Saturday, May 6, 2017

And Then...?

"At some point they will be bringing bike locks to a gun fight."

Yes. Yes, they will. And then...?

I've pointed the same thing out several times.
But in most contexts, as a bug, not a feature.

The point of things is to dissuade them from going that far, if such is possible.

"Stop, or I'll shoot!" only works until someone is brave enough to call that bluff (or, in Antifa's case, like many home invaders, stupid enough to think it is just a bluff), and then it's time to switch from conflict de-escalation to sight placement and trigger squeeze.

Generally nifty, in net terms, for you in your own living room. In the public square, not so much.

Because once you start shooting people in the streets, that's not the end, it's the beginning.
The minute you go to guns, TPTB jump in with both gorilla feet.
You win your battle with the pawns - the Bike Lock Guys, Moldylocks, and poisoned little dwarves like Yvette Felarca, et al.
But unless you're ready to march on the nation's capitol, you lose the war with the state, both the one you live in, and the State you live under.

So, on a bare satisfaction level, their like will die, as they always do, with a surprised look on their faces, and an extra anus or three. That outcome hasn't really been factored into the cake, for them.

But what about at the level of those who're funding their escapades (outside of taxpayer subsidies for student loans, and public institution tenure for faculty Reds, I mean)?
D'ya think George Soros hasn't been pushing for exactly that response from Day One, as an excuse to push his agenda?
Do you figure that Chuck You "Blood In The Streets" Schumer won't dance in the blood while it's still warm, with a "SEE? I TOLD YOU SO!" moment, which will be simulcast on ABCNNBCBS 24/7/forever? That it won't become the reason to roll back the last 35 years of CCW and Constitutional Carry progress? Anti-gunners were cheerfully willing to sacrifice MLK and RFK to pass the Gun Control Act of 1968. They roistered and capered in the blood of schoolchildren to get the Assault Weapons Ban(s) passed. Think they'll bat an eye over sacrificing a few mouthy teachers and porn stars to roll back Heller and McDonald?? Srsly???

They're waiting for that moment. Most of them are probably salivating at the prospects, and all it's going to take is a few thoughtless amped-up assholes to hand it to them on a silver platter, with an apple in its mouth. If rabid shiftless gender studies students get shot within a country mile of any campus, "school shooters" is the nicest thing they'll call you and anyone like you, for years.

And the nutless, gutless RINO Congress and Senate (ptui!) will shit themselves passing it. And Pres. Trump will sign it, because it'll pass with a veto-proof majority (if not unanimously in both houses), and no sense fighting a battle you've already lost. And John Roberts will cry about it, but then Pelosi or Schumer or whomever will wave around the midget/clown/donkey porn pictures they have of the Chief Justice, and it'll lose in SCOTUS by 5-4 or worse. Game. Over.

Leaving you right back in the fight of your lives for civilization itself, against everything.
You ready for that fight, now? Or next month?

Then throttle back, boys and girls. It'll come, soon enough. No need to rush it.

In the meantime, no one's saying you need to take it in the liver if the public anarcho-communists want to get sporty.

But nota bene, you can't retaliate in public, on YouTube, and 57 cable channels, and then spike the ball in the end zone, unless you like everything I laid out above, in spades.

Everyone knows who Bike Lock is. His entire pathetic life is now on the Internetz, to the 97th degree. Everyone knows Yvette Felarca. And Moldylocks. And with about 7 seconds, the entire Phoenix John Brown Gun Club. These @$$tards have a flippin' FaceSpace page, fer cripes sake. This is how you can tell you're dealing with Useful Idiot pawns, and not players. MS-13 is gonna whack 'em any minute, just to get their shooting hardware without a waiting period or background check.

For the rest, who can say?
In the event of foul play, the police would only have 100,000,000 suspects with a motive.

And just for informational purposes, imagine the hijinks that would ensue if one or more of them were found one morning not only whacked, but beheaded, with an ISIS flag nailed to their doors. Or their headless torso(s). Just saying.

Everybody thinks they want to poke the bear. Think it over.
If you don't want to end up playing the bitch in a bear porno, like Leo DiCaprio in the godawful @$$load waste of celluloid The Revenant,
then you'd damned sure better have some marshmallows to throw down to keep his attention focused on not eating you.

And then your own side, and the reasonable but undecided middle, are going to start to wonder aloud whether you did everything reasonable, prudent, and goddamed possible to thwart the other side six ways to Sunday before resorting to night letters, and midnight calls.

"War is a continuation of politics by other means." taught von Clausewitz to the ages. So you sure as hell had better have tried and exhausted every political solution in the attic, garage, and basement before you go all John Brown at Harper's Ferry, and try to hatch the next war all by your ownself.

