Saturday, February 16, 2019

Rumblings Of A Distant Thunder...

So after the all the build-up, President Trump's going to have his cake and eat it too:
Apparently he'll sign the Porculus Omnibus bill, flaws and all, and turn around and declare an emergency, and tap Pentagon spending for national security to build the Great Big Beautiful Wall, gambling that at the end of the day, the courts rule in his favor, and he builds the wall.

And no, this isn't "Unprecedeted!", for the @$$holes at ABCNNBCBS.

Pelosi and Schumer can't very well repudiate their own bill, nor can anyone in Congress whine, after two different congresses had multiple chances to do the right thing, that they weren't consulted, and  serially couldn't get things done on both the wall and immigration reform, and never failed to fail.

The odds are good Trump's case will prevail in court, and he'll build the wall. Whether that'll be enough, and soon enough, to save him in 2020 is an open question.

If he doesn't start shoveling illegals back over it, the template for election-stealing has already been field-tested, and a wall alone will be too little too late. The poison pills in the border security bill may still lose enough of his base to flip an election outright, or the wall may make enough short-term difference to flip the Congress again, and get him one more amenable than Quisling Ryan's bunch of do-nothing GOP Chamber of Commerce illegal alien lovers did to turn things around for awhile.

Time will tell.

If he loses in court, or fails to win re-election, or it's all been for nothing (anyone of which is an open question going forward), this was the high-water mark of a potential lame duck presidency.

The number of people who've gone belly-up underestimating this president since 2015 is legion, so I wouldn't bet against him, but I'd cover my bets.

The Democrats are beyond argument the anti-white and anti-America party, (like there was ever any doubt), and there's no limit to their madness, as recent days have demonstrated times beyond counting.
The GOP half of the Uniparty is mainly just for the same thing, but slower, with less gusto and a wee bit more subtlety.

We're not Eurostan - yet - but that's the destination intent, and things here aren't going to fizzle, they're going to fester, short of miracles.
I would not base any planning on the expectation of miracles.

Either way, win or lose in 2020, your respite is going to end. You have either until 1/21/2021, or 1/21/2025, to have your situation well enough in hand for what's still coming. The Under on that is just over 700 days. Make. Them. Count.

At any point, international pandemic, global recession, or black swan events may create unlooked for chaos. And absent a sea change turn-around, the demographic tsunami headed your way as the Turd World continues to stream here and ruin two hundred years of the greatest standard of liberty and economic opportunity on earth is still headed for you, whether it's moving in first gear, or fifth.

You should be getting your What-If plans in order, getting yourself in shape, physically and mentally to cope with chaos, and ready to act, not talk, if life hands you a triple-decker sh*tburger. Like it probably will. A small local disaster is every bit the problem for some people a global disaster is for everyone. Being prepared and resilient is never wasted effort.

The Eighties and Nineties are over: things are not going to stay nifty for anyone, for long.
And what comes next may topple a civilization, or just push it into a long, slow descent into a profound decline, the likes of which, if you knew them ahead, would have you frantically doing everything you could to avert the consequences on a personal level.

Avoid crowds.
Be Somewhere Else when bad things happen.
Save For Rainy Days.
Live Within Your Means.
Strong People Are Harder To Kill, And Generally More Useful.
No One Else Will Be Coming To Save You.


jim rock said...

El Chapo's siezed $14bn looks attractive.
Big beautiful wall.... and a mexican paid for it.

1chota said...


Phil said...

I loves me some DOOM PORN Aesop. Unfortunately, everything you said above is 100% on the mark and only the willfully ignorant could try and deny it at this point.
Mayberry is long gone folks. The Shit Has Hit The Fan, the excrement may just not have reached your current location, yet.
All I have to do is watch the local politics over in Portland and right here in the former All American burg of Vancouverstan to see it slowly unfolding. Both of these locations have gone Full Fuckin' Commie.
I have been saying for years now that we are in a Civil War and everybody laughs at the crazy old man.

