Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Pogo FTW

O God, this is like a nightmare.
And me thinking with multiple posts linked on different sites today, my writing work was done.

From Comments to the prior post. This deserves the front page:
"The women doing all vulgar stuff you see in the media are not the issue; they are lost already. What the draft will do is take the good ones who do value family over job and send them off to slaughter and PTSD. There ARE good women out there, and drafting them will destroy what the enemy of our souls could not until now.

What I had assumed was that WRSA readers were more conservative in their moral values than most, and that they would want to see their women adopt more traditional values that strengthened families. For men to group all women as radical feminists and then rejoice to see all women, including the ones with good values like being stay home moms drafted seems self defeating. If the "good" men (which I thought might read blogs like these) rejoice to see ALL young women drafted because of the vocal, obscene ones seen on television, then I would logically conclude that the enemy of our souls has won a major victory and is indeed living rent free in your heads and is getting you to self destruct. I hope I am wrong, but I do not see how it could be otherwise.

It is enlightening to read the assumptions made about me in the above blog and in comments. Here is a bit about me; see if it fits your assumptions and assertions. I spent 14 years as a Navy fighter pilot, became a Christian and left the military to stay home and raise kids. I am rabidly conservative, against abortion (my husband and I have offered to raise children that would otherwise be aborted and adopted three children). We live a victorian life here where women often run around in long skirts, maintain their purity before marriage, and play classical music on the piano when we are not working our farm. My husband is a respected leader in our home and would never speak the way many of your men speak here, No woman in our home would be disrespectful to our men. But I ask you; we have a daughter who has maintained her purity in all ways, is hard working and sweet, loves Jesus and respects authority.....where would I find a moral man for her for a husband?

What I see here is despair; the kind of despair that will result in defeat.

As for the Kurdish woman in the above picture, find out the situation. If the Muslims come here like they did to Kurdish lands, our women would fight to the last with our men just as she did. Better beheaded than raped and forced into Islam. You should hope yours would, too."

No sale, Lori.

A woman willing to defend hearth and kin as a last-ditch defense: What Louis L'Amour called "a woman to ride the river with".
A woman who wants to go to war: not so much.

Your own background makes this worse, not better.
And I didn't assume you, personally, were a rabid man-hating feminist; I have only the evidence of my own lying eyes and 50 years of black-and-white text and living-color documented history of the culture I live in to name the source of this error. Don't take it all personally. You're more a symptom than an author.

You passed a gender-normed PFT every time you took one, and your service itself perpetuated the nonsense that has now led, logically and inexorably, to precisely this point. No one but you is astounded at this.

"Women might be drafted?!? Including my daughter?!? Where are my smelling salts and fainting couch?"
And so now you want not-quite actual gender equality, and special favors for your gender. At the expense of men everywhere. Again.
Just like you got every day of your entire military career.
Color me shocked.

Of course women should be and will be drafted (which goes by the quaint title of "Equality before the law"), and they'll be killed and maimed, because you think you're equal. You and the Sisterhood beat that drum like a rented mule your whole life, probably before you were even born, whether you burned your bra then or found Jesus now or not, and now that the chickens have come home to roost, you want to become a vegan.
Nice try.
"How do you write women so well?"
"I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability."
- As Good As It Gets
Those women, possibly including your daughter, will be killed and maimed because you want to have your cake and eat it too, pretending that there is no difference between the genders, because of your service, rather than despite it. Until there comes a draft call-up.

Chicken, meet hawk.

What you think now is all well and good, but if and when your daughter and anyone else's gets a draft notice, your name will belong in the block where it says "your friends and neighbors".
Own that.

And don't try to hide behind finding God.
He sent Jesus, yes.
He also sent Jeremiah and Isaiah.
And nobody liked what any one of them had to say.
Human nature is remarkably consistent that way.

And that you cannot see that, even now, speaks volumes for the rot in common sense in the last half century.

Call me when you repudiate your service, regret having ever done it, and acknowledge the logical certainty and fairness that your daughter and generations yet unborn may be slaughtered on the altar of political correctness and gender-normed insanity, and get back to us when you do.
Nobel and Winchester were aghast at what their inventions wreaked on humanity too.
You (and tens of thousands of others) only helped lay the paving stones for women being blown apart.

You're the absolute last person anyone should listen to on the topic, because you still carry the disease.

