Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Congo 2017 Ebola update

For anyone wondering, 4 deaths, 45 cases, and still tracking 349 contacts.

The plus is the spread seems to have been checked. Hopefully that stays so.
The minuses are that the only access to the most heavily affected areas are foot paths (not even one dirt vehicle road within miles), and the nearest helo LZ is tens of miles away. But that also helps check the spread of the disease, so it's a net wash.

Link: WHO Weekly bulletin

For a taste of how effed up Africa is overall, the Ebola outbreak is the fifth problem/crisis (out of 43) WHO is tracking on that continent, and it doesn't even make the Top 40 out of the above in terms of body count.

TL;DR: Stay the f*** out of Africa.


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Aesop said...

Yeah. A three-year-old article (reaching conclusions I blogged about three years ago) which fell on deaf ears in both the media and the executive branch at the time.
Which is why we were within two additional Ebola beds from suffering African levels of calamity on this side of the pond.