The crazy old man was right. It's all over but the shooting and burning at this point. The only thing that is going to end this is Rule .308 now.
It doesn't matter what the fuck Trump does or doesn't do at this point.


I have some serious fears it may be worse than that.

Sorry for the shameless self-plug, but my paranoid alarm is flashing:

Aesop said...

Trump is but a bookmark of civilization that will soon be but a fond memory of better days.

We have sown the wind, and we're about to reap the whirlwind.

AB.Prosper said...

You missed a key point of advice, Make Hard Friends.

That said, the US is in much much worse shape than Europe for a simple reason. Americans are atomized and complacent because "guns" Europeans know what the problem is, have a strong sense of identity and are willing to rumble

If you doubt that, come back to me when the US has Yellow Vests out there, They may not accomplish what they want now and face a slight risk of being co-opted but they will have another round and have the will to fight. Americans often as not ignore their neighbors and just buy more guns.

I means if I was a Democrat I'd get together with the Republicans and swap and open borders bill for loose gun laws, bring in 4 million immigrants a year, settle them all in Red States and wait till everywhere is California than use an immigrant army to disarm and maybe genocide the Right

Americans will do shit till someone is stupid enough to go door to door or "the collapse" comes to save them

Now as to "we did Trump" whatever. He's not our guy, better than the alternatives, a backstabber on some things good on some things and a strong delaying action. He is not a solution and may be the last Republican president anyway which is ironic as he is more a Conservative Democrat at heart.

That said, it still is only time to prepare not to dare to be stupid and if Americans learn to organize without being infiltrated or co opted like the Tea Party and figure out what they want the State they now have to run to do , they can take it back

This kind of rules out the militia right I fear. They are damned good men, hard men but haven't a clue being at heart basically Anarchists . We are better off by fare with the clowns in charge.

You broke it you buy and keeping crap of the streets, the power grid up, borders closed people from starving is now your job.

You can't do this? Someone else will and they have a ditch for you.

Aesop said...

People of action - overwhelmingly, men - have an inate distrust of words, laws, and men of both.
That's the problem.

Every successful movement requires a fully-formed shadow government in place to undercut and eventually usurp the actual government in a tyranny, which is what ours resembles, more and more.

We did that on Mindanao during WWII, and we prevailed.

But the anarchist lunatics think they're going to be Viking lords of their own patch of tundra, rather than kulaks getting box-carred by TPTB.

If you cannot create a structure that allows people to meet their own basic needs and does the things communally that no one can do for themselves, the structure extant will swallow you, chew you up, and spit you out.

Now, go look and find the guy talking about forming your own community structure and yes, government, anywhere on the internet.

He is not there.

It's 1774 in the real world, and the so-called Freedom Community is still living in 1720.

Anonymous said...

NE Heretic

Trump has given us the gift of time, let's use it wisely. Whether this gift ends in Jan. 2021 or Jan. 2025 no one knows yet but it will surely end. Until then time and energy is best spent developing skills, true friends, stockpiling and perhaps moving to a more survivable area when the crisis is directly upon us. Time spent trying to convince those who cannot be convinced or working through the political system is a fool's errand.

It's up to each one of us to do what we can individually to prepare for the inevitable, not to count on "the government" or a political party to suddenly get religion and start doing the right thing, that ain't gonna happen.

Anonymous said...


So, given worst case, where the house of cards collapses, what do you expect for the other side of "The Event", and how long until peace and quiet returns?

How many years, not until "it" happens, but until "it" is over once it does?

Phil said...

Too many variables to consider there.
I wouldn't even attempt to answer that question myself.

Lee Van Queef II said...

Might not even have 700 days. Now that William Swampy Barr is his AG, if Trump follows through on signing a national Red Flag law, it is game over that day.

The local NKVD Fusion Center already has your dossier. Just needs to annotate it with the word "warrant." I bet it's on hotkey already.

Sorry to schtupp your triple decker fece sandwich with the Gonohorrorea of Truth.

McChuck said...

The courts will rule against anything Trump says or does, just as they have for the last two years.

