Thursday, May 25, 2017

History: If You Won't Preserve It, You Don't Deserve It

h/t WRSA

I have no love for revisionist visigoths, but I also have zero fucks to give for those who can't do anything but wet their diapers over it.

Reference: someone crybabying because they couldn't get anything done, and their beloved monument(s) got chopped down and hauled away.


1. Numbers talk, bullshit walks.
You either have numbers, or you’re just BS.
If 10,000 (hell, even 2,000) like-minded and resolute people showed up at any one of those monuments, surrounded it twenty to fifty bodies deep, and said “Fuck y’all, cops, BLM, Antifa, anybody; this sumbitch ain’t coming down, EVER! And we’re coming after those council members who tried to get rid of it in a recall Monday morning.” that would’ve been that. (And you probably could have expanded tenfold after Day One.)
But there’s no such base of support.
So you (whoever you are in any case) get rolled.
Welcome to How The World Works, Since Ever.
(Double Bonus Pussy Points if the reason you got rolled in the council vote in the first place was because you and an army of fellow geniuses "voted with your feet", decamped to somewhere else, and the relevant districts are now solid welfare-sucking blue. Your earlier selfish cowardice now pays dividends that last forever. Well played.)

2. 90% of everyone who shows up for such an ad hoc “happening” is a cam-whore, a thief, a liar, and a certifiable whack-job, or frequently all of the above.
Video camera lights draw those assholes like porch lights draw moths, in 110% of all known cases.
If you haven’t vetted your crowd long beforehand, and imposed a hierarchy and discipline on them, long before anybody shows up with cameras, you aren’t tall enough for this ride.
I’m sorry if that only now became apparent to anyone, or is news to them.
The memo has been out since at least the 1960s, if not 1917 or 1790, and probably long prior. This is one of those Reasons History Is Important To Life you didn’t learn in school because you were fucking off and/or your teacher wasn’t very good about driving the lesson home.
Final Exams can happen decades later, there’s no grading curve – it’s pass/fail – and you just got an “F”.

3. Stop playing on enemy turf:
If someone wants to take something down, find a site on private land, and put it back up. The same (if TPTB will let you purchase it for a nominal fee) or bigger than what was removed. Once it’s on private property, you can defend it, legally, with force of arms if necessary.
Expecting the guvmint to do it for you, because reasons, is still sucking on Uncle’s tit, and the other side of the coin from EBT cards and welfare phones.
If you don’t have the means to be a patron of the monuments you care about, once again, you aren’t tall enough for this ride financially either.

4. Honestly, let’s be men about this: there’s nothing wrong or shameful about admitting you can’t do what you want. Dig in, and get to work on that, so that you can do so eventually.
Or else admit you really didn’t care that much, find another hobby, and shut up about it.

Being grown-up is hard. Suck it up, buttercup.
That is not the face you want to show to the world.

Pull up your big-boy pants, and git ‘er done, or go home.

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