Saturday, February 2, 2019

0/~ I Got You, Babe o/~

Looking for something to do today?
Watch the flick.
(It's probably on marathon play somewhere on cable.)
It never gets old.


Irish said...

I watched that on thursday night. Yup, never gets old.

Ned Ryerson said...

I lived for 16 years in Woodstock, IL where Groundhog Day was filmed. Besides being the home of Chester Gould who drew the Dick Tracey comic strip and based many of his characters on local residents, Groundhog Day was/is Woodstock’s main claim to fame. You are reminded of it every – single - day, as if it were groundhog day. After 16 years it can get a little old, and while I still enjoy the movie, it also makes me sad because that quaint place which stood in for Puxatawny, PA is no more.

During the Obozo administration HUD went into overdrive in Woodstock bringing in Section 8 vouchers and ghetto rats from ChiCongo. The end result is Woodstock now has a communist mayor and congress critter. The town is now an openly communist hotbed. If Groundhog Day were to be filmed there today, Phil Conners could have a whole new set of daily soul building experiences ranging from pussy hat marches on the town square, to gang shootouts, to hanging out with the burgeoning homeless population. The one thing he wouldn’t be able to do is find a job or sell his house for anything close to what he paid for it. It’s true, you do die in a different country.