President Trump needs to take a page from history - The 9th circus has made their decision, not let them enforce it. How many divisions does the 9th circus command?

Arthur Sido said...

Trump is unfortunately going to end up as a slightly interesting footnote in the history of the death throes of America. Had he, or maybe Pat Buchanan, been elected 25 years ago we might have been in a position to turn things around but now the demographic tide is going to swamp the America people. Even if the wall was built tomorrow and no new illegals crossed, the lack of reproduction by whites and the fecundity of the mestizos and Muslims means that there simply won't be enough electoral college votes to elect even a mildly "conservative" President again. Sure states like my state of Indiana and some of the thinly populated Western states will keep sending conservative Senators for a time but even that will end soon. I have already seen leftists proposing a mass importation of "refugees" into places like Montana and Wyoming to flip those states blue.

There is no political solution in sight and no one is coming to save us.

crew said...

Measles are in the news again, but it's all a Russian plot.

72 dead out of over 82,000 infected. Those are good numbers, around 1 in 1,000.

Harry Flashman said...

I agree with your positions, dismal though they may be. My 32 year old daughter was home for a visit this week, and she said exactly the same thing. She's already fled Cincinnati after it became a "sanctuary city" and went Third World. She transferred to Nashville, only to find the same problems there. She said the Demographics are going to doom us, and pointed out to me that 400,000 Puerto Ricans have moved to the "must have" state of Florida in that last year. They can vote, and they don't vote anything but Democrat.

Even here in the Appalachian mountains, we're having inner city people from "de hoods", Hispanics both legal and otherwise, and denizens of the lands of Allah dumped on us as part of a federal and state "alliance."

It's looking grim.

AB.Prosper said...

They command enough of the House and Senate and can easily granted indirectly order him impeached.

President Trump's problem is he has no shadow cabinet , trusted allies or worthwhile advisors.

This is understandable, a 72 year old hotelier and entertainer is not an Andrew Jackson much less a Caesar. My guess is and I only know the man from his books, interviews and public persona, is that his motivation for running was a desire to preserve an America in which the kind of enterprise his family runs can make work.

His goals are not our goals though there is a fair amount of overlap.

So far he has done a better than good job considering the wall of opposition but he has a long way to go before he can do a great job and by any means he needs better advisors.

That said nothing short of a national authoritarian state is capable of fixing what ails the US. This would require our Right dump the trappings of Libertarian thinking , nonsense about preordained rights and the rest of the Leftist twaddle that's infected them.

Right Wing societies are tradition and practicality driven, you may have guns because certain types of limits on State power are traditional. You may regulate porn even though obscenity as a concept is legalistic nonsense because traditionally that is how we have done things and so on.

We may find that we need a welfare state or socialized medicine and that is where practicality comes in. Yes traditionally we have gotten by with less taxes, things have changed and so on.

Such a state has to set the rules, live by them and enforce them. In times like this where we face a seditious , subversive and corrupt ideology, they enforce those who try to screw with the rules harshly.

No one however even wants to take the responsibility anything, hell so called Conservative men barely want to marry and be fathers or community leaders and as our host put it, they mostly want to be warlords of a patch of tundra.

This is not good but its not new news either, that being obliquely the plot of David Brin's 1985 novel the Postman.

How we fix that is well beyond me but until things change, its best to assume the US will collapse and to make sure you State or group of States or whatever is ready. whatever comes after might not be the US but say a Midwest Republic could be made to work

Its sad and my S.A.R ancestors would roll over in their graves, but it always was A Republic if you can keep it and it looks like we can't

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

The National Emergency on gun violence is guaranteed now. The more they talk about it, the more ideas Democrats are going to get.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

PRs go hard Republican. Same with Cubans.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

It's more likely that politics will shift irrevocably due to the cycles of democracy than a demographic tidal wave. The major parties may not even exist when the swamping occurs, fecundity not withstanding. Although what might surprise conservatives even more in the coming decades is that the demographic crisis is a result of not enough workforce replacement (the too many oldies dilemma) rather than a shift in representation (the Browning, if you will). Say what you want about History, but she throws a mean curve ball.