Find me the mother of daughters who never considered serving in the military, who's willing to go to prison to stop women from ever being allowed to serve, not the person arguing for special privilege now that her own ox might be gored, or her little lambs slaughtered.

You stand accused by your own hypocrisy, and may indeed be hoist on your own petard.
Logic and actual gender equality is a bitch like that, ain't it?

The guys online have only been warning you about this coming inexorably for years going on to decades, but you couldn't hear them over the decibels of your afterburners, and the sound of your own awesomeness.

(A military fighter pilot with an attitude surplus? Who knew??)

That's not womyn-hating, disrespect, nor despair, it's an acknowledgement of both fairness, and the inevitability of one's jumping off a cliff leading to a painful stop at the base.
Even Wile E. Coyote could see that one coming.
You, evidently not so much.

Now your daughters and everyone else's will have to pay for that defect, and you want to tell us you didn't really want that.
Sorry reality hurts your feelings, sincerely.
(And if you're really worried about your daughter, I humbly suggest adding the biography of a boxer named Cassius Clay to her reading list.)
Now imagine how some drafted chick is going to feel when she steps on a landmine and blows her legs off one day, just because the Sisterhood needed to feel good about themselves in opposition to reality.


Anonymous said...

You Nailed It! They want equality, they get equality!

Anonymous said...

This has to be satire

I spent 14 years as a Navy fighter pilot but I don't want my daughter to get drafted.

You know what buttercup? My mother didn't want me to get drafted either. That didn't stop me from being down at the Post Office on June 15 1981, my 18th birthday, filling out my selective service form. I didn't have a choice and neither will she. I've been told for the last 40+ years that anything I can do a woman can do twice as well with half the effort.

Prove it now. As my Dad was fond of saying, you made your bed now sleep in it.

Mark D

Crew said...

And so now you want not-quite actual gender equality, and special favors for your gender. At the expense of men everywhere. Again.
Just like you got every day of your entire military career.

Actually, every day of her life.

Felix Bellator said...

Fourteen years as a Naval officer. Did you ever in that time, by nature of being a woman, engage in any act of fraternization or other act that contributed to, or could have contributed to, a loss of unit cohesion or readiness? If so, could a male officer in the same circumstances have acted similarly and contributed to a loss of unit cohesion or readiness? Have you ever witnessed such behavior by female officers? Would you or did you repudiate or report such actions involving another female officer?

Dad29 said...

And so now you want not-quite actual gender equality, and special favors for your gender. At the expense of men everywhere.

Well, I'll go against the grain here....Don't cry into your soup, you'll water it down.

REAL women give far more than they get, and REAL men do the same. Now that the ex-pilot has figured out that 2+2=4 no matter how much she wanted "5", do the right thing: say "OK, cook me dinner when I get back" and pick up your AR-15 and march.

How do they say it?.....Be the bigger man?.....yah.

Bob said...

Women in combat roles? No. Certainly not drafted. It was good enough for the "Greatest Generation", its good enough for me. Women are to be cherished, they are the hand that rocks the cradle, or have we forgotten? It seems we have. Chivalry isn't totally dead, but its on life support. Watch some of those WW2 films of Iwo Jima, Tinian, Battle of the Bulge and tell me that as a nation we want our women to be serving in that slaughter? No, a thousand times no. Men, stand up and be a man and rebuke this nonsense. Men and women are different...science says so, and the Bible says so, and seldom it seems those two agree in this day and age...that is all.

Anonymous said...

'Sop nails it again. We're not proud of women in the military. We don't want you there. You took a slot from a more qualified man so you could "Go Girrl!" Morale tanks, young men that joined to get away from mom find a new one known as Captain,and the downward spiral of the armed forces continues. And now you've paved the way for the female draft. But maybe they'll make one those Lifetime movies about a girl fighter pilot who fought sexism and beat the odds.

Old Sarge

Allen said...

Well, as one Roman Legionnaire said to the other, "lenta fortuna." Or in more modern times "shit outta luck." Welcome to the carnival ladies, I hope you enjoy the rides, they're all E-ticket types.

Wait a minute you weren't told about the price of admission? Well that changes everything... Bwahahahaha.

Unknownsailor said...

"Women are to be cherished, they are the hand that rocks the cradle, or have we forgotten?"

Actually, when it comes to human reproduction, women are the bottleneck. Men can sire as many offspring as they have women to sleep with. Women can kick out about 30, at most, over their lifetime.

