Thursday, February 21, 2019

You're All California Now

Over at WRSA, Conservative Cat Lady's Trump Derangement Syndrome is in full swing in Comments. Menopause is playing hell on Ann.

Go read if you like. Just probably best not after a meal.

But I see the point.

I mean, it isn't like anybody knew that the president signs spending bills, he doesn't pass them.

Total number of spending bills passed by POTUS 1787-yesterday: 0.
Total number he'll pass in the next 240 years: 0

Geez, it's almost like there was some sort of separation of powers under the Constitution, and the Speaker of the House and Congress had some wee responsibility, along with the Senate, for passing the bills the President gets to sign (or veto).

Wait, what???

There is such a thing?!?!?

You could look it up.
(And of course, Trump is to blame for them writing it that way in 1787. No doubt whatsoever.)

So keep BMWing about Trump, and covering for Quisling Ryan and Bitch McConjob doing nothing for two freaking years, because they knew THIS president would actually build a freaking wall, and their CoC contributions for cheap foreign labor would dry up.

O, if only there were a sharp-tongued Conservative Cat Lady harpy-pundit somewhere, who'd actually been to law school, and clerked for the federal appellate court, and had some bare inkling that this was the way things worked in a constitutional republic!

How tragic that we have no such person.

Clearly, this is 100% Trump's fault. 
Shrillary would have done a much better job.

And Yertle and Quisling wouldn’t have given her everything she asked for, on a platter, with an apple in its mouth.


You’re a political genius, Ann.

Keep voting in Democrats to Congress in droves too, and then bitch because Superdaddy didn’t fill your Christmas stocking with anything but a lump of shit. 435 districts and 20 cabinet-level agencies stabbing the president’s agenda in the back 24/7/365 is all just an enormous coincidence too.

We squeaked Cheeto Hitler into office by a red hair, and he didn’t fix everything forever overnight! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!

Hey, KY, thanks for Yertle over and over.
AZ, Senator-For-Life Braintumor McCrazy sure paid dividends on cancelling Obozocare, didn’t he?
FL, thank heavens for Marco ScrewYouBio and his shadow Amnesty plans, and shitting on gun owners on national TV!
And thanks WI, for Quisling Ryan, who quit after doing nothing for 2 whole years, and lost the entire House the first time out! That should come in handy for the next 6 years, huh?
And all those illegals Lindsay Grahamnesty couldn’t see in CA for 20 years are sure coming in handy in Democrat-For-Decades Califrutopia. Thanks a pantload! For payback, we’ve sent you Speaker Alzheimers, Fineswine and the endless AWBs, and now Senator Kneepads. You’re welcome!!

This isn't because of Boomers, X-ers, Millenials, or any other such codswallop.
We're paying for public education, and the fact that 90% of everyone since 1955 is in the Captain Kangaroo/Mister Rogers/Sesame Street Generation, where thinking is too hard, and Uncle Daddy should give me everything, whether that's ObamaPhones and Obozocare, or a Wall.

Shocker for you grade-free low-information Pass-Fail students: it doesn't work like that, and never has.

Your chickens?
Coming home to roost, boys and girls.
It’s a big shit sandwich, and you’re all going to take a huge bite.
Chew it up and swallow, or choke on it.
You made your own beds; now you can lay in them.

I swear to Buddha, you anti-Trump princesses are airheads like Amydala, shitting on the Chancellor, and paving the way for Emperor Palpatine, and then suddenly aghast when you see the Death Star swinging into position overhead.

You're all California now.


Anonymous said...

Just a thought here: why couldn’t DJT veto the bill and punt it back to Congress, given that both houses had plenty of votes to over ride?

Anonymous said...

PS. Yes, we’d be in the same “place,” but then Congress would own this sh1t sandwich instead of the prez.

kurt9 said...

Ann Coulter has permanent PMS.

Ned2 said...

The whole idea behind this country is the President does not have the sole power to implement his ideas. He has to convince Congress, not strong arm them.
The wall will get built, slowly, and with extreme creative accounting. I hope.
Peoples anger should be directed at the assholes trying to stall the building of the wall.

James M Dakin said...

Ned2, can't we just hate everybody? Sure, it's lazy, but I think the odds are good we'll be correct.

ADS said...

The POTUS has full Constitutional authority to secure and defend the borders of the USA. Trump could snap his fingers and line the border with hesco barrier firebases, motorized patrols, and drone surveillance. He was elected to secure the border and reverse the illegal immigration that is stealing our country away. This could have been a day 1 order to the joint chiefs of staff.
I'm still pro-trump but it's looking more and more like he merely bought us 4 years of hatchet sharpening. That's enough to make me not regret my vote, but I wish he would act in a Machiavellian manner to crush his enemies and enact the will of the people against the will of the deep state.

