ambush violence, agitprop, coordinated disinformation, workplace violence, speech control already practiced and honed. If you're caucasian, you're scheduled for extermination.

ERPO and mag ban State patriots are literally waiting for the knock in the night and Lubyanka prison. Thought criminal Roger Stone already got served his dose and he had no weapons in the home.

If Trump signs a national ERPO law and/or magazine confiscation, it's over for him with his base. Tango Uniform. His platform was our last hope as far as I can see.

Watching his rally in El Paso right now and he's already had five episodes of Black Bloc commie hoodlum disruptors removed from the audience.

Maggots. Insects. Vermin.

Anonymous said...

Hey 'Sop
Speaking of commies, you had a real nice pic up maybe a few weeks ago of a GI in khakis with a Thompson mowin em down during Tet. Meant to save it so I could print and frame it but life stuff got in the way and I forgot. Think you could post it again in honor of whomever he was and so I could grab it?

Old Grunt

Anonymous said...

This problem is worse the closer you are to the Mexican border, likewise with proximity to ethnic third world enclaves in the interior. Diversity nearby is the greatest danger in a grid down situation.

Marina said...

@Ned2: What's the population in your little town & if you're ok with it the name of your state too ? I'm in QC Canada and just curious. Thanks.