Pr-civilization human cultures understood this, which is why when a tribe was conquered all the men were killed and all the women raped and taken as prizes. This reality is where all the patriarchal traditions that radical feminists hate sprang from.

And now, for some reason, we're gonna let women go off to be killed out of some sense of fairness?

Not gonna lie, I agree with Aesop on this one, women deserve all the equality they can handle. That being said, a culture that allows its women to go off and be killed in war is not a healthy one. We are not going to be better off in the long run because of this.

Glen Filthie said...

Welp - you’re absolutetly right in all that, Aesop. The muddled reasoning that’s going on in that woman’s head just blows me away. It is my conviction that if that woman is who she says she is - then she got her position as a token and nothing more.

But the lady does have a point. If you do something that harms one gender ... it almost always ends up hurting them both. Out in the real world, the services need less affirmative action flunkies, not more. All this victory will ultimately do is put more poz in the services and get more good men and women killed.

In the Battle Of The Sexes we are winning the battles but losing wars.

McChuck said...

Women do have proper positions in the modern military. Missionary, doggy, cowboy, etc.

"Free a man to fight."

Women can serve in our military. They can push papers all day. They can do good work in some of the intelligence fields. They make fantastic nurses. None of which requires a commission as an officer. Most of which could realistically be done by civilians.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

I made some quick reaction statements yesterday but I won't change them. The sad part is the ones that should be drafted won't they will use all the "laws for thee, laws for me". It again will be those that should not be drafted, and when they are will get the same treatment the feminist give veterans today, ala the VA. Like I said though they must be in all female units.

Anonymous said...

There is still no conscription in the U.S., not yet anyway. If the U.S. government in its infinite wisdom were to institute conscription again the question of women being conscripted would immediately become the burning issue. It's one thing to be all for girrrrrl power when the womyn are self-selecting themselves for military service and getting preferential treatment, it's quite another thing when the civilian police kick down the door to arrest someone's daughter for failing to report for induction.

That is the point where so-called feminism will fail. When the feminists realize that their daughters, not someone else's daughters are going to be hauled off to Fort Benning to go through basic training under the watchful eyes of Drill Sgts. Tyrone, LaQuan and Jesus (the one with the neck tattoo, not the other one) the "feminists" will blow a gasket. There are also many, many fathers, brothers, uncles et al. who will confront the police with force rather than allow their daughters to be dragged off to be raped.

Facing the logical end point of 100 years of "feminism" the U.S. government will exempt women from military service, hypocrisy be damned. The government will have its hands full with all the men who will refuse military service next time around. The issue of women serving may even cause conscription to fail next time.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Off topic. Cold Fury has risen from the ashes, Mike has posted at http://bastionofliberty.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

In my time in the Corps in the 80's and 90's you could see this coming like a freight train. Yes, ladies, you wanted it, worked for it, now you got it. Enjoy. The best part is you who have served got off easy. If any are drafted it will be a real no-shit war and THEY WILL PAY THE PRICE that YOU agreed to.

If you'd like to have some slight inclination of what you've gotten watch the first 1/2 of Full Metal Jacket. Pretty accurate up to the head scene at the end of the boot camp part. For more fun watch the first 30 min or so of Saving Private Ryan. Watch every episode of Band of Brothers. No looking away form the gore either.

I am flat out of fucks to give when you get what you tried so hard to get. Own it, eat it, and love it. And, if God forbid, you should ever see that uniformed officer coming to your door please remember to go find the person in the mirror to blame.

Anonymous said...

Well, she walked away from a million dollar pension with only 6 years to go? Must have married well....

Anonymous said...

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Each paver is solid gold; laid, under the guidance of "experts", and loving levelled by laborers (who never raise their heads to see the destination of the "engineers") so that the children might not stumble as they are sped along.

VA Granny said...

Guys, take a breath. The situation is actually much worse.

As one of the original female rebels from the 60s, it's MHO that this is just the first noticeable step to universal public service. Everybody register, everybody does 2-3 (or more) years in some level of military or community service. I don't really think that the end game here is sending everyone off to war. It's getting thousands of years of minimally paid indentured servitude to execute the Left's Big Government plans. We're going to have robots and drones doing most of the fighting anyway.

