Thursday, February 7, 2019

Democrat Show And Tell : This Is Who We Are


John Henry Eden said...

This "Democrats are the Klan/real racists" is getting old.

Retired cop said...

I wondered why all the Democratic women were wearing white at the SOTU address. I knew none of them were likely virgins, certainly not all. Now, I see, they were supporting Klansmen! Makes much more sense.

Night driver said...

John Henry, TRUTH and accuracy RARELY get old.

Anonymous said...

It always slays me to hear Dems calling any conservative or Republican racist. This from the party that invented and developed the KKK and Jim Crow laws in the south after the CW1. To hear them tell it, one might think that Dems were responsible for the Emancipation Proclamation. What I really can't figure out is why people of color keep believing their bullshit.


Anonymous said...

Maybe ole John Henry needs some Luberall...

Beans said...

Anonymous at 11:35 AM - Black people keep believing the bullscat because LBJ signed the Republican pushed and voted Civil Rights Act. And then the Dems took credit for it.

LBJ himself said ‘I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for 200 years’.

So, well, stupid takes care of itself. Now the 'people of color' are happily enjoying the fruits of Margaret Sanger, who pushed for abortion in order to end the 'black race,' and the destruction of the American Educational System (by democrats and socialists, but, anymore, that's the same thing.)

Meh. They have chosen the form of their destroyer. Which is why the 'Walk-Away' movement is so darned scary to the Dems/Socialists, as one of the first things any Socialist movement chooses is their particular flavor of untermenschen…

Am I being too... radical? No. The policies of the National Socialists Workers Party of Germany (real Nazis, really) were partially based upon American Democratic Party values and actions.

Concentration Camps - Woodrow Wilson used these against German/Austrian Americans.
Sterilization of undesirables - Woodrow Wilson and FDR had government programs for this.
Abortion on Demand - Well, as I said, Margaret Sanger...
National Snitch Hotlines - Woodrow Wilson used these in the run-up before and during WWI.
Recognized 'Civil' bully organizations - Woodrow Wilson had them first.
And so forth and so on.

Democrats are the party of Evil. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that the US government's push west in the years after CW1 and its treatment of the "injuns" was Hitler's inspiration for his push (lebensraum) to the east into Russia, Ukraine, and etcetera during WW2.

Nothing new under the sun. Its just repackaged for a different time and place.

John Henry Eden said...

Ole John Henry thinks you Anons should STFU. The Klan protected White southerners from black misrule during the Republican Reconstruction, opposed the importation of communist jews as cheap labor by the Robber Barons and supported the Dixiecrats against the Fed. gubmint's ultimate abrogation of States Rights.

Founded by Andrew Jackson, the Democrats were the champions of the White working class against the Yankee/ Planter Oligarchs. Unfortunately, that bastard LBJ abandoned the White working class in favor of the negroes.

I'm not a Dem. I vote for the GOP only because they're supposedly not Democrats but that distinction is getting mighty blurry.

Looks like you anons are brainwashed Xers or millenials to listen to your reverence for the Emancipation Proclamation. No doubt the public schools taught you that MLK was the first President.

ADS said...

"The Democratic party has historically been the party of racism and discrimination"
"Defending the South against yankee imperialism was a positive function of the Klan"
Are not contradictory statements.
For what it's worth, there's nothing wrong with promoting your race/tribe at the expense of others'. It's the natural way of things. All tribes play that game exclusively except Whites. We no longer live in a homogeneous Nation, we are a subjugated people in a multicultural Empire.
"Dems are the real racists!" concedes the moral high ground to the anti-racists, and all badwhites are automatically racist and therefore unpeople. It's a self-defeating rhetoric.
Never fight on the enemy's prepared ground. Get off the X. Assault into the ambush. Pin and suppress so your maneuver element can flank and destroy the enemy.
Look at the amygdala damage and mental trauma caused by the simple statement "it"s ok to be white". The enemy's flank is weak.

"Republicans are racists!"
I don't care
"All whites are racist!"
Everyone's racist, it's OK to be White
"Whites are responsible for slavery!"
Whites are responsible for everything good in the world. You're welcome.

White democrats/liberals cannot think logically, are historically ignorant, and have built their entire identity around being a goodwhite in opposition to the badwhites. The minorities are just in it for the gibsmedats and do not use logic and reason. Hit them all where it hurts: Right in the feelz.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

In government the line between the two barely exists, not quite true of us dirt people out here but I try to hold people accountable for those they support in government. Evil allows some to slice and dice while our daughters are dilating in labor. That is beyond sick. We all will meet our maker one day even those atheists in foxholes.

JnotJ said...

I frequent your blog on a mobile device when it's reposted on WRSA mostly and enjoy your articles. Is there a way to search field on your blog to search your archives? I was curious about if there had been another 21-day update on the Ebola outbreak in Africa. I know I can use google to search your site, but wasn't sure if your had an internal search set up. i love your articles and writing style. Keep on keeping on.

Thank you.

Pat H. said...

The 19th century KKK and similar organizations saved the south from the 12 year reign of terror euphemistically called Reconstruction. Saved until Truman began Reconstruction II post WW2, which continues to this day. All of the Democrats moved to the progressives which the Republicans were until Calvin Coolidge. Though some, like Robert Byrd continued Klan activities, his involvement was a cover for his adherence to the New Deal communists.

Anonymous said...

It honestly doesn't matter. Nothing, and I repeat Nothing, is going to get POC to vote conservative or to take "our" side. The Lexus Lefties have _NO_ shame, you can have video of Hillary eating a baby and they'd still be with her. So why bother even courting them?

We all know what's coming.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Wasn't it Nixon who dog whislted the Klan types over the aisle? Strange how people forget that.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Ha! Good one.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Dems and Repubs have both come a long way from their founding. But seeing as how pioneers aren't a constituency anymore, nor slavery a pressing issue splitting the nation in two... it may be prudent to focus on the issues and interests of the here and now.

Hail to the King, baby.
-Martin Luther King Jr.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

What's coming, Anon?

Anonymous said...


"Racism" = made-up word coined by Communist Jew Leon Trotsky. It was never anything but a meaningless curse word Commies like to use, conveying no more information than "witchcraft."

There is nothing wrong with pattern recognition. There is nothing wrong with knowing who you are and who your people are. It's okay to be White.