You can't grow crops by pulling on them, and a noose is a tough necktie for anyone to wear.
Especially out of season.

Thus endeth the lesson.


GenEarly said...

Sage advice. but...what of the Deep State just firing it all off?
Pre-pared and CYA is all I know to do.
Wish I could be more optimistic.

Aesop said...

I'm not optimistic either.
Just against precipitous suicidal gestures.

There's time to do other things now, and we should only do what we have to do, when we have to do it.

loren said...

I'd suggest doing what Ol' Remus advises. "Stay away from crowds".
We all think these are trying times because of a few BLMers and Antifa soldiers but I went to university during the late 60's when the SDS was flourishing and blowing up buildings.
This is nothing and will pass unnoticed by history. Now the deep state; that is something to worry about cause every swinging dick with a badge or M4 will say "yes sir" when it comes to hunting you down.

Strelnikov said...

All good poits - but none of it matters. The truth is there is nothing we can do to avoid all the blame. 1000s of bullets could fly from Left to Right but just one going the other direction will result is us being blamed for it all. I hope it never comes to this; however, the Left hold their beliefs as their religion and convinced that "god" is on their side. Buckle up your sphincters.

Anonymous said...

Well said....This past year or so, I've just been focusing on my grid square, local, local, local and building skill sets and contacts...

When the BLM party kicked off here in Charlotte, some fellows wanted to head to Charlotte to engage opfor, screw that i said, no need to get involved, head busted open, auto trashed, arrested or used a human bbq like one fellow...

When this kicks off, and it will kick off, for a variety of reasons, it will come to us, no doubt...

At that point, we will have serious choices to make, but right now, no need for me to risk my profession, health, legal fees, etc., to do what?

Yes, i do own FoC, have naughty n nice lists, and doing IPB"s for my area.....

What would Henry Bowman or Michael Collins be doing....

Matt Bracken said...

Amen, brother, well said.

Aesop said...

Thanks for the look, and the kind words, Matt.

lineman said...


Randallsix13 said...

Wise words. Let it never be said that we wanted this, because as the voices of reason, we do not. Let it also never be said that we were caught unaware...

Anonymous said...

A simply fascinating missive, sir! Well said, indeed.

Rivenshield said...

For anyone who is seriously interested in such stuff, go to Amazon and grab a copy of Rex Applegate's 'Kill Or Get Killed.' The first half is a distilled version of the training program we put our guys through in WW2, and is worth the money for that. No sheepdog tacticool BS -- just how to train your body to react under fire.

The second half was written in the Fifties and details the rise of the 'ideologically inspired' mob, which at that point was a new and worrying development in both Americas. Read it and you will be staggered at the descriptions of the financing, the organization, the agitprop, the aim of seizing control of public spaces and marginalizing the police, of terrorizing anyone who objects and manipulating events to generate martyrs for the cause. Of constantly escalating the level of violence, of the view towards destabilizing civic life, of capitalizing on any overreaction by the authorities, and of the constant importance of ideological indoctrination. Read it. It's all there. You'll recognize it instantly.

OWS, BLM, Antifa, etc. may not be trained or financed by the KGB any more. But they are trained and led and financed by the people who were. And yes -- they have a multi-tier command structure that regards friendly casualties as a bennie.

Aesop said...

I'd never gotten around to Applegate's book before, but thanks for the tip; I'll add it to my list.

Anonymous said...

Well-reasoned and mature advice, Aesop. We would all do well to follow same.
Stayin local with me and mine but also trying to stay "current" with the rest of the country (such as it is).
Boat Guy

The Gray Man said...

Good lesson from Aesop here. In my own mind (and I'm guessing some others) I'm getting so geared up for what I think is coming. I guess we have to be sure not to pop it off prematurely. But damn, it's getting hard to just let them keep spitting in our faces.

Unknown said...

It will require looking back to this time many years from now to know if time (And whatever measure of prudence)(?)were really on the side of the right. As "idiots are cocksure while the wise are full of doubt," no one, not even an idiot, is wrong every time. Should Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard have allowed the Union ships, full of supplies and troops, that were steaming for Fort Sumter, to arrive to guarantee that Lincoln could "Collect my imposts and duties;" or was Beauregard right to attack and take the Fort with the only loss of life being a Yank who died when a cannon inside the fort exploded? The cutthroats who have always controlled the Federal Government have always been, and will continue to be, experts at forcing their opposition into a corner so that they feel compelled to "fire the first shot." Is time on the side of the freedom minded who just want to be left alone, or on the side of the homicidal psychopaths who will stop at nothing to gain control. The only thing I'm sure of is that I don't know.