The current radical education plan resulted in zillions of dollars' worth of unpaid tuition bills and some folks actually figuring out that public education (and I use the term very loosely) is universal indoctrination. Some people are finally actually seeing thru the fog, so the Left had to up the ante. This is the next part of the plan to force people (willingly, I might add) into lock-step socialism/communism.

Figure out how many more gradual, seemingly "positive" moves it will take to achieve complete Totalitarianism and you'll have the Grand Plan for a chart on your wall. The continued attack on the 2nd Amendment is part of this. They aren't going to quit.

The Left NEVER does anything without it being at least a long term benefit to those in power.

Anonymous said...

(from ncgreg231Lc2)

Once upon a time, i looked forward to reading EVERY comment of a career NCO named Kirk (back when “Weaponsman” was still posting new blog articles) He had years of experience directly observing women serving in combat roles in the various units that he served with.

The author (and blog writer) Chris Hernandez also has had some observations of women in combat roles, including a blog article he wrote about one woman serving in the Danish infantry over in the sandbox.

Due to the high G forces that modern fighter pilots might experience, it is advantageous for a fighter pilot to be physically smaller in size. A fighter pilot also would not have to hump tremendous amounts of weight over miles and miles of distance and still be expected to shoot it out face-to-face with the enemy.

If a woman wants to give the infantry a try, can pull her own weight and can meet the rigors of training without rapidly ending up on a profile (pregnancies included) our current political environment seems to say that is what is going to happen. Chris Hernandez sounded like inside sources were sending him reports of the first ladies taking the Ranger challenge (along with other official sources)...and somebody please let me know, how many cycles now have followed that first one? How many more have graduated?

As for a military draft, i can’t conceive how FUBARed the world would HAVE to be for the fUSA to be seriously considering ACTUALLY reactivating a draft. (a selective service registration, though? that’s pretty much a “participation trophy” for the snow flakes that need to feel special, imho)

But Interesting times that will certainly be, if so!

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

If the dipshits in DC or TPTB don't get us into another war no worries. If they do their will have to be a draft. The smart warriors leaving due to the writing on the wall. Missing recruiting goals , https://taskandpurpose.com/armys-new-recruiting-commercial .The the gangstas and sheeut they are now trying to recruit, https://youtu.be/uDn_-QJ--9E We are screwed and tattooed.

Crew said...

If the dipshits in DC or TPTB don't get us into another war no worries.

It's pretty clear they plan on another big war.

Anonymous said...

I hope there's massive resistance and non-compliance the next time the government tries conscription/national service. The government is an oligarchy run by the few for the benefit of the few and no one reading Aesop is in the club. The government has been waging war in the ME for the benefit of a certain foreign nation with inordinate power in DC, not for the benefit of the U.S. Politicians are petrified this group will end their political careers and sacrifices U.S. interests with very few exceptions.

The 1960's radicals came to power and have been in control of the country for years now and they dodged the draft during the Vietnam War, turnabout is fair play. It's time for young people to defy the government if it tries conscription/national service. Draft dodging was good enough for the ruling class then so it's good enough for everyone else now.

This is not a rant against the military. I served Army Airborne 11C1P/13F1P in the late 1970's and don't regret my service at all but I volunteered, there wasn't even draft registration at that time.

Anonymous said...

She has three adopted kids. Does she have any from her own womb? 18+14=32. She was 32 before she started trying to have a family? She squandered her best maternal years pretending to be one of the boys with a fighter plane strapped to her back?

Why would she think anyone would care about her opinions when she's clearly not very good and making long-term decisions in her own life?

Anonymous said...

She’s probably really none of the things she says that she is, but in actuality only a butt hurt feminazi woke to the realization of where her quest for equality is taking her.

OvergrownHobbit said...

For the love of St Peter and all his little green apples.

NOUNS have gender. Living organisms have sexes. (Huzzah)

Otherwise... carry on.

Anonymous said...

Aesop, you're going soft in your old age. Not only do women need to be registered for the draft, we also need to right the historical wrongs and inequities. Think of all the women from civil war one through vietnam who should have been drafted, but we unfairly restricted those opportunities to persons of penis. Not only do girls need to be registered, we need to restrict the selection from the draft lists to only select women until we reach gender parity. Only women should be drafted until just as many female draftees have been killed and maimed as men over the last century and a half. Only once we've reached that equality should the draft be gender neutral going forward. Anything less than true equality is just supporting the patriarchy.