Aesop said...

Evita Guevara-Castro is PR. They go hard left, not right, at least on this planet.
Check on who runs PR in PR, and rethink your proposition.

And the national Emergency on Gun Violence would be the trigger event that kicks off the Great Cleansing, in about 30 seconds.
It would be explicit carte blanche to wipe Leftards off the face of the planet, on sight, wherever and whenever found, in perpetuity.
And every kill after the first one is free, so there's nothing stopping anyone from joining in.

John Wilder said...

I'd add one to your list:
"This exam will be final."

Anonymous said...

The Republicans have been chasing the mythical conservative Hispanic & Black vote since Reagan's second term with zero success. They're always just one election away. Non whites all vote solidly Democrat including Asians. The only outlier has been Cubans who voted Republican but even they have been shifting Democrat in the last few elections. All of this has been extensively documented on American Renaissance and

There is no fixing our problems through elections or politics, it's well beyond that point. The Democrats captured the judiciary to implement their left wing programs then changed the demographics through the 1965 Hart Cellar immigration act to permanently keep power. They also counted on the corrupt Republicans always compromising everything away.

In last year's elections gap toothed, 400 Lb. Stacey Abrams and Blue Gums Andrew Gillum came within a fraction of an inch of winning their states governors' offices. They ran blatantly anti-white campaigns appealing to minority voters and cucked whites. The demographics will only be worse in 2020 not just in Fla. and Ga. but also Texas and AZ. California is already gone.

When the Democrats get power again they will be out for vengeance and the Republicans will help them. Hate speech laws, reparations, abolishing border controls, immigration amnesty, ending the 2nd amendment (and ultimately the rest) will be their agenda. The only thing that will stop them is if the dollar is destroyed by a lack of confidence in the U.S. The Democrats will then find they have have inherited the wind, the country will be a shambles and ungovernable.

NE Heretic

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Aesop is right, that there a CW is coming, or another euphemism: a little bit of sportiness.... ;)
But if, then it's probably happening between economic lines coupled with racial lines. I'm an Outsider, German, and breeewww!!! a public servant, so I have no Skin in the game, besides that if the Torch of Freedom gutters out in the USA, then it's going in the rest of the world to be even more so... and that leads me to something, that I didn't read anywhere in the blogs on the thematic of the CW....

The USA doesn't exists in a vacuum, with that I mean, if parts of the citizen and noncitizen of the US are gunning each other down, and that maybe in the hundred thousands or even millions of fatalities... do you truly believe the outside world is simply looking at it, and doing nothing? The direct Border Country's of Canada and Mexico ARE going to be involved, and they ARE going to be reacting to it. The UN left leaning as it is, it's already clear what side it's going to Support, the World Media is already to sing in the same choir like the US-Media! And the NATO and the EU? That's probably more Realpolitik motivated, and who has the thump on the US WMD's or who threatens that control most believable. Direct concurrent States like China and Russia are going to make sure that they are not threatened, and if possible make out like bandits at a sweep game. And let's not talk about all the small shitholistans and Terrorist organizations, religious groups and all the NGO's and Pseudo-NGO's who have a axe to grind, or want to throw their hat's into the ring too....

You think any moral person has a right for the nightmares in regard of a possible CW? That's going to quadruple I believe...

McChuck said...

The "coming unpleasantness" is going to be Sarajevo everywhere. Every city, in every State. Expect scores of Beslans, Bataclans, Katyns and Srebrenicas. Add in a few Stalingrads and Leningrads, and the odd Auschwitz.

I estimate a best-case reduction of the population to 120 million. And that's if we win relatively quickly.


@Anonymous the first

The Left has had a LONG GAME, and have been working it for a century or more. We're VERY late to the party in grasping this - though, fortunately, we are starting to grasp this.

@Anonymous the second

You are correct; CW2 in the US means chaos globally. More importantly, were the US to dissolve into chaos - and pay attention McChuck as I think you're optimistic - the Russians, the Chinese, the Norks would ALL have incentive to EMP us back to the 18th century with our military so focused inward.