Anonymous said...

Trump bought us four years more of prep time, possibly eight years but the storm is coming either way. Demographics is destiny and Trump is a civic nationalist, not a realist regarding the demographic replacement of the traditional European descended people of the U.S. by the third world.

Anonymous said...

That would make logical sense, confirming every vote of every "representative" to their "constituents".

Can't have that in this emotion-driven nation.

It would be like "show your work".

Reltney McFee said...

James M. Dakin: I believe that you are on to something.

May I present The First Rule Of EMS Code One Driving: When you are running lights and siren, always assume that every other driver is about to do something phenomenally stupid. Until they do.

Adapted to politics: Assume that every politician will transform, immediately upon the closing of the polls on election day, into a creature with the worst features of Vidkun Quisling, Crooked Hillary "Arkanicide" Clinton, Paul "GOPe" Ryan, and Marcus Junius Brutus (the Younger) (of "et, tu, Brute?" fame). Until, of course, they do.

Unknown said...

President Trump has far exceeded my expectations. He has done far better than we deserve, given the congresscritters he's had to deal with. Still, he is who he is. Trump is a businessman, a wheeler and dealer. Negotiating is his go-to skill. He's not an autocrat.

This puts him at a severe disadvantage. Business deals are white as snow compared to government, and he's had to learn the hard way who his real friends (very few) are. We know that he's continually being lied to by his subordinates and his 'allies', and opposed by just about everyone in the District. The judicial branch attempts to stymie every action he takes, using Trump's desire for law and order against him.

As our host has noted, Trump is one man, surrounded by the Deep State. How many of the Secret Service (let alone the Justice Department) are actively working for the swamp? What of his family, could they be held hostage? How much more can he do before Arkancide Hillary style starts kicking in?

Trump is our president, not the God-Emperor (the wonderful float in an Italian carnivale not withstanding). The Emperor Protects, I believe President Trump can only delay the fall of the American Empire. Be grateful for that!

jaye said...

Probably why she never married and has had 2 so-called boyfriends in her life. Career is her thing and nothing wrong with that. I'm wondering if she regrets being single and alone in her elder years now? Probably why she's so caustic.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

I commented there yesterday. People are to busy to think for themselves. Take a breath dammit, step back and think. With todays planned parenthood report being the latest. Think about what is being exposed, maybe at a trickle but none the less. The spending bill those idiots signed, yes it may give him problems but it might make for great ads in 2020. I hope they and her keep kotex in the news daily. She is our greatest spokesperson next to nan and her mumbling. Did no one see the news about some more wall in kommiefornia. Damn people need to read more. I will take that trickle all day long if that is all we get. Drain the swamp gave me new meaning this week. It won't come from barrel bombs on a damn I guess but I'll take it. Aesop I would like to be a fly on "tfa's", or what ever it is, wall when the day comes. It would be entertaining in the least.

MMinAR said...

I was a fan of hers for years, have 3(?) of her books, quite entertaining but Ann, for the love of God, STFU. I might have missed it and I'm not being facetious, but I don't remember her climbing on Paul Ryan's ass when we had mo and both Houses. He's the mofo in this story, McConnell too, both bought & paid for.

He's juggling 11 bowling pins, has got the entirety of the left dominated media hammering him 24/7, the Deep State out for his scalp, entrenched bureaucrats doing anything they can to undermine him, a DOJ, CIA, State/Dept & FBI crawling with fucking traitors and when you get right down to it nothing but a handful of Congressmen that won't participate in his impeachment given any sort of cover.

I guess he could order the military to hu-tu to the "snap of his fingers" but look at the hysteria at the rather mundane, in comparison, call for a National Emergency.

She's gotta realize the scope of his oppo is staggering. Yet somehow, the man doesn't just trundle on but wins.

RSR said...

Traditionally, the President sends a proposed budget to Congress, which both houses work on concurrently. It then goes to conference committee where members from both houses wheel and deal before it goes back to both houses for final ratification, before going back to the president.

Here's Pres Bush II's budget proposal from 2003:

Under Harry Reid's control of US Senate under Bush and McConnell's control under Obama, things got a little broken w/ just continuing resolutions of whatever the last budget deal was -- lasting years -- but above is how it's supposed to work.

Kennymac said...

I used to visit WRSA every day, but ever since Trump won (and didn’t fix EVERYTHING in one day) I just can’t take the constant drumbeat of defeatism coming from CA and a large chunk of his commenters. They’re like a bunch of whiny old ladies, which is too bad be used there used to be some really good content on that site.