Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Well...Bye... Powers Boothe, R.I.P.

We note belatedly and sadly the recent passing of actor Powers Boothe, aged 68, in his sleep Sunday at home. Survived by his college sweetheart and wife of 48 years' marriage, and their two children.

He won an Emmy for his portrayal of cult monster Jim Jones in 1980. I first noticed him for his work in Southern Comfort, as well as a great part as a shot-down fighter pilot in 1984's Red Dawn (the only version worth watching or talking about, IMHO).

Alongside many other roles (he was active and working from 1977-2016), he made a superb villain in Tombstone, and made an even better one as Al Swearingen's counter-villain c**ksucker Cy Tolliver in the entire run of the brilliant cable series Deadwood. Clearly, it was never a stretch to cast a Texan as a cowboy.

Whatever you catch him in, or enjoyed him for, it was time well spent, by a worthy practitioner of the craft of acting. He was one of the good ones, and he will be missed.

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