Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Something To Think About

(h/t to SNAFU! ) 

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Just something to ponder. It also gives you an idea where the countries assigned to states rank as well.

It also kind of shoots all that "let Commifornia go to hell" sentiment right in the pants too, but facts and reality rarely matter to ranting monkeys scraping their diapers for another handful of ammunition to fling. In fact, CA's economy is nearly as big as TX and NY combined, and is as big as the economies of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas combined.

If you were wondering about ranking, after the U.S., here are the rest of the Top Ten as of 2016, and the states it would take to equal them:
2. China         (all of the US minus CA, TX, NY, FL, and IL)
3. Japan         (CA and TX combined)
4. Germany    (TX, NY, and VA combined)
5. United Kingdom
6. France         (slightly less than CA)
7. India            (TX and OH combined)
8. Italy             (TX and KY combined)
9. Brazil           (TX and NE combined)
10. Canada



Domo said...

I'm too lazy to work it out, is there a per capita version?

It'll either be pointless of very interesting

Aesop said...

Overall, the U.S. GDP per capita (8) ranks between Iceland(7) and Denmark(9).
By states, DC outreaches Luxembourg(10) handily, which papers over vast swaths of ghetto-dwelling poverty; the rest of the country would fall between North Dakota (1 in US) ahead of Norway(3), down to Mississippi (50 in US) just ahead of Italy (27).

Income isn't averaged IRL.
And if anyone personally makes more than $106K, they beat Luxembourg (1) regardless of the rest of the state. If you make more than $80K, you outpull Switzerland (2), and so on.
Somebody on a miniscule SS retirement of $12.5K/yr comes in ahead of Argentina's avg (58) and all the other 132 countries south of that.

If we break world numbers per capita, you need $130K to beat Qatar (1 in PPP), while Mississippi's last-place per capita still beats Israel (38 in PPP).

The bigger point is the US was founded as a nation of nation-states, and economically, we still are. The map just represents that graphically.

It also underlines why dumbass idea for things from other countries, like socialized medicine, when attempted for a nation of 300M people and an economy of $19T are completely asinine, since they're from countries with the population of Wyoming, and the economy of South Carolina.