Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Congo Ebola Update


Now 4 deaths (out of 29 cases so far) confirmed by WHO as of two days ago, but the good news is contacts being traced now down to 300 and change from 400, over 50 earlier ones having passed beyond likely infection timeframes.

The bad news is that the outbreak is associated with multiple unaccounted mystery deaths from weeks ago.

IOW, as usual, they missed it by a mile. For weeks. In a country that's had EIGHT Ebola outbreaks since 1976.

The other bad news is that they took the first patients to a hospital with no isolation facilities.
And calling the abbatoir in the middle of Shitville they were taken to a hospital is probably an insult to abbatoirs.

The other other bad news is there are no roads to even get there.
So relief/response teams still haven't gotten to the actual, you know, outbreak site.
Let alone constructed isolation/treatment facilities.
So they still haven't isolated the outbreak, two weeks later.
And the area borders on another country that's also dirt-poor. (If you lent them the dirt.)

Spin up the Adage Machine, Sherman:
"Africa Wins Again." - Kim DuToit

The other good news is that it hasn't shown up in Kinshasa, or Nairobi. Yet.
The other other good news is that no one from CDC has anything to do with responding to this outbreak. Yet.

So the outlook is piss-poor, but no pissier or poorer than it was a week ago.

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