Of course, the subs on patrol would exact a fiery revenge (I expect). More: India and Pakistan have a deep, deep hate going that seems to be warming up. Iran and Israel, a given, with the Arab states viewing Israel as an ally of convenience (at least, IMHO, until Iran is removed from the picture).

Europe is edging to being a hot mess (see video at - and I think 2029 is optimistic; it'll be sooner) and without America as a stabilizing force, it'll blow even sooner than I think it will anyway.

Japan and China hate each other (but then, as I understand it, lots of people in the area hate China). China wants to retake Taiwan.

I've observed this before, to people with actual military backgrounds: The world is littered with piles of dry tinder that are all interconnected... and people are playing with matches. When one goes, they're all gonna go.

Anonymous said...

" . . . India and Pakistan have a deep, deep hate going that seems to be warming up. . . "

Indeed, the seething religious hatreds are breaking through now because of the recent terrorist attack in Kashmir. The Indian government is in a difficult position and with an election in May public pressure is on PM Modi to respond to the recent attack. Pakistan naturally denies any connection to terrorism but its protestations are not believable.

Pakistan is an economic basket case and as a Pakistani once told me, the Pakistan Army is considered the backbone of the country, not the civilian government. Considering that both India and Pakistan have nukes and China supports Pakistan this particular pile of tinder may be the first to ignite, not the ME.

It seems unlikely another war between India and Pakistan could be confined to conventional weapons since another war between the two countries wouldn't have limited objectives like the 1971 war which created Bangladesh. The next war between the two will be a war of survival. The Pakistani Army has placed its faith in nukes because of its inability to match India's military capabilities.

China would be unwilling to sit back and allow Pakistan to be destroyed because Pakistan occupies most of India's military potential. China fought a brief war with India in 1962 and the two are still rivals with serious border disputes. The loss of Pakistan as a military rival to India would allow India to focus all of its military potential against China.

It's beginning to read like Europe in June of 1914 when a terrorist attack was the spark that ignited the conflagration of WWI.

NE Heretic


@Anonymous: Several Indian connections I have want REVENGE. And they coldly remember the Mumbai attacks that, IIRC, had strong indicators - if no "smoking gun" proof - of Pakistan's involvement.

Yes, a deep and old hatred there, and it's heating up given current events.

"Interesting times" is a curse, and I fear things are going to get "interesting"... soon.


@Anonymous: Ask your average Indian Hindu about Muslims... you'll get an earful considering what they did to India.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Not ideal, but if that's how it goes down...
Anyone looking forward to the National Emergency on Global Warming?

Carl B. said...

Great article. 100% right on the money.

Anonymous said...

Well just the fact so many people, even well armed ones still think D or R still matters and will be a cure for what stymies us are beyond usefulness. Politics IS the symptom of what has ailed us for well over 3/4 of a Century or longer.....

Aesop said...

It still matters at the grassroots level.

Not so much for elective office.

The Gray Man said...

Aesop, yes. The Republicans are just Democrat lite. I was told that, face to face, by someone a couple of days ago.

Who was it?

My Congressman. I sat six feet in front of him while he said that to a small group of us here in my town over a 90 minute meeting. He said straight up that there are no Democrats or Republicans left in DC. He said it’s the “Reformers” vs the “Institutionalists”, and that the Reformers are so heavily outnumbered that they are unable to fix anything, and that he plans on serving only one more term in Congress and then he will leave, because it basically makes no difference anymore. He said that the Reformers can not win in DC. They are all too low ranking and can not gain any power. He himself was kicked off of a committee last year for demanding a balanced budget bill. He said that he has no allies in Congress because he has spent his entire two terms pushing for term limits, balanced budget and “single item only” policies. He said it made him unpopular and that “our side” can not win in DC.

Straight up.

It truly does not matter. We can not win in DC. We have no party there.

The Gray Man said...

Here’s my notes from that event in case anyone is interested.